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Have you ever played games like "Would You DoThis Rather Than That"? It's a classic slumber party and party gamethat can also be played by yourself to kill some time.

Would U Rather: How Does It Work? Also know as This or That,this classic sleepover game has been used for generations of girlsand boys during their pajama parties. It can be extremelyaddicting, and a very fun experience when played lightheartedly!The rules are extremely simple: sit around the device in a circle,and spin the arrow. Whoever the arrow points has to answer thequestion by choosing from two possibilities from a sample ofhundreds prompts.

Do you prefer to be the Lochness monster or the phantom of theOpera?
Mauled by 70 cats or 4 lions: would you do this rather thanthat?
Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus? Choose who you like the most! ...Whatwould you answer to these questions? And your friends? If someonedoes not want to answer, feel free to invent some penalties forthem!

This app contains questions that may offend or hurt sensibility.Using this app you accept full responsibility for any actionsarising from this app use both directly or indirectly. Using thisapp you release Rehegoo spzoo, its owners and advertisers from anyliability arising from actions involving this app. All content isfor entertainment only. Keep it safe and have fun responsibly!

Leave a review on how to make this app even better for you. Forany suggestions, problems or requests, feel free to contact us.

App Information Would You Do This Rather Than

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    Would You Do This Rather Than
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    October 21, 2016
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    50 - 100
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    Visit website Email support@rehegoo.com
    Rehegoo Sp.zo.o. Ul. Piłsudskiego 3 43-300 Bielsko-Biala POLAND
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Looking for a way to sleep soundly at night?Well then Binaural Beats Delta Waves is just the App for you!Ever heard about Delta Waves before? Among all other isochronictones, they are assocciated with a state of deep sleep and luciddreaming. They are emitted in an amplitude range between 1 and 4hzand are needed for several types of biofeedback training other thanfor curing insomnia, sleeplessness and stop snoring.They are the ideal sound to listen to while trying to fall asleepat night: listen to them through the headphones is required tofully experience their benefits. The Binaural Beats Delta Waves appallows you to do this, and lets you choose between 6 differentbinaural beats frequencies:1hz – Deep Sleep and Lucid Dreaming1,5hz – Restorative Sleep2hz – Ren Sleep Behaviour Disorder2,5hz – Fight Insomnia3hz – Sleep Apnea Treatment3,5hz – Delayed Sleep Phase SyndromeTo fully experience the effectiveness of this brainwave generator,you can only listen to one frequency per time. You can, however,add a background song to it from our selection. The first one iscompletely free, while the remaining others are contained insidethe Premium extension and can be unlocked through in apppurchases:1 – Deep Sleep Music2 – Brainwave Entrainment3 – The Deepest Level of Sleep4 – Healing Music5 – Rapid Eye Movement6 – Fall Asleep7 – Sleep Aid8 – In My Bedroom9 – Calming Sensations10 – Dreaming of a DreamFinally, you can also unlock our Timer Feature which will help youtime even more perfectly the amount of time you sleep soundly atnight.May this app be a good sleep aid and provide you with countlesshours of relaxation! Leave a review on how to make this app evenbetter for you. For any suggestions, problems or requests, pleasecontact us at support@rehegoo.com
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Are you ready for a deep journey inside theMedieval era? Welcome to Gregorian Chant Meditation, the app thatwill aid you during your mindfulness meditation exercises and yourmoments of deep relaxation with some Medieval period mindful musicideal for everybody, not only the templar knights! Here you willfind all that you need to soothe your body and mind. All of oursongs are extremely versatile, and can be used in many occasions;may it be for your healing meditation techniques, for a dailyrelaxation purpose or as soundtrack when you decide to read againand again the Da Vinci Code! Keep your gregorian chanting alwayswithin hands reach with Gregorian Chant Meditation, and use it tomake your daily mindful meditation session even more special!Start by selecting the song that you wish to play; they are 10medieval christian instrumental songs in total, the first 3 arecompletely free, and were created to relax you in varioussituations.** 10 Songs – The Best Famous Gregorian Chants Selection:1. Dei Gloriam2. Animus Animae3. Alma Mater4. Vis Vires5. Ego te Absolvo6. Veni, Vidi, Vici7. Ars Amandi8. Virtus Fortunae9. Modus Vivendi10. Sine DieRelax even more by adding special soft sounds of nature to yourgregorian chanting. You will have a selection of 5 natural soundsfrom which to create a mystic atmosphere. Two are free, while theremaining 2 are unlocked through in-app purchases.Last but not least, you can unlock the timer feature in order toproperly time your meditation experience. Select how long each songwill play, and start!We hope you can improve your moments of harmony and serenitythrough this app. May it help you find peace and wellbeing. For anysuggestions, problems or requests, please contact us atsupport@rehegoo.com
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Welcome to Running for Beginners, the Appthatwill help you follow a full fledged marathon training programplanthrough the following weeks. If you have just started gettingcloseto the world of fitness and running, please use our trainingcourseas motivation!Our running planner has been studied by experts to adapt tothelargest percentage of the population possible. We divided itacrossfour levels of difficulty to keep track of yourtrainingstatus:Easy – Beginner program, further divided into 4otherlevels.Intermediate – Half way level, further divided into 5otherlevelsAdvanced – Further divided into 6 other levels.Runner – The final level you can follow after you have completedallof the previous running programs.The schedule is divided across 16 weeks, for 46 total daysoftraining; 15 days of the plans are completely free, whiletheremaining can be unlocked through the “Premium” in-apppurchase.The training programme includes an alternated series ofwalking andrunning regimens. As the weeks pass, the required amountof timeyou will spend running will rise, and your resistancewillimprove.Running for Beginners will tell you when it is time tostartrunning, walking, or stop. The app will also take track orthetotal walking/running time, of the km you have traveled and ofthebreaks you have taken. It will gather all the data and give itbackin statistics that will help you analyze the effectiveness ofyourtraining program.If you are looking for a 10k running plan, or a simple 8 or16week half marathon training program, this is the app foryou!Through the power of will and with a little bit of help youwill beable to complete a 5km or a 10km run without stopping. Wehope youenjoy this fitness app, and that it may help you keep tackof youroverall level of fitness or train for an event. Foranysuggestions, problems or requests, please contact usatsupport@rehegoo.comMEDICAL DISCLAIMER
Be sure to be healthy enough to affordphysicaltraining and sport activities. The training programscontained inthis app are intended to be used by adults only.Consult a doctorbefore beginning any exercise or weight lossefforts. No part ofthis app or of its contents should be consideredas a medicaladvice or diagnosis. No contents of this app should beinterpretedas a substitute for medical consultations or treatments.Use thisapp and the training programs contained at your own riskand underyour own responsibility.
Rem Sleep Music Dream Cycle 1.10 APK
Welcome to REM Sleep Music Dream Cycle, theapp that will aid you during your bedtime and your moments of deeprelaxation. If you feel tired, here you will find all that you needto soothe your body and mind. All of our songs are extremelyversatile, and can be used in many occasions; may it be for yourbaby sleep or simply for a daily relaxation purpose. Keep yourrelaxing sleep music always at hands reach with REM Sleep MusicDream Cycle, and use it to sleep all through the night withoutwaking up. Regulate your sleeping cycle (or prevent oversleep) ifyou suffer of jet lag by making use of it every day.Start by selecting the song that you wish to play; they are 10goodnight lullabies in total, the first 3 songs are completelyfree, and were created to relax you and help you in varioussituations, for example codependency, anxiety, prevent nightmaresand sleep apnea, or insomnia.REM Sleep Music Dream Cycle contains 10 amazing songs for smartsleep:1 Deep Sleep

2 Lucid Dreaming3 Rem Phase
4 Spiritual Rest

5 Deserved Repose
6 Daydream

7 Chimera

8 Castles in the Sky
9 Head Trip

10 Good Night WorldRelax even more by adding special noises and sounds of naturefor sleep to your song. You will have a selection of 7 ambientalsounds from which to choose to catch some “zzz...”! Two are free,while the remaining are unlocked through in-app purchases.REM Sleep Music Dream Cycle contains the following white noisesand nature sounds for sleep:1 Frogs Pond
2 Rain Noise
3 Vacuum Noise4 Hair Dryer
5 Fan Noise
6 City at Night7 Ocean WavesLast but not least, you can unlock the timer feature in order tosleep better and improve your dream cycle. It's very easy: justselect how long to play, and fall asleep like never before!We hope you can improve your sleep patterns through this app.May it help you find peace and wellbeing. For any suggestions,problems or requests, please contact us at support@rehegoo.com

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