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Swipe your finger to guide a snake of balls to break the blocks inthe tube! Try to break as many blocks as possible and reach the endof each level. Get additional balls and make the largest snake youcan! Very easy to play but very hard to get high scores! GameFeatures: - Free to play - Endless gameplay - Simple swipe control- vs your friends with the best highscore

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Powerhouse - circuit scramble APK
Powerhouse - circuit scramble is a freeand addictive circuit game. Get your voltmeter ready, this game isfilled with challenges and thought provoking fun! Circuit scramblethrows you into the world of circuit-based logic that drives realworld electronics!Features of powerhouse - circuit scramble:- Unique unblock puzzles FREE, designed to make you think and learnon every circuit!- Daily challenge.- OVER 700 addicting powerline puzzles in total!- Different electronic components to work with. Voltage divider,diode, transistor, LED and more.- 25 ELECTRIC Google Play achievements and 2 ELECTRIC Google Playleaderboards!- Google play cloud sync. Save your power line games to the cloudand sync between devices!- All of these puzzles for free! These circuitry games will providehundreds of hours of challenging entertainment!How to play Powerhouse - circuit scramble:- Voltage source: Connect the power to flow to the LED from here bysliding the tiles and connect them together!- LED: Once the power flows to all of these on the circuitry board,you will advance to the next level!- Voltage Splitter: Need an extra power source? Just split thevoltage power line to flow to the nearest component!- Zener Diode: Voltage can only pass one way through these devices,so think hard where you place them.- Transistor: Transistors require 2 power sources connected topower up - then your transistor will turn on!Enjoy these logical puzzles with the whole family in thistransistor game!Connect the powerline and let all the circuits flow free inpowerhouse games!
Dank Lenses for Snapchat 1.3.37 APK
Disclaimer: This app is not sponsored or endorsed by, or affiliatedwith Snapchat nor Snap Inc. Create memes on the spot, a must-havefor every edgy memelord. This app lets you: - Save your favoritelenses in a snap! - Activate any lens quick and easy - See whichlenses are popular - Share your favorite Snapchat Lenses with yourfriends - Search for particular lenses - Submit new lenses SinceSnapchat released Lens Studio, the community has been makingthousands of funny and creative custom lenses for Snapchat. Withthis app, you will never be missing out on the dankest lenses. Snapa pic with your favorite lens! Lenses available in this app rangefrom 'dank 420 blaze it, bush did illuminati' memes to carefullycrafted 3D models. Thank you for downloading! You know da wae, mybruddah And thank you Snapchat for letting the community createthese lenses! *** NOTE: This app requires you to have Snapchatinstalled on your device! ***
Light-Bikes.io 2.2.53 APK
Light-Bikes.io! Check out the latest tron inspired game by New leafStudios! Your goal is simple! Drive your lightbike throughcyberspace leaving a light trail behind you in heated battles!Eliminate all your opponents while avoiding bumping other ridertrails, while driving at the speed of light! It seems simple atfirst since the game is very easy to handle. Beware, it might be abit harder to master. Whether you’re bold or careful, outwit youropponents by finding the best strategy to destroy them before theydestroy you. Stay cautious, you have a weak point - your hole bike.If you ever drive into a wall or another opponents trail, yourdead! Try all the modes, endless, survival and crown! - Endlessprovides hours of entertainment where the goal is to survive aslong as you can and make the largest possible tail. - Survivalthrows you into a pit with other players. Which ever rider survivesto the end is the winner! Then - Crown - The user holding the crownis the winner. Make him drop it, without bumper into his trail! NewLeaf offers a new and fun experience inspired by io type games,popularized by other .io games and tron! Find the simplicity andstrategy on an io game within a unique graphic universe.Light-Bikes.io is for the whole family! Homepage:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.newleafstudios.lightbikes
Pipe Dream - Plumber APK
Pipe Dream - Plumber is a free easy-to-use puzzle game which yourjob is to prevent the tubes from reaching the top and causing awater overflow! Simply turn and move the different pipe pieces bytouching them and connect them together to form a pipeline. Make asmany pipelines as you can before the pipes reach the top. When youcreate a pipeline, you will reduce the overall water pipes andavoid overflows in each tube! Adjust as many water pipes as you canbefore the water pipes reach the top in this exciting game! WithPipe Dream, you have to show adaptability and quick reflex tacticsto become an undisputed plumber! Just tube it! Become the bestplumber in Pipe Dream in the best free plumbing game around andstop the water overflows! Features in Pipe Dream Plumber: -Achievements and Leaderboard. Create the biggest Pipeline to be thehighest ranked plumber! - Endless fun with pipelines! The game issimple to learn, but hard to master! - Awesome graphics. Create apipeline with pipes in stunning visuals! Download PipeDream todayand start plumbing now! Attention fans of pipe games, plumbing andpipeline games! I am always very happy to receive your feedback.Please email me at: [email protected] Homepage:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.newleafstudios.pipedream
Maze Trace Free APK
Maze Trace Free is a brand new styleofmaze/labyrinth puzzle for kids and adults with great newsurprisesand tweaks. Just use your finger to swipe and trace themaze fromthe dot to dot to trace the labyrinth. It's new twistkeeps theadventure fresh and beats the classic retro stylemazes.Maze Trace Free Features:- All the mazes are made by hand. no randomized levels.- Easy play, just touch and go!- Time trial mode: Complete as many puzzles as you can in thetimeframe.- Daily challenge: New mazes and shapes every day.- Google Play Achievements and Google Play Leaderboards.- Save your game to the Google Play cloud and sync yourgamesbetween devices.- Fully customize all the colors of the game.- No mouses or cheese are wasted in these mazes!Guide your finger from dot to dot through different routes inthisfree maze adventure! Run, explore and find a way to trace allthelines. No Minotaur here! Complete the over 200 labyrinthsandbecome the king of the maze trace! Have fun! :-)Homepage:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.newleafstudios.mazetraceDear fans of puzzles, brain games and maze games. I amalwayspleased to receive your feedback. Please email me at:[email protected]
SplitBall - Swipe and Touch APK
SplitBall - Swipe and Touch Touch toSplit, join and swap your ball into 18 different combinations tomake it through the course and last as long as you can!Simple touch controls:* Swipe to split the ball!* Tap or touch to change color of the ball!* Tap or touch and hold to join the ball back up!Watch out for the incoming walls and color traps, and survive foras long as you can! Collect the unique items along the way tounlock new characters or coins. Use the coins to buy the newcharacters that you unlocked to change the theme of the game. Thegoal is to make your ball last as long as you can.Features:* Simple touch Controls* Google Play Achievements* Google Play Leaderboards* 25 Different balls to unlock - bird ball, angry ball, eye ballbubble and much much more!* No Wifi? No problem! Play offline!* Hours of entertainmentConactEmail:[email protected]:https://www.facebook.com/SplitBall-174335262943395/?ref=bookmarksTwitter:https://twitter.com/newleafstudios
One Touch Drawing APK
One Touch Drawing is a simple, funandvery addictive brain puzzle game where you need to draw allthelines without repeat. It's tougher than it sounds!For an added challenge try "Time Trial". In Time Trial mode youneedto draw as many game puzzles as you can within the giventimeframe.The rules are very simple:Draw the given figures with only one touch. The problem isyoucannot draw the same line twice.Features:- Line that must be passed twice.- One directional line.- Multiple Warp dot.- Multiple Direction trigger.- Multiple Path trigger.- Supports every resolution.- Share your solution on Facebook, or anywhere else.- Google Play leaderboards and achievements- Save and restore game data to Google Play cloudHomepage:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.newleafstudios.onetouchDear fans of one touch puzzles and brain games. I am alwayshappyto receive your feedback, please write to:[email protected]
Pipe Dream - Water Plumber APK
Pipe Dream - Water Plumber is afreeeasy-to-use puzzle game which your job is to prevent the tubesfromreaching the top! Simply turn and move the different pipepieces bytouching them and connect them together to form apipeline.In pipedream, when you create pipelines you will reduce theoverallwater pipes and avoid overflows!Adjust as many pipes as you can before the water pipes reachthetop! The longer your pipelines are, the more points youwillget!With Pipe Dream, you have to show adaptability and quickreflextactics to become an undisputed plumber!Just tube it! Become the best plumber in Pipe Dream in the bestfreeplumbing game around!Features in Pipe Dream Water Plumber:- Achievements and Leaderboard. Create the biggest Pipeline tobethe highest ranked plumber!- Endless fun with pipes! The game is simple to learn, but hardtomaster!- Awesome graphics. Create a pipeline with pipes instunningvisuals!- Facebook leaderboards- Google Play achievements and leaderboards- Many abilities and levels to unlock and use to obtain thehighestplumbing scores possible!Download Pipe Dream today and start plumbing now and makinghugepipelines!Attention fans of plumbing and pipeline games! I am alwaysveryhappy to receive your feedback. Please email me at:[email protected]:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.newleafstudios.blockdash