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No doubt Android is very powerful machine, but unfortunately it’smore susceptible of slowing down. With too many apps crammed into alimited space Android suffer performance issues. It’s very hard forAndroid to resist when million things running simultaneously. Whenyou start feeling your Android slowing down, you always need to cutfew apps running but you have no idea which particular app iscurrently eating up the speed. Mostly you wonder what your androidis currently doing but get no clue. It’s now possible with oursMonitoring App to stay on top of Android device’s performance.sMonitoring allows you to get into the core of your device’sprocesses. With our sMonitoring you can check variety ofinformation:- How much CPU resources a certain app is using - Ifthe battery is getting too hot or how much battery is left? - Isthe app you using running out of memory or which certain app juststarted and caused lag? - You can even check what apps are runningin the background or if the holdup you are experiencing might havebeen caused by another app. - It gives information which app isusing more mobile data or Wi-Fi.

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Wi Spy 2.24 APK
Find intruders in your home network.Do you want to know the type ofconnections your device has? What are the properties of WiFiconnections around you? How many devices are connected to yourcurrent network?You can find all this and much more with thisservice monitor Wi Spy. It will show you the status, IP addresses,Mac Addresses and connection level of all the WiFi connections youare connected to. You can also find different connections which areconnected to the same network as yours. You can test with thisnetwork scanner your internet connection download and upload speedand share photos and videos among mobile devices which have sameapp installed.Following are the main features of Wi Spy:i. DeviceNetworks:This trackpad will find the status of all the networks inyour device (Edge, 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth), whether they are connectedor disconnected.ii. WiFi Connections:Here you will find detail ofthe WiFi connections around you and the one you are connected toright now. Now it will also show you the WiFi connection you wereconnected to in the past (history). You can find WiFi connection byclicking the rectangular box.iii. Connected Devices:The mostimportant feature of this app is that it shows you details of otherdevices that are connected to the same network as yours. The devicescan algorithm of Wi Spy is very fast and efficient and it has theability to save the previous connected devices history.iv. SpeedTestThis new feature of Wi Spy allows you to test your internetspeed. It will show you the download/upload rate and speed of yourinternet connection. Now you can brag about your fast internetconnection by sharing the results on Social Media.v. Share Photosand VideosPhotos and Videos sharing is much needed these days. Nowyou can share photos and videos with high speed from one mobiledevice to another through sharing feature of Wi Spy. You get anawesome speed for sharing files from one mobile device to anotherand it is shared on local network between the devices which areconnected to the same network. Currently this feature works betweenAndroid to Android devices.***Please buy in-app purchase to removethe advertisement.
Smacking Pumpkins 1.5.2 APK
Well here’s a game that will refresh and energize your tired brain…Its SMACKING PUMPKINS…!!! Yeah… That’s right… Smack it till you getit… It’s a simple fun game that will have your eyes rolling here& there just to smack those pumpkins coming randomly out ofdifferent holes. You’ll be given a set time to smack thosepumpkins. ‘Pumpkin Left’ will display on your screen showing theremaining pumpkins. Once all pumpkins smacked, you can move ontothe next level. There are 5 stages and 50 levels in total. Witheach level, the set time decreases raising the level of difficultyand making the game more entertaining.So, SMACK it to ENJOY
Gullying 1.0.2 APK
Ever desired to become devilish? Wanted to destroy authority? Nowyou can remove all your frustration with this simple Gullying game.Pick up your stick and run after cars, smashing them as you go!Alsoplay in Evil Mode to really terrify car drivers. But beware ofpolice as they will definitely try to arrest you.Compete with yourfriends in Gullu-gardi.
Walk n Wake 1.0 APK
This is really an Amazing Alarm Clock. It is for all those who havedifficulty to wake up in the morning. This app will force you towalk few feet and will wake you up eventually. For all those whowant to wake up at a certain time and don't want to be late fromoffice and schools. Go and download and then wake up fresh in themorning.This app is really intelligent and works perfectly. It hasthe following features:- Set the number of steps in feet- Snooze ifit is too hard to wake up :D- Add one time alarms- Apply label toalarm- Change alarm ringtone- Set alarms to repeat weekly- Setsensitivity of sensor- Shake detectorNew version has an improvedstep count algorithm. Now you may set the sensitivity of sensoraccording to your mobile settings. Furthermore instead of ‘totaldistance’, remaining distance is displayed on the screen. Thedistance decreases as you walk.Shake detector has also beenincluded in this new version, which will discourage alarm cheatingdue to mobile shaking. Now you MUST walk to stop the alarm. Anoption that allows selection of different ringtones for differentalarms has also been included.Much more simple alarm functionalityhas been added for those that do not have required sensors in theirmobile. If you like the app, please rate it. We would love to hearyour feedback. Email us at developer@satistrum.com and we will getback to you as soon as possible.
sWallet - Secure Wallet 1.31 APK
Secure and Remember your information with sWallet.sWallet is asimple secure application that allows you to safely store all yoursensitive data such as: bank account details and passwords on yourphone. sWallet is also useful for remembering all those bits andpieces of information in one place that are difficult to rememberotherwise.sWallet is all about security. Many people still storetheir sensitive information under contacts, which can easily beseen if your phone falls into the wrong hands. When you usesWallet, your data is encrypted using the industry standard AES-256allowing only you to access your data via a master password. Inthis way even if you lose your phone your data will still be safe.For extra security, sWallet doesn't store your master passwordlocally on the device, but rather as a SHA-512 hash. In addition,sWallet self-locks after a timeout period and clears the clipboardto ensure your data is protected.Online Dropbox BackupsWalletprovides an option to automatically backup your wallet to yourDropbox account. All communication to Dropbox is over HTTPS and thedata itself is encrypted. So even if your Dropbox account iscompromised, your data remains inaccessible without the masterpassword.Backup with Email or External DrivesWallet provides anoption for keeping data backup attached to your email. You can alsosave elsewhere. In order to restore, simply click the backup fileand it will restore the backup data.
SMax Backup 1.4.2 APK
Would you like to safely secure your important SMS and Contacts asbackup. SMAX is the right choice for you. It saves your SMS andcontacts as text file(s) directly in the devices’ external memory.Furthermore, keeping security and privacy in mind the data in thetext file(s) is encrypted. You can create and manage multiplebackup files. Later on, whenever required the files can be easilyrestored with a simple few steps. SMAX also maintains a log of thebackup file(s) updated and restored. It also provides backupoptions via email and dropbox. So, Save and Secure all that mattersnow with SMAX…
Innocent Monsters APK
Monsters look innocent but they are not.Playthis new style game of monsters and kill them all.Leave your feedback if you like it.
Attacking Snakes 2.11 APK
Classic Snakes and Ladders game with real snake animations anddifferent characters. It is really fun to play this game especiallyfor kids. Snakes look real and if you touch them they try to biteyou. You have to avoid these snakes and on the way you also getladders to climb.We have three levels for this game:Easy-Medium-HardWe have three different characters and you canchoose a character of your choice. The game can be played by oneplayer as well as by two players.Choose theme of your own choice:)Like us at Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Attacking-Snakes/749092058500105?ref=hl