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SLAY with Olympian Louise Hazel and join the world'shighestperforming female fitness community. Train with athleticism,power,strength and purpose as you build the physique and mindset ofawinner - show 'em that YOU CAME TO SLAY! - Personal Trainingfromour gym in Hollywood, Los Angeles. - Group Fitness classeshostedfrom out gym in Hollywood, Los Angeles. - Workout Plans;suitablefor all levels, home and gym use, designed to get youresults in 30days. - Nutritional Plans; learn how to fuel your bodyto achieveand sustain results in fat loss and maintenance. -Subscribe to ourevent series; panel discussions, clinics, pop upsand more. Takeownership of your health and fitness and SLAY! SLAYis free todownload.

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FunFit 5.0.5 APK
FunFit provides Personal Training and small group based training.Wehave sessions for kids, teens and adults in both fitness and selfdefence.All training is delivered by a qualified, experienced coachthat cares about you.We will work with you to provide guidance ontechnique in context at a challenge level specific to your goalsand scaled to your ability.Sessions lengths vary. Please downloadthe App to view the upcoming schedule and make bookings!
Fit441 St Kilda Road 5.0.6 APK
- Fit441 offers small group based training delivered by a coachthat will work with you to provide guidance on technique at anintensity level specific to what your goals are & scalable toyour ability.- All sessions are 45 mins in duration and aredesigned to support EPOC (Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption) whichsignificantly increases calorie burn post exercise.Fit 441
NRG GO45 4.1.2 APK
NRG GO45 is small group personal training delivered by an NRGCoach. Our coaches will work with you to provide guidance ontechnique at an intensity level specific to what your goals are,scalable to your ability.All 45 minutes sessions are designed tosupport a high level of Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption, whichsignificantly increases calorie burn post exercise. Download theApp to view the upcoming schedule and make your bookings!
InnerFit 5.0.5 APK
InnerFit's mission is to provide a friendly, fresh, motivating andengaging studio along with our outdoor group training. Whileproviding a fun, innovative quality experience to meet health andfitness needs of all clients. We offer a variety of classes indoorand outdoor.
PLC 5.0.5 APK
Maximise your results and experience at PLC. Save time bybookingsessions, meal plans, InBody scans and PT sessionsonline.Guarantee faster and bigger results by tracking on yourpersonalprofile & having your personal PLC Trainer coach youthe wholetime.
BeFit.Training 5.0.6 APK
BeFit.Training app allows registered clients to manage theirschedule and book reoccurring sessions.To become a BeFit client andjoin our boutique personalised group training studio head to ourwebsite www.befit.training
Personalised Health & Fitness 4.1.4 APK
Thanks for downloading the Client Portal App for PersonalisedHealth and Fitness.You can use the client portal to view and bookyour sessions as well as request sessions direct with thetrainers.Let’s get connected today!!
Friends Health & Fitness 5.0.5 APK
Friends Fit45 is a small group personal training program deliveredat Friends Health & Fitness. We will work with you to provideguidance on technique at an intensity level specific to your goalsand current fitness level. All sessions are 45 minutes in durationand offer a range of session styles to meet your needs andinterest. Sessions are only available to members of the FriendsFit45 program. Download the app to view the timetable and makebookings. Members must be booked in to attend a session.