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Smart Admin app will provide following functionality 1. Togetteachers , students, staff etc. 2. To distribute points totheteacher and students 3. To assign reward points to the teacherandstudents

App Information Smart School Admin

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Safety On Wheels 1.1 APK
Safety On Wheels-The ultimate advanced Android application thatuses GPS tool which displaying the current speed.In this App youcan set your maximum speed limit with its unit ,so the app willnotify when you cross that speed limit by alarming a beep soundcontinuously till you are not come under the speed limit.Itprovides great feature of measuring speed unit either in Km/hr ormph.About App:*Displaying current Speed.*Measuring speed in Km/hrand mph.*setting a speed limit.*Providing Beep Alarm at Overspeed.
Virtual Pill Box 1.0 APK
Patient registration process • Application supports multiple usersthat mean all the members of the family can be registered on thesame device. This is an offline registration. The application canwork on online and offline tablets as well. • During registrationuser can create his/her own profile. Also user can provide his/hercare taker’s E-mail id or contact number during registration sothat all notifications will be also provided to the caregiver, ifnecessary. Medication management process • Patient can addmedication list according to the prescription given. Once allmedicine names are entered, patient can provide quantity in hand,dosage frequency, reorder level, dosage time and pill quantity forevery medicine. Patient can also take pill image and can save it sothat it will avoid taking of wrong pills especially by aged people.If in case, (which would be rarer case) the phone is not having thecamera then application provides different shapes of pills anddifferent colors. Using appropriate combination user can create animage which would be approximately similar to the actual pill andcan save it. • Patient can specify comments for particularmedicines. In case current pill quantity goes below the reorderlevel, appropriate notifications will be provided to the patients,as well as to caregiver. • User can also refill the pill box ifrequired. When user will refill the pillbox, he/she should alsomake the appropriate updates to the application. Dosage Setting •By using dosage settings, patient can specify the dosage frequency,dosage time and the pill quantity to be taken at a particular time.Taking medicines Patients are reminded through mobilenotifications. After getting the notifications, patient will loginto the application to see which medicines are to be taken atcurrent time. When patient accesses his medication setup to takethe medicine, application will guide the patient through step bystep process. Patient will be shown which medicines he is supposedto take now and quantity of the dosage. Patient will also bereminded if he has any pending backlog i.e. if he has forgotten hisprevious dosage. Patient is further guided through each medicine,he is about to take. Patient will be shown medicine name, actualpill image and the dosage in order to lessen the chances of errorSynchronization process In order to maintain a medication andcompliance log at the backend, patient needs to create account onPanHealth. When patient is done with the registration withPanHealth he/she will be provided member id and the password usingwhich he/she can sync the data. Patient can - • Synchronize thedata from Phone/ Tablet to PanHealth Server • Synchronize the datafrom PanHealth server to Phone/ Tablet. Medication log Thisapplication also provides medication logs for - Today - Yesterday -Last 7 days - Last month - All Using medication logs patient canview his/her past records of medications. Individual compliancescore Compliance score is innovative concept this application hasintroduced where patient can get their • Day’s Compliance Score •Weekly Compliance Score • Monthly Compliance Score • CumulativeCompliance Score • Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Night Compliance ScoreSocial sharing This application also provides social sharingmechanism using which each user can share his/her application onsocial networking sites like facebook, twitter etc. This is agamification part of this application. Settings This applicationalso allows users to make different types of settings like personalsettings, language settings etc. • In personal settings user canedit his/her own profile, caregiver’s information, can selectlanguage, can make settings for medication reminders etc. • Inlanguage settings, user can make appropriate settings that willenable/disable the audio guidance according to the user’srequirements.
Personal Health Record 2.0 APK
A personal health record, or PHR, is a health record where healthdata and information related to the care of a patient is maintainedby the patient.The intention of a PHR is to provide a complete andaccurate summary of an individual's medical history which isaccessible online. The health data on a PHR might includepatient-reported outcome data, lab results, data from devices suchas wireless electronic weighing scales or collected passively froma smartphone.What are the benefits of a personal healthrecord?Having a personal health record can be a lifesaver,literally. In an emergency you can quickly give emergency personnelvital information, such as a disease you're being treated for,previous surgeries or hospitalizations, medications you take, drugallergies, and how to contact your family doctor.A personal healthrecord not only allows you to share information with your careproviders but also empowers you to manage your health betweenvisits.
Smart Student 1.1.14 APK
SmartStudentWith SmartCookie project we are trying to develop an environmentwhere Teachers and Students will give Real-Time reward points toeach other for various activities.These reward points can be redeemed as discount coupons by theusers.FUNCTIONALITIES :1.School admin will allocate points to teacher , and Teacher inturn will allocate these points.to students based on their performance in differentactivities.2.Student will redeem this points and will get discount coupons fordifferent sponsors.3.Student can rewards some points to teacher as well and teachercan also redeem those points.4.Student can see top ten performers and will be motivated toperform better to get into top 10List.
Smart Address Book 1.5 APK
Smart Address Book is an android application having followingfeatures-Import contacts from phone book,Sync contacts to and fromweb applications,Create call list,add tags to contacts,assign taskand notes to contacts.Can join the current call and add notes Usercan add tasks and notes after making a callRegistered user canview,add and sync contacts using followingwebapphttp://sab.blueplanetsolutions.com/
Smart Sponsor 1.0.4 APK
Smart Cookie Sponsor is App Through Which youcan create Sponsors who will provide Discount and points to userfor various products .Sponsors Can create coupons with Discountsusers can avail these Coupons at Sponsors Shops.Sponsors can addtheir own products using this app.Sponsors can also edit theproduct data ,discount data ,delete product data etc. It display current and custom location ofSponsor and School.
SmartTeacher 1.19.13 APK
Smart Cookie is a teacher student reward program. With this projectwe are trying to develop an environment where Teachers and Studentswill give Real-Time reward points to each other for variousactivities. These activities include co-curricular andextracurricular front.
MedTv 1.2 APK
The main objective of this application is to provide the patients,especially the senior citizens and health conscious people acomplete guidance for their regular medications.