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No need programming skill. Everything is finished thru drag n'drop. The first step to learn apps design. Directly outputGooglePlay / Apple Store publish file and Html5. Your apps areCross-device. Train logical thinking. Build STEM education.Changing ideas and contents to multimedia interactive apps isgetting lot more easier. Support mp3, mp4, jpeg, png, YouTube,Google Map plus abundant animations, interactivity and A LOT MORE!Made by smartappscreator No need programming skill. Everything isfinished thru drag n 'drop. The first step to learn apps design.Directly output GooglePlay / Apple Store publish file and Html5.Your apps are Cross-device. Train logical thinking. Build STEMeducation. Changing ideas and contents to multimedia interactiveapps is getting lot more easier. Support mp3, mp4, jpeg, png,YouTube, Google Map plus abundant animations, interactivity and ALOT MORE! Made by smartappscreator

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Newborn Jazz Trio 5.0 APK
Newborn JazzTrio是由台灣一群喜歡傳統爵士樂的年輕人組成的樂團,也是經驗豐富的樂手所組成的。我們可以搭配女主唱,演出曲目以受歡迎的爵士樂為主,適合婚禮、尾牙、婚宴、私人派對。我們的歌曲從熱鬧到抒情優雅都有,編制也可以依照您的喜好或由我們來安排,器材會由我們自備亦可由您提供,期待未來有機會能為您們服務。Madeby Smartappcreator.Orchestra Newborn Jazz Trio is a group ofTaiwan's young people prefer the traditional jazz, as well asexperienced musicians composed. We can with female vocals, jazzrepertoire to popular mainly for weddings, Beano, weddings, privateparties. Our elegant and lyrical songs from lively to have, to beprepared according to your preferences or by us to arrange,equipment will be supplied by us also available to you, lookforward to have the opportunity for your service.Made bySmartappcreator.
小小綿羊上學去 3.0 APK
透過互動式遊戲讓小朋友在遊戲中學習到國小二年級的趣味練習課程 made by SmartAppsCreator Through theinteractive game, let the children learn the fun practice course ofthe second grade of the second grade in the game. Made bySmartAppsCreator
你的牛在哪 10211.0 APK
介紹和牛專賣牛排館的各項美食菜單以及全國分店資訊。 made by smartappscreator. The food menupresentation and cattle steakhouse and specialty stores nationwideinformation. made by smartappscreator.
ABC森林 1.0 APK
made by SmartAppsCreatormade by SmartAppsCreator
SunWedding 10211.0 APK
運用Smart Apps Creator將婚紗照做成互動內容,並結合Google表單做成可以雲端報名婚禮的App。 SmartApps Creator will use the wedding to make interactive content,combined with the Google cloud registration form can be madewedding App.
優思睿智互動型錄 10211.0 APK
娃娃換裝秀 10211.0 APK
百變小公主的互動小遊戲,讓您可以替娃娃換裝喔! 本內容版權為文淵閣工作室所著之會做簡報就會製作跨平台App-Smart AppsCreator超神開發術的範例作品。 Variety Little Princess interactive game thatlets you dress up for the doll Oh! This content is copyright WenYuan Ge studio will do the briefing book will make cross-platformApp-Smart Apps Creator God developed super surgery paradigm works.
小羊拼拼圖 10211.0 APK
透過互動模式學習常見的四邊形 made by SmartAppsCreator