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Healthy smoothies are an awesome way to pack tons of nutrition intoa delicious, convenient treat that you can enjoy anywhere. Whetheryou're looking for a filling and flavorful boost of energy in themorning, a protein and nutrient dense pre- or post-workout shake,or just a tasty beverage for a hot afternoon, our collection ofhealthy smoothie recipes will give you plenty of work reasons toput your blender and juicer to good use. And even if you've nevertried making smoothies before or have not made too many we'll walkyou through all of the straightforward steps to show you how tomake a healthy smoothie.Have you ever noticed that if you say theword smoothie slowly - "smmmmooooothieeeeeee" - it just sounds sosatisfying? Could not be just a coincidence, right? Our healthysmoothie recipes offer you tons of creative ideas that will leaveyou feeling satisfied, nourished and full of energy. While somesmoothies that you might buy at some stores might be loaded withsugar and extra calories, our healthy smoothies rely on nutritious,whole food ingredients. But that does not mean you have tosacrifice flavor to get all of the health benefits. Far from it,our healthy smoothie ideas use tons of tasty and fresh ingredientsto give you that satisfying "smmmmooooooothieeeeee" experience.Ifyou're in search of healthy breakfast smoothies to jump start yourday, we've got a plethora of yummy recipes that will give youplenty of energy to attach the day and will not leave you hungry.It's an excellent way to get going in the morning, give you energyfor a workout or slurp any time your feeling like you need somemore veggies. And best of all you can tweak and experiment with allof our healthy smoothie ideas, adding fruits, veggies and otherhealthy ingredients that you love. Think of these not as healthysmoothie ideas to give you inspiration to find your favoritemixes.Getting ready to hit the gym, go for a run or play somesports? Check out some of our protein packed healthy smoothierecipes. They're great for giving you the energy and sustenance tokeep hustling and sweating, as well as the restorative nutrientsyou need to recover from a huge workout. These are super flavorful,colorful and creative healthy smoothie ideas that give you plentyof room to shake things up.


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Dečije pesmice! 1.2 APK
Muzika za decu je odličan način da naterate svog mališana da vrcka,ali ona, takođe može da poveća fond reči, prekine rutinu, učinizabavnim kupanje, vreme čišćenja i još mnogo toga…Pogledajte štasve dečije pesmice mogu učiniti za razvoj Vašeg deteta.1. Muzika zadecu ima pozitivan uticaj na memoriju. Najbolji način da se naučestvari kao što su boje, delovi tela, slova jeste da se peva onjima. Budite kreativni i ne pridržavajte se standardnih tekstova.Izmislite svoje reči, i ispratite koliko brzo Vaše dete može dazapamti telefonski broj ili adresu..2. Dečije pesme pomažu deci urazvoju jezičkih sposobnosti. Ne samo da jednostavni tekstoviunapređuju rečnik deteta, već i njihova struktura, ritam, melodija,reči i rime pomažu deteta da procesuiraju zvuk i ponove ga. Takođe,puštanje muzike uči dete da bolje sluša i usmerava ga kako da naučida čita.3. Dečija muzika uči mališane da bolje izraze emocije. Nijeneophodno puštati deci pesme sa rečima da bi slušanje mizike bilokorisno za njih. Neke numere kao što je to, na primer Krcko Oraščićposebno su prijatne za decu. One ih podstiču da igraju u skladu saosećanjima koja u njima pokrećeće muzika. U ovakvim situacijama,stručnjaci često preporučuju roditeljima da glasno izgovaraju imenaosećanja.4. Muzika može da umiri nemirno dete. Verovatno ste većuvideli kako uspavanka može da pošalje Vaše dete u zemlju snova.Zato ne čuvajte umirujuće pesmice samo za vreme spavanja. Spora iumirujuća muzika može umiriti dete u bilo koje doba dana inaglasiti prelaz sa veselog igranja i skakanja, na mirno slaganjepuzla i gledanje slikovnica.5. Muzika pomaže u stvaranjunezaboravnih momenata. Porodični odmor ne ostaje u sećanju bezpesama koje smo slušali, a proslava rođendana ne prolazi bezrođendanske pesmice. Osim što muzika čini svečane prilike jošsvečanijim, ona ulepšava i sasvim obične dane. Probajte daobeležite dnevnu rutinu vašeg deteta prikladnim veselim pesmama,videćete da će uz muziku deca obavljati svoje zadatke sa višelakoće i osmehom na licu.6. Muzika može naterati decu da boljesarađuju. Ne možete ubediti svoje dete da pokupi igračke posleigre? Izmislite pesmicu za ovu priliku!7. Muzika za decu može Vampomoći u zbližavanju. Verovatno Vaš partner i Vi imate Vašu pesmu,tako da me moramo da Vam objašnjavamo da deljenje pesme jača vezu.Zato izaberite pesmu koju Vaše dete i Vi apsolutno obožavate i kadčujete ovu pesmu, ostavite sve što ste radili u tom momentu i samoigrajte!!!Music for kids is a great way to have your children thatwiggles her, or she, may also increase vocabulary interruptroutine, make fun bathing, cleaning time and more ...See what youcan do children's songs for the development of your child.1. Musicfor children has a positive effect on memory. The best way to learnthings such as colors, body parts, the letter is to sing aboutthem. Be creative and do not follow the standard texts. Make upyour word and follow how fast your child can remember a phonenumber or address ..2. Kids songs help children in developinglanguage skills. Not only simple texts enhance the child'svocabulary, but also their structure, rhythm, melody, words andrhymes help the child to process sound and repeat it. Also, playmusic teaches the child to better hear and directs him to learn toread.3. Children's Music teaches children to better express theiremotions. It is not necessary to let the children songs with wordsto listen ary be useful for them. Some tracks such as, for exampleNutcracker particularly pleasant for children. They encourage themto play in accordance with the feelings that the words pokrećećemusic. In such situations, experts often recommend parents torecite aloud the names of feelings.4. Music can soothe the restlesschild. You've probably already realized how lullaby can send yourchild to dreamland. So do not look out for soothing songs onlyduring sleep. Slow and soothing music can soothe the baby at anytime of the day and to emphasize the transition from playfulplaying and jumping in a quiet stacking puzzle and pictureviewing.5. Music helps to create memorable moments. Families do notremain in the memory without the songs that we listened, a birthdaycelebration does not go without birthday songs. In addition tomusic is festive occasions more special, it beautifies and quiteordinary days. Try to check your child's daily routine look forwardappropriate songs, you will see that the music of the childrencarry out their tasks with more ease and a smile on his face.6.Music can force children to better cooperate. You can not convinceyour child to pick up toys after the game? Make up a song for theoccasion!7. Music for children can help in bringing. Probably yourpartner and you have your song, so I have to tell you that sharingsongs strengthens the bond. Therefore, select the song you yourbaby and you absolutely adore when you hear this song, leavewhatever you are doing at that moment and just play !!!
Winter Christmas Wallpaper! 1.1 APK
New month, new wallpapers! To get you in the right mood forDecember, designers and artists from across the globe got theirideas bubbling and created unique and inspiring Christmas wallpapercalendars to deck your display.“Christmas is a time you gethomesick, even when you’re home! Christmas reminds me of HarryPotter and his holidays when he would be longing to visit theWeasleys and have a Christmas feast with them at their table! Thesnowflakes, the Christmas tree, bundles of presents and the lipsmacking feast all gives you a reason to celebrate and stay happyamidst all odds! Life is all about celebration! Christmas is areason to share the joy of happiness, peace and love with all, yournear and dear ones. “I created this wallpaper as I am (and I’m suremany people are) looking forward to this upcoming holiday season tospend joyous time with loved ones. To me, this is a fun-filledholiday season, full of warmth and love. This feeling inspired meto make this wallpaper which helps me to express the feelings Ihave about this holiday.”“‘Winter is the time for comfort, for goodfood and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talkbeside the fire: it is the time for home.’“Christmas time is thetime to spend with your family! And, of course, it is the momentfor thinking of the new year and to wish for your dreams to cometrue!“I think that no matter what language we speak, we can allgather during this cheerful time of year when we all get intoholiday spirit, no matter our differences. Anita wishes all a HappyChristmas with our latest design!
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Our educational games will give your brain a workout! Learn newthings and challenge yourself by advancing to higher levels.Yourknowledge will improve your understanding and amaze yourfriends!What is the longest movie ever made?Got the answer? Well, Iwill put the answer at the end of this article but I hope you gotthe point behind the quiz. If you get it correct, you have thetaste for trivia that probably goes with your taste for goodmovies.The word “˜trivia’, literally stands for something which isof not much importance. But as trivia buffs know, in such triflingdetails lie oodles of fun. A heap of trivia knowledge on moviesgives a movie buff a whole lot of bragging rights. It’s the samewith sports as it is with movies.Movie trivia is not only fun, butit is a slice of moviedom history as well. It is through movietrivia we get to know a lot more astonishing facts and surprisingtidbits that add to the magic of movies.Download the movie quizgame for free and enjoy!
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"♥ Are you in love? Do you want to be in love? Do you want toimpress your friends? Do you want to share your messages, as youshare your love? Now you can do it. Now you can immediately sharethe most beautiful love words and sentences via SMS, Facebook,Viber, Whatsapp, Gmail, Dropbox, Messenger…♥ We have all you need.Now you can express your feelings toward the person you love on theappropriate way. ♥ Express your love in 100 different ways. Chooseyour message and bring joy and smile to your beloved face.♥ Ourapplication offers you 50 most romantic messages dedicated to Herand 50 most romantic messages dedicated to Him. But you can mixyour messages and send the message you consider appropriate foryour romantic moment. Love doesn’t have sex. It’s up to you. It’salways up to you.♥ 100 messages – 100 years of love! Make your loveeternal and special. Everyone deserves the most beautiful wordsfrom her/his lover, to make their love closer to their heart andsoul.♥ Share your love! Read, choose and momentarily share yourselected message from our app via SMS, Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp,Gmail, Dropbox, Messenger…"
My Fashion Nails1 FREE! 1.1 APK
Next to hair, a woman's well-kept nails are her best beautyaccessories and making an effort to care for them shouldn't bedifficult and expensive. Below are some good habits to follow fromwomen with great nails:1) Her hands, feet and nails are clean allthe time.It's important to keep the hands and feet clean, so beforedoing anything, a woman with good nail care habits makes sure theyare free of dirt and germs. She takes good care of these by washingand scrubbing with soap and water, especially under the nails. Shealso exfoliates once a week to remove dead skin regularly.2) Hernails are always trimmed.She keeps the nails trimmed at an ideallength to keep them healthy. While long nails look beautiful, theycan be prone to breakage. She also keeps the nails in a roundedshape. (It's easier to care for!)3) Her nails are nourished withvitamins.Nails are made up of keratin, just like the hair, whichrequires vitamins and minerals to grow healthily. "A varied dietrich in vitamins, antioxidant fruits and veggies, protein, andminerals is key for healthy nails and hair," said dermatologist Dr.Jessica Krant, via Huffington Post. "Keratin is a protein, andhealthy oils and fats are also needed to keep the skin, hair, andnails moisturized and strong."4) Her nail tools are keptclean.Bacteria can grow in the nail tools and if this happens, theycould transfer ick and infect the nails. A woman with good nailcare habits disinfects the tools she's using with rubbing alcohol.Additionally, it's a good idea to store the tools in an airtightcontainer and never share an emery board with someone else,according to Real Simple.5) Her nails get a break from nail polishfrom time to time."I always recommend to my patients that it's bestto leave polish on for a few weeks, and then remove the polish andgo without for a few weeks," said Dr. Joy Rowland via ClevelandClinic Org. She also said that the pigments of the nail polish cansoak up the nail's layers, leaving the nail dry and prone to mold,mildew and bacterial attacks. The problem can be long-term when ithappens.6) Her hands and nails are always protected.When cleaningthe house, washing the dishes, gardening or handling chemicals, sheuses gloves to protect her hands and nails. This is importantbecause immersing the hands in soapy water or chemicals can weakenand dry the nails faster, according to Everyday Health.