1.1 / September 19, 2014
(4.7/5) (9)


This is the time killer game where you needtobreak all the bricks to pass the level. The game containsdifferentlevels and next level will be unlocked after completion ofeachlevel. The graphics is user friendly. You need tochallengeyourself to break all the bricks but you need to keep inmind thatball should not fall down as you have limited life lines,and ifyou fail to pass the level to smash all the bricks withinlimitedlives, the level will be restarted. So it’s a challenge foryou tobreak the bricks by clear smash out. Don’t wait and startyour funby playing this game and breaking the bricks.

The game is equally interesting for all ages. It would be arealfun to challenge others to match your score and comparingthescores at each level of this classical android game.

• Scorecard summary after completion of level withbonuspoints
• Different level of difficulty as you move up thevariouslevels
• Pause/Replay buttons to resume the game for next time
• App sharing feature on social media like Facebook
• Life lines in each level
• User friendly graphics
• Great sound effects
• Great time killer game
• Play for free, don’t need to purchase

App Information Smash out bricks (Arkenoid)

  • App Name
    Smash out bricks (Arkenoid)
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    September 19, 2014
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    100 - 500
  • Price
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  • Developer
  • Google Play Link

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It’s time to test your memory, so be readyforthe challenge.This game is suitable for both kids and elders. You can selectyourplay with the defined categories. All you need to do is to flipthetile and remember specific images to complete a pair withintimeline.Both children and adults will simply love it. This will be arealbrain teaser when go to different ,so don’t wait and challengeyourmemory with this memory game which will provide you real funinbrain game exercise which is appropriate for kids, children,youngsters , elders. Remember the tile flip and make a matchFeatures:• Different categories and separate level foreachcategory.• Different levels of difficulty.• Next level will be unlocked after successful completionofprevious level of the particular category• Bonus points if completed before time.• Break your own record b fast completion.• Good sounds for pair matched or unmatched. No sound canbeselected from game settings.• Trial run of game in how to play to warm up your memory
Droid remote access:TrueAccess 1.2 APK
True Access gives you liberty in thesituationif you left your phone somewhere and want to use featureslikecontact details, call logs, SMS, auto message, call block etc.Thisapp provides you remote access of your smart phone. Your phoneisalways just a few taps away.You need to send the passcode which you will set yourself,alongwith the service code which is also mentioned in the help.Access the contents of your smart phone from anywhere withthehelp of another phone (not necessarily a smart phone). It’sjustlike having a remote control of your phone.Features:• You can set the passcode and hint text. Hint text willallowyou to change passcode in case you forget it.• If you ever forget your passcode you can type hint text whichyouhave entered at the time of setting up passcode.• You can get contact list from your phone to another phone• Get call logs from your phone to another phone• Get the number of messages with the sender name andphoneno.• You can also get message body of the specific messageyouwant• You can block outgoing calls remotely• Be able to set a missed call default message or also changeyourmessage remotely when there is a missed call
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Get rid of the traditional view of SMS. Nowyoucan send SMS with wonderful rich text colors,bold,italicfonts,emoticons with sound effects, background images andcolorthemes. You can also send beautiful templates like birthdaywishes,Islamic occasion, New Year and many more. Thisinnovativeapplication works on SMS service and no internet isrequired tosend SMS, so don’t stop yourself to download thisapplication. Justtry it and enjoy the true colorful SMS world. Thisis simple anenriched text appFeatures:• No internet connection required.• Choose text color, font style bold, italic.• Choose background image or change background color.• Choose the template as per occasion like birthday,NewYear,Easter, Islamic etc. with availability of textwritten of your own choice.• Easy management of inbox, sent items, SMS counts with intheapplication.• Application is available for Android and both sender andreceivershould have this application.