1.0 / December 29, 2015
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This app assigns you small missions that will enact positive changein the world. Not everyone will be accepted. Once vetted you willbe assigned missions.

App Information Small Change

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    Small Change
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    December 29, 2015
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    Android 4.2 and up
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    MTW - Making Technology Work
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    AED 1,337.00
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    20816 Harlequin Lane Callaway, MD 20620
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SafeDriver End Texting Driving 2.9 APK
The goal of the Safe Driver application is to help end texting anddriving. The idea is to get loved ones involved by notifying aparent, friend, aunt, uncle, sports coach, and/or school guidancecounselor; about the texting and driving. The person notified canthen confront the offender about the incident. This will maketexting and driving a continued discussion until the behavior ischanged. How does it work? Install application on the phone, set asecret PIN, input desired notification phone number and email.That's it! When the person is texting and driving a notificationwill be sent. To further emphasize the point it also tells thecar's speed while texting and driving and shows the location of theoffense on a map.This is a new approach to the conventionalblocking of cellphone utilization while driving. Thoseapplications, while good, are too intrusive for anyone to want toinstall. This way the phone remains fully functional, but stilladdresses the issue. Texting and Driving is an addiction and thisapp allows a loved one to play a role in giving up the habit. Thisapp saves lives. Install it.
ScanLogger 1.0 APK
This app scans barcodes storing the barcode content in a commaseparated values (CSV) file with a GMT date time stamp. The CSV isstored on the root of your SD Card as ScanLogger_yyyyMMdd.csv. Youcan either browse to it manually or us the app to Share it viaemail.This app leverages "Barcode Scanner", so you will need toinstall it first.
Small Change 1.0 APK
This app assigns you small missions that will enact positive changein the world. Not everyone will be accepted. Once vetted you willbe assigned missions.
Inmatagram 2.2 APK
Research shows writing loved ones who are in prison is beneficial.It aids in their social adjustment and emotional well-being andseveral studies suggest the prisoner's mental health is dependenton his contact with the outside world. Another finding is thatcontinued contact with friends and family serves as a counter-forceto prison institutionalization, reducing the likeliness of repeatoffense. And very important is life after prison. Studies showreturning prisoners who were employed after release relied largelyon personal connections—family, friends, former employers—to findtheir jobs. Social connections that are maintained during theperiod of incarceration can be an important resource in helpingreleased prisoners achieve positive post-release outcomes.Its notalways convenient to mail a letter to a friend or loved one but,now you don't have to get stamps, fill out the envelopes, getpictures printed and then put it together and make it to the postoffice. All that is done for you. You just type your loved one'sbureau of prisons register number, take a picture, write yourmessage and hit send. We take care of the rest. Trusted andguaranteed delivery.Here are some words from former inmatesrelating to letters: “Prison has taught me the true meaning ofloneliness - what it means to be separated from everything that'sreal... My struggle is not to become a product of thisenvironment...” (G.S., Malone, FL)“Yes, I'm in prison, and yes, I'mguilty. I think I've paid my debt to society and definitely have anew attitude and outlook on life! I need new friends and a newenvironment to start my life anew.” (T.W., Lake City, FL)“It getslonely in here at times. I thought I had a lot of friends. But whensomething bad happens, like going to prison, you come to realizethose so-called "friends" weren't friends at all…” (F.P., LongBeach, CA)“Nobody cares. You should see the faces of the hundredsof men who wait expectantly day after day at mail-call…” (H.W.,Atmore, AL)“I committed a costly mistake as a teenager whichconsequently led to my incarceration, and now my loneliness hasbecome a prison within a prison.” (L.C., Raiford, FL)"The worstsolitude is to be destitute of a sincere friendship!" (R.L.,Raiford, FL)“I'm terribly lonely. Whenever the mailman passes mydoor, which is often, my heart sinks to new lows.” (R.V., Coalinga,CA)
MarsTest 1.0 APK
Mars Test App. This application has no real functionality. It is myfirst android app. I published to test.