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Smart Quran is the first Quran mobile application that is approvedby the Al-Quran Printing Control and Licensing Board, Ministry ofHome Affairs Malaysia under the Printing of the Quranic Text Act1986 (Act 326). This product was developed in partnership withMalaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), Ministryof Home Affairs Malaysia (MOHA) and Department of IslamicDevelopment Malaysia (JAKIM). The Smart Quran application is FREEfor all to use. Smart Quran consists of mushaf Madinah V2 withMalay and English translations. It has audio of the followingreciters: ● Syeikh Abdullah Ibn Ali Basfar ● Syeikh Ali al Huzaifi● Syeikh Ibrahim al Akhdar ● Syeikh Muhammad Ayyub Ibn MuhammadYusuf. Audio can be downloaded page by page based on your favoritereciter.

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    Smart Quran
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    December 18, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Books & Reference
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  • 1.5.1 (26)
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    Publish Date: 2019 /9/17
    Requires Android: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API: 16)
    File Size: 76.1 MB
    Tested on: Android 9 (Pie, API: 28)
    File Sha1: 0c60a5aa6589100c8b465645f2acf1ea356900e9
    APK Signature: 12d4ded2614cb1fda3509a1b78f37e40b11a0173
MyHRMIS Cuti 1.4.0 APK
Aplikasi MyHRMIS Cuti merupakan satu inovasi baharu yangdibangunkan oleh JPA untuk membolehkan penjawat awam membuatpermohonan cuti rehat, menyemak status cuti, menyemak kelayakancuti, menyokong cuti dan melulus cuti melalui platfom mudah alih.Fungsi-fungsi dalam Aplikasi MyHRMIS Cuti : 1. Kelayakan Cuti -Membolehkan penjawat awam membuat semakan kelayakan cuti tahunanpada tahun semasa 2. Mohon Cuti - Memudahkan penjawat awam membuatpermohonan cuti rehat 3. Sokong Cuti - Memberi kemudahan untukPegawai Penyokong membuat semakan permohonan cuti dan menyokongcuti 4. Lulus Cuti - Memberi kemudahan untuk Pegawai Pelulusmembuat semakan dan seterusnya mempertimbangkan kelulusan cuti 5.Status Cuti - Membolehkan pegawai membuat semakan status permohonancuti samada telah disokong dan diluluskan Ciri-ciri yang terdapatdalam Aplikasi MyHRMIS Cuti 1. Pemakluman melalui emel – Pemohonboleh memilih untuk MyHRMIS Cuti memaklumkan melalui emel kepadaPegawai Penyokong bagi permohonan cuti yang telah dibuat. 2.Notifikasi oleh MyHRMIS Cuti - Pengguna akan dimaklumkan mengenaimesej transaksi semasa memohon cuti melalui telefon bimbit 3.Kemudahan ingat No.KP dan Katalaluan 4. Kemudahan link ke MyHRMISProfil 5. Kemudahan link ke MyHRMIS eGL
MyHRMIS Profil 2.0.1 APK
Aplikasi MyHRMIS Profil merupakan satu lagi inovasi baharu yangdibangunkan oleh JPA untuk membolehkan penjawat awam membuatsemakan terhadap maklumat peribadi seperti yang telah dikunci masukke dalam Aplikasi HRMIS. Pengguna yang telah mendaftar denganMyHRMIS Cuti tidak perlu mendaftar semula untuk aplikasi ini.Fungsi dalam Aplikasi MyHRMIS Profil:1. Maklumat Peribadi :Memaparkan maklumat peribadi dan alamat tetap pegawai.2. MaklumatPendidikan : Memaparkan maklumat pendidikan pegawai.3. MaklumatKeluarga : Memaparkan maklumat keluarga pegawai. Elemen yangdipaparkan hanyalah item yang digunakan oleh eGL.4. MaklumatAnugerah : Memaparkan maklumat anugerah yang diterima oleh pegawaisepanjang perkhidmatan.5. Maklumat Sejarah Perkhidmatan :Memaparkan sejarah perkhidmatan pegawai.6. Maklumat ProfilPerkhidmatan : Memaparkan profil perkhidmatan pegawai. 7. MaklumatKursus : Memaparkan maklumat kursus yang dihadiri oleh pegawai pada10 tahun yang terkini.Ciri-ciri yang terdapat dalam AplikasiMyHRMIS Profil1. Kemudahan ingat kata laluan.2. Kemudahan linkkepada MyHRMIS Cuti.3. Kemudahan link kepada MyHRMISeGL.Penambahbaikan:Versi 2.0.0 – Versi pertamaVersi 2.0.1 –Penambahan maklumat kursus yang dihadiri oleh pegawai dalam tempoh10 tahun terkini.
Fungsi utama aplikasi MyHRMIS eGL adalah untuk memudahkan PenjawatAwam menjana Surat Pengesahan Diri dan Pengakuan Pegawai (GL)sebagai kaedah alternatif kepada GL yang dijana melalui HRMIS danHRMIS 2.0 atau GL yang diisi secara manual. Aplikasi MyHRMIS eGLjuga menyediakan fungsi-fungsi lain iaitu: a. Paparan maklumatpegawai b. Paparan maklumat kelayakan wad c. Paparan maklumat ahlikeluarga d. Direktori Hospital/Klinik
myJakim 0.0.1 APK
The official app from Department of Islamic Development Malaysia(JAKIM). myJakim is one of many apps offered under the project ofmyGov Mobile. This project is an initiative by MAMPU (MalaysianAdministrative Modernisation & Management Planning Unit) toactuate governments services through mobile platforms for quick andeasy access in real-time, from anywhere. myJakim provides anaccurate information as this app is authenticated and owned byDepartment of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). This appfeatures many great information and a handy tool which offers Solahinformation & guides includes prayer time, mosque and Qiblalocator. To a full-blown of HALAL directory - which covers list ofHalal product and locator of halal premises around you. And ifyou’re frequently in doubt of international Halal logo during yourproduct purchasing, this app is helpful as JAKIM publishes allinternational HALAL logo that is recognized and certified by theagency.This app too equipped with e-book of Tahlil & Yassin forconvenient reference and audio recitation & animated graphic ofdaily Doa’s, which is certainly useful and great knowledge forday-to-day life to both adult and the young ones!Few of manyawesome features by myJAKIM• All information is authenticated byJAKIM• Solah Info - The best and most convenient way to confirm onprayer time and to locate the nearest mosque when you’re on the go.Complete with Qibla direction to assist you no matter where youare!• Halal Directory - Easy reference to locate HALAL foodpremises on surrounding areas and list of products that arecertified by JAKIM.• Kemusykilan Agama Q&A - JAKIM answers mostfrequently asked questions of day-to-day life.• Handy collection ofdaily Doa’s for use in a range of situation. Equipped with audiorecitation and animated graphics. • On-the-go reference of Tahlil& Sura’ Yassin.• International HALAL Logo - The easiest way tofind out international HALAL logo that is recognized by JAKIM.• Andmany more!Now you’re able to have all in your pocket!Download now.It’s free & convenient!This in an update version ofmyJakimFollow us for more updatesat:www.islam.gov.my/myjakimGuideline to check the Qibla direction1. Activate 'location services' on your mobile.2. Calibrate AndroidDevice built-in compass by selecting compass application. If thecompass is out of calibration, normally the application will autoinitiate the calibration process. Normally, for Android devices,the calibration is by moving the device in 8 shaped direction. Oncecalibration successful, close the compass application.3. OpenmyJakim application.4. Tap 'Info Solat'.5. Tap 'Kawasan' and selectthe location the user wants to set as default. Once location isset, tap 'Done'.6. Tap 'Kompas'. To check the Qibla direction:a)The user should be in the middle of room space to reduce the effectof electromagnetic interference.b) The user should hold the mobilephone in line with the chest level.c) The user should avoidstanding close to the wall and placing the device on the floor toreduce the electromagnetic interference.
myHealth 2.7 APK
The official app from Ministry of Health Malaysia.myHealth is oneof many apps offered under the project of myGov Mobile . Thisproject is an initiative by MAMPU (Malaysian AdministrativeModernisation & Management Planning Unit) to actuategovernments services through mobile platforms for quick, easyaccess in real-time, from anywhere.myHealth provides an accurateinformation as the information is authenticated and own by Ministryof Health, Malaysia. This app is a handy tool to find out on healthfacilities, health risk & assessment, list of registeredpractitioners, list of registered products and many more!It’sconvenient & it’s free!Now you are able to carry your health inyour pocket!For more info please visit:www.mygovmobile.malaysia.gov.mywww.moh.gov.my/news/1633Brought toyou by DAPAT Vista (M) Sdn Bhd
The official app from Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-Operatives andConsumerism Malaysia.myKPDNKK is one of many apps offered under theproject of myGov Mobile . This project is an initiative by MAMPU(Malaysian Administrative Modernisation & Management PlanningUnit) to actuate governments services through mobile platforms forquick, easy access in real-time, from anywhere.myKPDNKK provides anaccurate information as the information is authenticated and own byMinistry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism,Malaysia. This app is a handy tool to find out on the growth ofethical domestic trade, protecting the consumer interest and manymore!It’s convenient & it’s free!For more info please visit:www.mygovmobile.malaysia.gov.mywww.kpdnkk.gov.myBrought to you byDAPAT Vista (M) Sdn Bhd
mySPAD 0.0.5 APK
The official app from Malaysia’s Land Public Transport Commissionor Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (SPAD).mySPAD is one of manyapps offered under the project of myGov Mobile initiative by MAMPU(Malaysian Administrative Modernisation & Management PlanningUnit) to actuate governments services through mobile platforms fora quick and easy access from anywhere.Through mySPAD, you are ableto obtain instant accurate information on public transportterminals, routes, schedules and fare on your smart device. Aconvenient and hassle-free way to plan your journey! mySPAD isoffering:· Rapid public bus routes (includes Penang & Kuantan)·Dial a Taxi (list of licensed taxi operators)· Light Rail Transit(LRT) info & routes· KTM Commuter service – schedule and fare·Go City-KL bus routes· KL Monorail: routes & schedule· Includesa School Bus Checker on registered school buses for parents’ easeof mind.So, if you are simply holidaying in Malaysia, a regularcommuter or planning a trip to the City do give mySPAD a go.Download now. It’s Free! You are also welcome to send us feedbackon your experience via the Feedback icon in the app.Follow us formore updates at:www.mygovmobile.malaysia.gov.mywww.spad.gov.myBrought to you by DAPAT Vista (M) Sdn Bhd
Volunteer Smartphone Patrol (VSP) merupakan inovasi baru oleh pihakPolis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM) yang bertujuan bagi memudahkan orangawam menyalurkan maklumat atau aduan yang memerlukan bantuandaripada pihak polis.Antara maklumat dan aduan adalah seperti kesragut, dadah, jenayah, lumba haram, penyeludupan, balik kampung danlain-lain maklumat yang memerlukan tindakan polis.Modul yangterdapat dalam Volunteer Smartphone Patrol adalah:1. Aduan -Menyalurkan maklumat kepada pihak polis2. Balik kampung -Menghantar maklumat balik kampung kepada pihak polis untukmemudahkan pihak polis untuk membuat rondaan dan pemantauan darisemasa ke semasa.3. Direktori - senarai alamat dan no telefon ibupejabat polis kontinjen bagi memudahkan orang ramai mendapatmatlumat dan perkhidmatan. Ianya juga dilengkapi dengan GoogleMaps.