1.3.0 / October 2, 2018
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SHOOTERS CHOICE 2014 HUGE side-scrolling Shmup / Shooter with rpgelements, quick&simple controls, tons of weapons, fire-modes,upgrades, enemies and stages! Control 2 Wings of Choice and carrythe modified energy core to the invader core to unlock new worlds.Gain Experience Points to permanent Level Up and unlockSkill-points for more Firepower and Core abilities. Upgrade to themaximum in this fast pace action shooter! Colonize conquered Worldsand modify your Wings to play the way you like it. Each of the 7Worlds has 3 Story Stages, 1 Boss-fight, 1 Bonus Stage and endlessrandom generated Orbit Patrol Missions. Over 100 power ups andpermanent Upgrades such as controllable and upgradeable drones,quick-bar items, screen bombs and tons of other visible upgradescan be installed and attached to your core. Master the Combo Systemto fight for World Rankings in this huge full speed space &sky, Bullet Hell War shooter! **** 25+ Stages, 7 Wolds ****Critical Hits, Level-Ups & Skill-tree **** Epic Boss-fights**** 10 different Wings to unlock **** Over 100 permanent Upgrades**** 7 Difficulty Modes! Easy <-> Bullet Hell **** ControlWar Drone Pets **** Over 50 Enemy Types **** changeable Firemodes**** Combo System **** Upgrade Lasers, Rockets, Rail Guns, Plasmaand more **** STEEL MODE & Screen Bombs **** Quick-Bar Slotsfor Items **** HD effects and unique Music **** 100% pure IndieGame by ZET

App Information SKY STEEL - Ultimate Edition

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    SKY STEEL - Ultimate Edition
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    October 2, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    AED 10.99
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    PolarityFlow Adrian Zingg Brunaustrasse 176 8951 Fahrweid Switzerland
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Arkanoid Defense HD 1.1.0 APK
Welcome to the ultimate arkanoid - shmup HD remix Addictive classicball sci-fi remix with tower defense and shoot em up elements.Catch the ball with your space defender to destroy differentincoming structures. This extendet version offers tons of upgrades,options and content. Enjoy the new noval and mixed breakout gamemodes, play arkanoid classic mode or create your own new gamestyle. Upgrade your space defender bat to the max and unlock Stagesin 6 different Worlds in fullHD mobile optimized graphics.Customize your game and fighter to play the way you like it. Unlocknew weapons, balls, rockets and shields or play the classicAlleyway mode to defend the planets. It's all up to you! Become theultimate defense fighter in this all-time favorite retro ball game.Download now! Play with touch controls or any bluetooth gamepaddevice. Now with MOGA and Ouya support. This is the HD Pro Versionof Arkanoid Defense - No Ads, No iAPs game features: - 6 Worlds 24Stages - tons of permanent upgrades - classic, mixed and noval gamemodes - enemy fire, rockets, shields and more - breakout meetstower defense and shmup elements - custom game creator - planetaryshield feature - full speed retro fun with new elements - aliendrones and enemy fire - customize your game experience - collectcash for the upgrade shop - bluetooth gamepad, MOGA and Ouyasupport - arcade game soundtrack by Tea Rusted - unique swiss indieremake by PolarityFlow
Wing Zero 2 - Ultimate Edition 1.4.3 APK
ULTIMATE EDITION - all features unlocked - no Ads! Bullet HellShmup meets RPG and Color Puzzle elements! Control a Wing of Choiceand Power Up to survive Waves of different Enemies in a variety ofAir - Land - Sea Battles and Epic Boss Fights in this ultimateaddictive, fast paced Sky War Game! Change between 2 Firemodes: REDor BLUE. You can absorb Bullets of the same color to use your "OVERLOAD " Screen Bomb Skill or change Color to maximize Damage andRisk. Join this epic Battle now! 100% AD-FREE ULTIMATE EDITION!UPGRADE YOUR WINGS TO THE MAX! Level Up your Wings and Pilot Rankto unlock new permanent Upgrades. Get Drone Pets, new Weapons orFiremodes and use them in the Battles. Assign Skillpoints to the100 Points Skilltree and play the Game the Way you like it! Jointhis epic Battle now and fight online for leaderboard rankingsULTIMATE EDITION: - all features unlocked - no advertising Gamefeatures: - Quick & Easy Controls - Fast paced Action Shmup -Permanent Upgrades - Leaderboards & Achievements - Huge WeaponArsenal - Epic Shoot em up Bossfights - X-Mode, Crit-Buff and morespecials - Haptic / vibration effects - Auto-Save function - HDparticle effects - Overload , screen bombs - Damage System,Critical Hits - RPG elements - Level Ups, Skilltree and more -Color Puzzle elements - 3 difficulty Levels - 100% unique IndieAdventure - Unique Gameplay, FX & Music Wing Zero 2 UltimateEdition is a Bullet Hell Sci-Fi Shmup Indie Game Production byPolarityFlow. Feedback and support is very welcome!
Wing Zero X 1.4.2 APK
Wing Zero X - Ultimate Edition - is a Shmup - Bullet Hell Power UpShooter mixed with RPG elements. Wing Zero X features Level Up& Damage Systems, 1 Finger Touch Controls, unlockable Weapons,Skills, HD Particle Screen FX and much more. You have 3 differentWings to select with a 100 point Skill-tree to maximize damage,speed, durability and firemodes of each weapon. Change Wing Shieldand Bullet Mode during the Battle to absorb bullets and forcecritical hits. Absorb enough Bullets to Overload weapons forspecial attacks. Fight your enemies with upgradable Plasma Guns,Lasers, Rockets, Mines and more in this epic air - land - seabattles. Wing Zero reminds to old classics like 1942 with a Ikarugastyle game mechanics and features mobile game optimized graphicsand simple one touch controls. - Epic Air - Land - Sea Battles -Huge double Power Up System - EXP & Level Up System - 100 PointSkilltree - Save & Load function - Critical Hits - PowerUps andHeals - Change Fire and Color Mode - Absorb Bullets of the samecolor - Overcharge function - Control different Drones -challenging Bossfights - easy controls - more than 30 differentenemy types
BEATS PRO - Instrumentals 1.4.3 APK
BEATS PRO - Freestyle Instrumentals 60 RAP FREESTYLE INSTRUMENTALSCheck out this new Freestyle Rap / Hip Hop App with 60 clearedFreestyle Beats / Instrumentals! Perfect App for any FreestyleSession! No DJ? No Problem! Use your Mobile Speakers for a sessionwithout microphones or connect your device audio output to a mixingpanel and use it in studios or live on stage. All Beats arebalanced for voice over, mobile phone speakers AND high powerloudspeakers! + 1 Button to play Random or Favorite Instrumentals +60 new unheard Freestyle Instrumentals + Random, loop and mix mode+ Pitch Fader / Tempo change + Favorite save function + optimizedsounds for voice over, mobile phone AND high power speakers + Beatsproduced by ZET / S1ZE Music Switzerland + simple to use + all beatrights are cleared to use for freestyles!
BEATS 2 XL Freestyle Riddims 1.4.3 APK
BEATS 2 XL EDITION - 60 Freestyle Instrumentals, Auto-Loop and FX.Loudness maximized Beats for your mobile device! Perfect App foroutdoor freestyle sessions, using handy or tablet speakers! Thisversion contains boosted and optimized audio files for small mobilespeakers! Check out this new Freestyle Rap / Hip Hop / Raggae /Riddim App with over 30 Freestyle Tunes / Beats / Instrumentals!Perfect App for outdoor Freestyle or Playalong Sessions! No DJ? NoProblem! Use your Mobile Speakers for a session without microphonesor connect your device audio output to a mixing panel and use it instudios or live on stage. All Beats are balanced for voice over,mobile phone speakers AND high power loudspeakers! + NO Advertising/ NO iAP / NO Phone Access needed + NEW FX Button + 1 Button toplay Random or Favorite Instrumentals + 30 new unheard FreestyleInstrumentals (60 in PRO version) + Random, loop and mix mode +Tune / Pitch Fader / Tempo change + Favorite save function +optimized beatz sound for voice over, mobile phone AND high powerspeakers + Beats produced by Asid & ZET / S1ZE MusicSwitzerland + simple to use + all beat rights are cleared to usefor freestyles via mobile app!
BEATS Freestyle Instrumentals 1.4.3 APK
BEATS - RAP FREESTYLE INSTRUMENTALS Check out this new App withover 30 (60 in PRO version) Beatz / Instrumentals! Perfect App forany Freestyle Session! No DJ? No Problem! Press PLAY on the virtualTurntables and kick some rhymes over lopped or random mpc beats andothers! Use your Mobile Speakers for a session without microphonesor connect your device audio output to a mixing panel and use it instudios or live on stage. All Beats are balanced for voice over,mobile phone speakers AND high power loudspeakers! Share your rapsand more on our social media potrals with integrated twitter,youtube and facebook links. All Beats are new and unheard, producedby zet @ s1ze music studio, Zürich Switzerland. Prepare for RapFreestyle Battles or Contests with this app everywhere you go withjust one touch.. Download now - free and unlimited! + 1 Button toplay Random or Favorite Instrumentals + 30 new unheard FreestyleInstrumentals (60 in PRO version) + Random, loop and mix mode +Pitch Fader / Tempo change + Favorite save function + optimizedsound for voice over, mobile phone AND high power speakers + tracksproduced by zet, s1ze music Switzerland + simple to use + all beatrights are cleared to use for freestyles! + share ideas or spitfire on youtube, facebook and twitter + NEW - less ads, new sounds,design and interface This is a 100% free and unlimited music app byPolarityFlow.
Kiss Trainer 1.3.0 APK
Kiss fun for everyone! Test your kissing skills or simply rate yourkiss with this fun app. Kiss the screen of your device for adetailed rating and improvement hints! Challenge your friends andcompare to others with the integrated leaderboard, or do it justfor fun, it's free! - Kiss rating online leaderboard andachievements - 8 different Lips to choose from - detailed graphicfeedback - finger and fake lips detection - free download and use -amorbow warning - rating auto-save Choose between cute, beaty,funny and strange lips for the perfect Kiss! This is how it works:Select your favorite lips and kiss them on your display until thesound stops. You will get a rating with visual feedback. Hint:Start soft in a good position and then slowly increase intensityand pressure before releasing again.
Football Fan App - Brazil 2014 1.1.0 APK
The new Allround Soccer Sports Fan App ishere!The perfect app for every sports fan! Celebrate your team andfire at you withsuitable stadium and horn sounds! For each sound, the virtualsoccer movesin your app for additional mood! Be ready for the Fifa World Cup2014 in Brazil oron live TV during the public viewing. Simulate fan horns, Vuzuelas,different reactionof the fans in the stadium and more.. Test now unlimited and 100%free!Select your team and country flag from the 32 teams in the 2014World Cup:Algeria - Argentina - Australia - Belgium - Bosnia and Herzegovina- Brazil - Chile - Costa Rica - GermanyEcuador - England - Elefenbeinküste - France - Ghana - Greece -Honduras - Italy - Japan - CameroonColombia - Iran - Croatia - Mexico - Nigeria - Netherlands -Portugal - Russia - Spain - Switzerland - South KoreaUSA - UruguayThe perfect tool for any fan!***** Horns, Vuvuzuela s and other effects***** different Live Effects***** Extremely loud for mobile optimized Sounds***** Easy operation and beautiful designThis app is 100% free and unlimited! Download Now!PolarityFlow 2014http://www.polarityflow.comSupport:http://polarityflow.com/support