2.3 / February 24, 2016
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Smart Campus の主な機能:

iBeaconにはAndroid 4.3以降でハードウエアが対応する場合にのみ対応します.

iBeaconはApple Inc.によるアメリカ合衆国およびその他国での登録商標です.

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Delete Key as Backspace 1.0.1 APK
Use delete key as backspace, or swap control key and caps-lock.Thisis keyboard layouts for Android 4.1 or later, and externalBluetooth Keyboard. Install this app, then select keyboard layoutsin settings.Tested Devices* Google Nexus 7 (2012)* Sony Xperia z1f(called as Xperia z1 Compact in global market)
Peep Guard 1.0.2 APK
Guard your smart-phone from a peep with a patternoverlay.Warning!Be careful when you change the opacity of theoverlay pattern. If you cannot control your smart-phone, pleasereboot it.This app is provided without any warranty including, butnot only implied warranties.
Large Text 1.0.1 APK
Zoom characters (including kanji) with easy to read fonts.This appincludes 4 Japanese fonts, M+ 1c, M+ 2p, IPAex Gothic, IPAexMincho.
SmartCampus 2.3 APK
東北大学工学部電気情報応用物理工学科のオープンキャンパス用アプリ,スマートキャンパスです.オープンキャンパス参加をより楽しく充実したものにします.Smart Campus の主な機能:・展示を検索する・地図を表示する・おすすめの展示を見る・訪問履歴を確認するiBeaconにはAndroid 4.3以降でハードウエアが対応する場合にのみ対応します.iBeaconはApple Inc.によるアメリカ合衆国およびその他国での登録商標です.
法令データビューワー 0.0.16 APK
Battery Support 1.04 APK
Show battery level at notification bar. You can also invoke settingpanel quickly from the notification area.This app has nocustomization features to reduce memory usage.Privileges arerequired to change the settings.This app is provided without anywarranty including, but not only implied warranties.