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Small house is a trend nowadays.Rapidpopulation growth makes land prices very expensive. Withlimitedland area, a small house is a reasonable option.

The smaller the house does not mean the lesser the home, butthesmaller the bill the better! Since less house space means lessoutof pocket costs and more energy to share with others,considersmall house plans, for yourself and the world atlarge.

A good small home design will make your house look beautiful andcanalso accommodate all your activities at home. This appprovideshundreds of small home design ideas that you can use asareference. You don't need internet to use this amazing app,sowherever and whenever you are, you can get fresh idea aboutsmallhome design.

App Features :
- High quality small house design ideas
- No Need internet
- Save to gallery
- Share via bluetooth, email, twitter, facebook, whatsapp,etc

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