1.3 / October 11, 2018
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Slither and eat to grow longer. Do not touch other snakes. Touchthe screen to speed up.

App Information Snake Battle io

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Domino 1.5 APK
Play domino against your computer. Player and computer get 7dominoes tiles. 14 domino tiles are placed into the base. Playerwho has smallest double tile (1:1) starts first. All your activedomino have a mark. Domino item automatically rotates to fit endsnumber. To win you have to put all items first. Domino numbers arecounted on usual base. Double zero gives you - 25 points.
Tubex 1.2 APK
Put tubes of the same color to make squares. Created square willdisappear and you will get a score. You will get additional scorefor speed of creation. From level to level number of tubes willincrease. And number of squares you have to create will increase.
Rebus 1.1 APK
Guess a rebuses on a pictures. Get a score for each guessed rebus.Use a hint to find all words.
Mahjong 1.91 APK
Play the real Mahjong puzzle game. Match up traditional Mahjongtiles until all of tiles are gone in this authentic Chinese styleboard game. Unlock new levels and zoom into the field, speedingthrough levels in a bid to become the real Mahjong Ace!
com.altarsoft.lines 1.9 APK
Free remake of the game Lines. Remove color lines of balls. Makelines of 5 and more. The longer line - the higher score. Selectmode with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 balls.
Jigsaw Puzzles 2 1.5 APK
Jigsaw puzzles for kids and adutls. Play a classic jigsaw puzzlesgame. Combine puzzle pieces into one picture. Categories: animals,birds, flowers, food, mountains, paintings, trees, waterfalls.Jigsaw puzzles is free and works without internet.
com.altarsoft.marblebubbles 1.31 APK
Marble bubbles is much like marble blast and legend. Shoot allbubbles before they reach the end point. Use powerful bonuses tospeed up the game. For every 10,000 points you will earn an extralife. Use bonuses to speed up the game: Freeze - bubbles do notmove Slowdown - bubbles movement will slow down Reverse - bubbleswill move in the opposite direction Accuracy - you will get a sightand faster ball speed Explosion - 3 nextbubbles will disappear SameColor - bubbles of same color will disappear Touch the gun tochange bubble color.
Bridge Builder 1.3 APK
Construct a bridge with a rails. Help the train to cross thecanyon. Get extra score for the remaining rails.