1.0.0 / July 31, 2018
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Crazy drifts, fast cars, extreme tracks. Tap to turn, tap todrift,tap to control your car. > Unlock unique vehicles everyday >Try all astonishing tracks > Complete daily quests >30 cars> 10 locations > Infinite fun

App Information Sling Drifting Car Tap Drive

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    Sling Drifting Car Tap Drive
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    July 31, 2018
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.4 and up
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    CrazyFun Games
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TAPPING CRAZE Don’t let your bird be hungry - eat various grainsoffruits and vegetables, caterpillars and pass levels one by one.Tapto play and start settling the score in this fast and endlessgame.Enjoy the gameplay of this insanely addictive funny tappingaaknife shoot game. HOW TO PLAY The stab bird runs around andpecksthe grain. When you tapping your bird ceases to run and bumpsintothe central part of the screen. Eat only good corns andavoidspoiled pieces. Get points to have all of the variousunlockablebirds. PECK AND EAT The single mistake (or knife out)isn't allowed- don't eat bad corns or you will die! Improve youragility oftapping skills and get the maximum score. All you cantrust is yourskills and fingers reflexes. CAPTIVATING GAME Cartoongraphics andaddictive gameplay. Various levels of difficulty.Beautiful andcolorful background. Collect boosters that can helpyou in thatchallenge - boosters can destroy all bad corns or slowdown oraccelerate the speed of bird's run. Knife it!
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Sling Drifting Car Tap Drive 1.0.0 APK
Crazy drifts, fast cars, extreme tracks. Tap to turn, tap todrift,tap to control your car. > Unlock unique vehicles everyday >Try all astonishing tracks > Complete daily quests >30 cars> 10 locations > Infinite fun