1.0 / May 31, 2018
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Play Smasher Bubbles puzzle game for free, hit and explode all theballs and win levels!Download this fun popping game and enjoythousands of addicting levels and puzzles. Join the adventure,smash the colorful balloons, create awesome combos and have ablast. Use your logic and matching skills to overcome the obstaclesand clear levels. Compete with family and friends and see who isthe best smasher!Smasher Bubbles is a great game to play when youwant to relax and pass the time. You can play everywhere, and asmuch as you want, no internet connection is required. So warm upyour fingers, pick your target carefully and start crushing allthese balloons! Smasher Bubbles Features:Fun game to play online oroffline, no wifi connection is needed. Awesome boosts and power-upsthat will help you smash bubbles. Thousands of thrilling levels.Start smashing bubbles today! Free bubble swap. Tap on your bubbleto change its color. The best free game in the store! Shoot bubblesand win coins!Cool graphics and visual effectsAction-packed bubbleshooter game with awesome challenges and puzzles. Addicting funnygame- the perfect pastime. Share the ball smashing fun with familyand friends!Use these explosive boosters to blast through thechallenges!🔥 Fireball- pop 7 balls in a row and the fireball willburn up bubbles on the way.💣 Bomb- drop 10 balloons or more, andthe bomb will take out surrounding bubbles.It's Time to Smash theBubbles! - Drag your finger to move the laser sight in thedirection of the bubbles and lift your finger to smash bubbles.Make combinations of 3 or more identically colored bubbles to popthe group and blast the bubbles away. Complete the missions andearn enough points to get three stars on every level. - Pop andsmash the bubble combinations and win points in this fun smashergame. Explore thousands of exciting levels, solve the fun puzzlesand reach high scores. - Swap bubbles without limit and plan yourevery shot. Form a strategy to crash and smash out all the ballsand pop your way up to victory. Reach top scores and earn awesomeboosters that will help you pass hard levels and complete thedifferent challenges.Pop bubbles in this addicting bubble shootergame, clear levels and win prizes! Download this awesome smashinggame and explore plenty of exciting levels, challenges, and puzzlesthat will keep you entertained for hours!All rights of BubbleShooter ™ are owned by Ilyon Dynamics Ltd.

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    Smasher Bubbles
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    May 31, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Match 3 Fun Games
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Play and enjoy the sweetest puzzle game in this Fruit Blast lovelyadventure! Join the fruit splash mania in the luscious land andexplore loads of juicy and fun levels. Experience this thrillingpuzzle matching game and complete the missions and challenges setat the beginning of each level. Reach high scores by making specialcombinations and try to get 3 stars on every splashy level. Match 3fruits or more of the same color to crush and make juicy splashes.When you swap and pop fruits you get the chance to unlock awesomesurprises that will help reach the goals and go to the next level.Use the super items wisely and solve all the challenging puzzlesCreate massive explosions with this fruit link: - Match 4 fruitstogether to get a striped item of this color and create a lineblast. - Match 5 fruits in an L or T form to get a juice box bombthat will explode surrounding fruits. - Match 5 fruits in a row toget a colorful rainbow ball. Fruit Smash Mania Features: -Delicious power ups - Tasty juice boxes - Yummy fruit jam -Thousands of exciting levels Start your adventure today, play FruitSmash Mania and experience endless fun and hours of pureentertainment straight on your mobile.
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Play and enjoy the popular Match 3 mobile game taken back to thediamond smash classic style. Download today and solve over 1000sparkly levels filled with awesome power-ups and challenges. Simpleand that much fun! -How to Play-You need to swap 2 gems to get 3 ina row and clear the combination. Move, match and collect items towin! Collect all the blocks and reach the level goals Use powerfulboosts to clear obstacles and complete challenges Make uniquecombinations to create big explosions Explore over 1000 joyful andcolorful levels! Reach high scores and try to get 3 stars on everylevelGet Classic Match 3 now from Google Play ONLY IF YOU LOVE funpuzzles and challenges. Enjoy the classic match 3 game straight inyour Android device today, it’s a great way to pass time and workon your matching skills!
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Play Cookie Dash today and join a sweet puzzle game! If fun match 3games tickle your fancy, get ready to experience hours of candymatching fun! Journey through thousands of addictive puzzle levels,blast cookies and win! Play online or offline with no need for Wifior internet connection. Cookie Dash is a fun match 3 game where youcan swipe and match tasty cookies and candies. Take on thisexciting adventure, blast mouthwatering desserts and lollipops, anddiscover yummy candy combos challenges. Start the sweet popping,discover sugary worlds and enjoy a relaxing fun time. Crush andburst all the sweet candies and win awesome gifts and rewards!🍰BEST GAME FEATURES🍰 > Best matching game to play for free >Train your brain with plenty of fun puzzles and brain teasers >Beautiful graphics and effects > Win free bonuses and amazinggifts > Crush and pop delicious cookies, jellies, jams andlollipops > Over 1000+ of levels and quests > Offline gamemode - turn off your WiFi connection and blast cookies > Sweetsupply of power-ups and boosters that will help you reach the goal> Free to play anytime, anywhere > Relaxing and easy puzzlelevels to solve, just tap, swap and relax! > Free download foryour Android mobile device and Tablets > Great time killer -crush all the sweets and you will never get bored > Unlimitedlives! Start every level, blast and win! > Free match 3 games toplay > Addictive game mode - once you start matching, you can’tstop crushing We have developed Cookie Dash Match 3 addictive blastgame for all of you fans of puzzle games who are looking for agreat way to pass the time. Get the best match 3 game for free andtrain your brain with thousands of challenging levels and brainteasers. Test your color matching skills as you mix and match allthe sweet cakes and clear levels.
Toy Crush 3.1 APK
Toy Crush is the most fun and addicting matching game on the playstore! With so many enjoyable levels, unique features and boosters,Toy Crush is a must-have game on your Android device. Play now forfree and enjoy loads of challenging levels! Swipe and match 2 ormore adjacent cubes to complete missions and clear levels. Createpowerful combos to get awesome gifts and to explode all the blocks.Play the best cube game today and be the blaster master of thegame! Join the color blasting adventure and have a blast burstingall the colorful bricks! Fan of puzzle games? Can’t get enough ofexciting brain teasers? Then this tap game is simply perfect foryou! Get this fun free game now for free and test your puzzlesolving skills with hours of block blasting fun! The Best PuzzleBlock Game Match 2 or more adjacent cubes of the same color toblast. Tap, crack and collapse bricks in this free toys game. Reachhigh scores and win levels. Complete the different missions andcollect toys. Your moves are limited, so you better use themwisely! Breaking cubes is the best way to pass the time! Grab ToyCrush blast game from the play store and start blasting thesecolorful tiles. Toy Crush Features ● Tap to play! Connect 2 or moreadjacent bricks of the same color to create a cube blast. ● Plentyof fun levels filled with cool puzzles and challenges that willtrain your brain. ● Cool items and toys. ● Eye-catching graphicsand colorful designs. ● Amazing boosts and gifts that are prettyhelpful along the way. ● Easy to learn and play. Pop cubes &win! ● Free to play and totally addictive blast game. ● Excitinggameplay, just pick up and play! ● Awesome and relaxing tap 2 gameto play with family and friends. ** Unlock awesome rewards andboosters: Match 5 or 6 blocks to get a rocket. Match 7 or 8 tilesto get a bomb. Match 9 cubes to earn a color wheel Rockets, bombsand color wheels will help you smash the blocks and beat thechallenges. Can tapping 2 or more bricks get even more fun? Playnow this amazing free game and find out! Crashing cubes isabsolutely free and totally addictive! TIP: Each new level has adifferent target you need to reach, so you better plan your movescarefully. Find the largest amount of cubes to connect and creategreater effects and explosions! Break all the colorful toy cubes inthis super fun tapping game. Click and tap on any 2 or moreadjacent blocks of the same color to explode them and win points.Play this fun cubes game anytime and as much as you want, nointernet connection is required. BLOCK POP FUN Try to clear a levelwith fewer moves to get a higher score. Remember, the more blocksyou pop, the higher score you will get! You can restart any levelwithout having to wait for lives, as they are unlimited! Completethe challenge that is set at the start of each exciting level,clear the board and pop all the colorful tiles. Enjoy playing ToyCrush and solve all the fun puzzles! Try out this fun toys game andenjoy solving all the brain teasers. Get this awesome blast gamefor free from Google Play and experience the ultimate puzzle blockblast! Tap on the screen to smash cubes, unlock awesome boosts andgifts and plan your moves to finish levels! Liked the game? Wewould love to get your feedback! Let us know what we can add tomake your gameplay even more enjoyable and earn your 5-star review.
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Join us for a picnic in the park. Go onanamazing adventure inside the sugary kingdom and experiencethegreatest Match 3 fun in the sun! Play the coolest new match 3game,visit the joyous festival and enjoy loads of deliciouslevelsfilled with cakes, rolls, doughnuts sweet pies and moresugary andtasty treats to satisfy your sweet tooth!Play with friends and family to see who can get the highestscores.Plan ahead your moves and collect tasty pastries to advance,earnsugary boosters that will help you clear levels andsolvechallenges. Complete the challenges that are set at the startofthe level and win enough points to get 3 stars on every level.Create crunchy explosions by making thefollowingcombinations:- Match 4 sweet cakes to get a striped treat of this colorandcreate a line blast- Match 5 pastries in an L or T form to get an amazing treatthatwill explode all items around it.- Match 5 cakes in a row to get a special colorful rainbow cake.Thecolorful item can burst all pastries with the same color.- Connect 2 special cakes to create even greater explosionsGet ready for some fun cake crush mania. It’s the mostdeliciousand addictive adventure filled with sweet cakes, luscioustreatsand plenty of surprises!