1.5 / March 27, 2018
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The smash hit io games producer Clown Games invites you to asmashing battle to bash your enemies: Smashers io Foes in WormsLand!SWING THE HAMMER AND SMASH! Target and bash foes with yourhammer, collect dots and grow your smasher weapon.NO MERCY TOWORMS! Move around the land, whack the worms and grow faster. Watchout the smashing ones! Bash them before they stun you.EASY CONTROLSAND UNIQUE GAMEPLAY! Use your hammer with a tap of button tosmash&hit. Target your foes and become the champion ofarena!DEVELOP STRATEGIES! Smash foes, hit worms and survive in epicio game arena! Collect dots, whack worms, and bash others to growyour smasher hammer!COLLECTIBLES! Unlock io game achievements andget skin rewards. Unique smashers with skins like viking, metalhead and cook await you. Unlock and play with your favouritecharacter.The creator of popular io games like Goons.io andPikes.io Clown Games presents Smashersio for your whole family now.You can play when you are online and offline. It requires nointernet connection.Please send us anyfeedback:https://www.youtube.com/clowngameshttps://www.instagram.com/clown.games/https://www.facebook.com/clowngameshttps://www.twitter.com/clowngamesIO

App Information Smashers.io Foes in Worms Land

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    Smashers.io Foes in Worms Land
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    March 27, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Clown Games
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    ODTU Teknokent TEKMER SEM2 B9 Alictus Yazilim A.S., Cankaya 06800 Ankara/Turkey
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