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Get ready for a combat reloaded infantrywarfare weaponeer shooting experience of your life. Be the combatcommando sniper killer to kill the insurrectionist commandoterrorist to get the title hero x combat shooter. In this combatreloaded show all your skills and get the chance to experienceelite weaponeer sniper bombsight war.

In this commando mission game you and your elite swat commandoswere on a mission to rescue the American soldier from seizurecombat killer but when you reached to rescue the seizure hostages,the insurrectionist combat killer welcome you with submunitionfiring which kills all of your elite swat commando troops, now youthe last commando standing in the bombsight infantry enemybattalion lines.

Your primary mission is to rescue the American soldier cavalry incaptivity of the Germans battalion. But, this mission will give youthe toughest weaponeer challenges of your life. You will have tocontend with some of the most insurrectionist elite combat killerin the world, master in the art of stealth submunition weaponeerhits. Be the nemesis of your enemies plans, engage in a downfall oftheir callout bombsight battle. Bring on the best of yoursubmunition tragedy skills and you might get out of this onealive!

Sniper Rescue Duty

Travel through the village battlefield, in 4 deadly levels ofcombat striker against the best in class seizure combat killer. Thenemesis killer will be expert in the art of hiding, taking mergetragedy skills to remain hidden in various locations throughout thevillage. The enemies are calling for infantry affray battle butdon't lose your temper in this tragedy wait for the right time thenkill the nemesis killer one by one.

The last interloper commando has to locate each insurrectionistcombat nemesis with precision, skills, tragedy and intuition,within the given time limit, ensuring that you aren’t trackedfirst. The holocaust enemy elite shooter will be stationed at longranges regiment, hidden in the wilderness, top of communicationtowers and the national church, meaning that only the ultimateprecision shot will eliminate the threat.

Commando on A Mission War

You the last interloper commando standing alone and furious to takerevenge on regiment enemies who have seizure the hostages and killyour elite swat commandos troops battalion. It's time to show whatyou learned in your sniper special ops academy. Be the eliteinterloper commandar last hope of taking revenge from the holocaustregiment killer of your battalion. Elite swat commando reloaded ishere to shoot the enemies and riseup in this tough affray bombsightsituation.

Extirpate the regiment enemy sniper killer affray area and rescuethe kidnapped the soldiers. Egest in this tough affray situationand extirpate the hideouts of sniper shooters. Be low andinterloper in doing this act don't get caught by the hand ofholocaust enemies shooters. The last commando have the skills, stepin to is shoes and finish this infantry mission to rescue his swatcommando troop from the holocaust enemies.

- 4 intense sniper rescue challenges in various locations
- Superb sniper fps controls and submunition bullet hitsanimation
- Realistic kill animations through high level detailedenvironments
- Immersive Sniper gameplay experience, with WW2 inspiredbattlefields and long range sniper shots
- Combat reloaded shooting experience

App Information Commando Sniper Killer Platoon

  • App Name
    Commando Sniper Killer Platoon
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    March 15, 2017
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Muddy Games
  • Installs
    50,000 - 100,000
  • Price
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  • Developer
    Visit website Email itunes@muddyapps.com Privacy Policy
    Muddy Apps (Pvt) Ltd 2nd Floor, Plaza # 12-CCA, Phase-5, DHA, DHA Lahore Cantt. 54000 Pakistan. Phone +9242-37182320
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Elite Army Killer: Sniper Swat 2.0 APK
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Elite Army Killer: Sniper Swat is a sniper wargames that has never seen before, it is the unique gameplay makesit a 3D sniper war games with many aim and the thrilling excitementof commando sniper mission, Here you will become one of the world'stop commando sniper counter strike shooter. Quickly pickup theweapons in your hands, let your blood boil up, donot let theterrible criminals out of your sight.The battle for the ultimate survival is on, as you gear up yoursniper rifle as the army’s lieutenant sniper sharpshooter. Getready to face the mission against the might of critical enemyforce, as they attempt to rampage the city and burn it to ashes.The special gunner battle commando attack have attack in your cityits total assault of sniper commando assassin. Its time for an armyinfantry battle of special commando forces, the last commando tosurvive this ultimate battle will be call elite swat commandokiller.You have been landed to the barren entrance of your city, adeserted looking place which looks like a graveyard, all because ofthe destruction trail lead by the enemy special commando forces.Their leader, is a ruthless and unforgiving sniper commandoassassin , has killed every inhabitant in the city and takencontrol of the area by posting commando silent killer sharpshooterat each tall building.Your mission as the lieutenant leader commando sniper killer is toeliminate this group of special commando force with your army gradesniper rifle. The tasks will greet you with increasing difficultyeach time you finish of a group of terrorist, bringing forth andeven critical convoy. A steady hand and time preservation mightcome in handy as you might survive the onslaught of shooters bytaking critical headshot.In this battle simulator become the elite swat defender of yourcity by shooting bad guys of the special forces. Be an ultimatearmy ranger in this commando action war game. Show your fpscommando gun shooting skills in this special forces war as neverbefore its the survival of the best in this ultimate snipercommando assassin. Be vigilant and don't lose control whilefighting the special forces their are more in numbers so show yourskills and tactics to kill each enemy before their kill you.Aim and shoot the enemies and accomplish mission to become amilitary commando shooter 3d. Make sure you keep under control. Asyou progress through this game, the missions will become crazierand sicker. It is a sniper 3D game that looks awesome graphically.Turn your android phone into a season battle field and snipe thewalking enemies.If you are able to withstand the enemy commando sniper killershooter showdown long enough, their leader will be enticed to forcehis hand and get in the battlefield himself to take you down. Beready to take this opportunity and finish him with multiple gunshotto end the war. This will be the last and only chance to redeemyour city’s integrity, so make the most of it. Good Luck Elite SwatCommando Killer !FEATURES- Thrilling FPS shooting mission gameplay- Challenging gameplay with intense boss battles- Smooth aiming controls with scope zoom- Highly detailed ruined city environments with night and dayconditions- Battlefield Environments of classic world wars like ww11, ww2,ww1 etc
Dinosaur Jungle Hunter 3D 2.0 APK
Muddy Games
Back in ancient times, Earth was ruled by someof the most powerful creatures to have ever lived. For thousands ofyears, dinosaurs were completely unchallenged across the jungle.However, disaster struck and they were plunged into the depths ofhistory leaving nothing but small clues of their existence. What ifthis era in our history was to return? Would the human race beready to deal with a dinosaur wilderness that doesn’t care who’sbones its crushing?..GAMEPLAYThis game takes jungle hunting to a whole new level. The deadlyjungle dominion means you need to have quick reactions and courageto complete the missions, if you don’t do well then you will becomean afternoon snack for a terrifying flesh eating dinosaur. It’s upto you to decide, are you a hunter? Or are you the prey?Dinosaur Jungle Hunter 3D takes a closer look into the Dinosaurdominion and brings with it, incredible graphics, realisticenvironments and deadly hunter gameplay to the Android platform.Plant both feet in the game and strap in, you’re hunting a dinosaurtoday. Your sniper rifle is your only friend so take care of itproperly and make sure you practice hunting well. This huntermission will have you glued to your device screens and have youexcited with every shot.Take on waves of angry meat eating t-rex monsters and survive foras long as you can. You are equipped with a hunter rifle and anarsenal of awesome firepower which might just be powerful enough todrive these jungle carnivores away.FEATURES- Hunt relentless dinosaur waves with guns and power-ups- Beat your personal best scores while playing ‘Endless Mode’- Use the device settings to adjust sensitivity options- Share your progress on social media and challenge yourfriends- Get a more divulging gaming experience with Google Play GamesServices- Keep track of your progress in the game with leaderboards andunlockable achievements
Killer Blue Orca Whale Attack Sim 3D: Whale game 1.2 APK
Muddy Games
Experience high quality realistic environmentsand the feel of a true blue whale hunter killer, as you play anOrca whale and shark games Simulator like no other. A beach isusually a place for tourists and people to hang out and relax. Mostof these tourists come to enjoy the scenic locations and indulge inseeing sea life forms.You play the role of a hungry and viciousblue Orca whale, as you target the people roaming around the seashores and beaches. You will need to be stealthy and prey upon yourtargets in order to take them out and feed your hungry blue Killerorca Whale. Blue whale and shark simulator Attack game is all abouthunting your prey in the best possible way to increase your power.But always be on the lookout, the white shark and other big fishwill be waiting for a chance to take over your food in this whaleand shark attack evolution game. You have played many animalsurvival games and now is your chance to unleash your killer bluewhale and shark beach attack instincts.GAMEPLAYControl your killer shark and orca whale games through thenavigation pad, maneuvering around the scenic seas and beaches offlorida. Target your prey and get close enough for a prompt killanimation to feed on these people.Play in 6 thrilling whalesimulator 3D levels and feed your hunger with ultimate kills,ensuring enough stealth so that your preys don’t get alarmed andrun away. If you done with feeding your orca whale to full tummy,you can surf on a free roam to further seas and have fun withongoers, ships and buoys in the sea. Experience hunter Shark crazyRun, the horrifying simulation of a deadly killer shark who is on arampage to gobble up all the holiday goers on the beach. They areknown as one of the most dangerous wild animals in the sea waters.So get ready to become the crazy man-eater to devour all the peopleon the shores. This shark simulator offers us some great tactics toattack the tourists that come for holidays. But beware there aresome hunters also who like teeth of sharks so don't go near them.Like playing shark games, this one is for you.FEATURES- Manually control killer orca whale movements in the water- 6 challenging levels of gameplay- Each play offers a “FREE RIDE” mode upon completion, where youcan roam around the sea environments, causing further chaos anddestroying various buoys and ships.- Realistic whale simulator 3D attack, eating and prey dyinganimations- Vast sea environments with scenic graphicsKeep your killer instincts going to full craze as your whale’sgrows ever more on completing each kill successfully
Fruit Archery Apple Shooting 1.0.2 APK
Muddy Games
Test your archery shooting skills in thehighly addictive farm fruit shooting archery. Tap fruits for thejuicy rewards.Shoot apple, mango, melon, orange and many more in combos. Become atrick shot pro. Get on the spot shot for fruit frenzy. Join thisarchery classic if you like archery game, but survive the farmfruit blitz to become a shooting archery master. Featuring thegreatest melons to smallest barriers, increasing difficulty withfarm fruit flow.Open ground Scenery & exciting gameplay holds you addictivelyto shoot through bow and arrow and splash out the apple juice.Would you challenge your shooting archery skills in classic andarcade modes of the farm fruit splash game?ModesClassic mode: Gain topspots with limited shootsArcade mode: Shoot em up in limited timeBonus• 1 arrow awarded on hattrick fruit splash• Hit the frozen fruits like apple and melons to slow time andslowly move target• Hit on crazy fruits to splash with lots of fruits like apple,melon, mangoCompete to beat for topspots and bring on the farm fruit wipeoutlike no other. Share through Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and evenSMS.Game play- Tap, move and shoot arrow.- Target arrows at fruits.- Bonuses & Power Ups included.More from Muddy AppsMuddy Apps brings you the best in 3D and 2D gaming experience foryour Android device. We are constantly overcoming technologicalobstacles to provide our users with the best in games they desire.If you like our work, then please appreciate our efforts by givingus a 5 star rating. You feedback and support means a lot tous.Privacy Policy- All characters and visuals created in the game are sole propertyof Muddy Apps©. Use and collection of any materials is subjects tothe company’s Privacy Policy- For the latest developments from our teamVisit us at http://www.muddyapps.com/ orLike us: http://www.facebook.com/Muddy.AppsFollow us on: https://twitter.com/Muddy_Apps
Super Cow Run 1.2 APK
Muddy Games
Get an exciting endless runner experience thisEid ul Azha, as our beloved cow gets ready for a wild run throughthe butcher market, trying an escape from the local slaughters thisEid. This season’s most wanted cow is on the loose from the market,and a bunch of butchers are after her in this addictive neverendingstory game.But the Mandi is not a place where most can get out of alive. Ourprecious cow will have to make a run for her life and run fast andfree of their capture. But your sim cow has some super powers whichwill only unlock at high level, so you have to keep runningendlessly. If the butcher catches the cow the super powers willnever be unlocked. Try to unlock the super powers of your Super Cowand make the butchers pay.The angry butcher is running after the super cow to catch'em downand eliminate instantly, the life of super cow is now in yourhands, run as fast as you can.Avoid obstacles during the run like manholes,cars and barbed wiresand keep running for as long as you can, make those butchers have arun for their money this Eid, or you become this Eid’s most prizedsacrifice.Help your super cow to avoid the butchery in the neverending storygames, if you are hit by any of the obstacle in this endlesssimulation game, the butcher will hunt you down, try to avoid theobstacles as long as you can.GAMEPLAYUse gyroscopic controls of your device to strafe your cow sidewaysby tilting. Keep running for as long as you can and avoid incomingpeople and other obstacles. Upon fumbling, the butchers will grownear you and try to grab you. Too many mistakes and its “AllahuAkbar” for you.FEATURES- Eid Themed Cow Endless Runner- Exciting Animal Market Environment- Collect Coins Along the way and Set Records for Most DistanceRun- Addictive Butcher Games- Amazing 3D Simulation Game
Jurassic Dinosaur Shooter Park 1.4 APK
Muddy Games
The hunting quest is not over yet! A dinosaurshooter is not allowed to rest because another hunting quest awaitsyou in the wetlands lush arena of precious jurassic t-rex jungles,deserts, snowy slopes and prehistoric caves.Load your jungle sniper gun against the jurassic t-rex andherbivore species beast roaming around the wetlands bushes. Thisprecious elephant shrew jurassic arena inhabited by dangerous faunadinosaur left no more a good place to stay! But what if they wouldnot obstruct to the very place??? They can turn into a real troubleto the world!Thanks to your sniper shooter skills we have the hope to win overthe species hunting quest. Last hunting shoot out makes thispredator creature very angry. This time Jurassic t-rex are emergingwith the spirit to make you their prey. Maintain your preciousdinosaur shooter spirit in chase of hunt get hunted. The onlyweapon your shooter has is the jungle sniper rifle so use your gunin the best way.In this wetlands dinosaur adventure be the ultimate deadly hunterto survive this fauna dinosaur battle. Angry behavior T-rex iscoming for you get ready for hard dinosaur species rampage becauseof its the clan of t-rex. In this jurassic park be the ultimatejurassic survivor from the angry behavior t-rex.Be a great jurassic hunter in this jurassic hunting game for thejurassic world evolution. Get ready to survive the dinosaur attackand start dinosaur killing because you are famous the ultimatejurassic shooter. Don't be at one place as angry t-rex has caughtyour scent they can find you, so start relocation as soon aspossible because you are in for a jurassic nights 3 adventure of alife of t-rex.Have a hardcore intention of killing the angry behavior of faunawild beast of jurassic dino world. Start jurassic park operationgenesis for the jurassic park evolution and get yourself the titleof jurassic hunter. Be the atheist hunter of just having forkilling deadly shores wild beasts, so the elephant shrew world issafe from these dangerous toxic angry t-rex. Show your preciousquality dior shooting behavior skills to this angry t-rex and safeelephant shrew jurassic world evolution.Dinosaur Shooter Jurassic Park is a dinosaur games 3d super gamesfree for kids to play.Real Textured DinosaursThey are real and abundant in count. You have to confront theunkind creed of elephant shrew, Jurassic t-rex, herbivorebrontosaurus, stegosaurus, carnivore carnotaurus andallosaurus.Immersive GameplayDistinguished levels of dinosaur shooter will greet you withthrilling challenges each time. Win over a deadly shooter seriesfilled with assault shooting and dare killing. In this dinosaurgames 3d super games it's Hi- Res Jurassic t-rex arena. Dynamicgraphics, detailed textures and hi-res 3D jungle environment makeit a real arena of Dinosaur shooter challenge.FEATURES- Encounter various species of herbivore and carnivore dinosaurslike Allosaurus, Brontosaurus, Carnotaurus, Tyrannosaurus.- Various wetlands hunting arena with scenic 3D locations.- Take on quest on three modes of the game, Sniper Series (AssaultSeries and Dare Hunt to follow soon) with an arsenal ofweapons.- Stunning Visuals, Soundtrack & Sounds.- The more you play, the more powerful the dinosaur hunter you willbecome.- True-to-life hunting experience.- Its a dinosaur games 3d super games.- Share your game progress over Facebook.
Fish Adventure - Tap to smash 1.0.3 APK
Muddy Games
A challenging fun game for you to test yoursmashing skills. Let the little dumb fish swim free and rush to asave place in sea. You need to tap and smash hit the objects toclear her ways in the water. The fish do not want to die!STORYIn the game, while swimming in the sea fish gets apart from bigfishes and feels afraid of dangers around. The fish has taken thedumb ways and about to die. Direct the dumb fellow and make itsswimming safe & fear free.Play first & play fast before fish encounters to die. Fastpaced game play with friendly design. Download this free game andlet the fun begin!GAME PLAY- Keep the fish happy alive to make its swimming adventure fearfree.- Do avoid but smash hit the falling objects.- Smash it fast! In the rush of falling rocks, shells andbricks.- Keep on smashing the objects to continue game.

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ROOT REQUIREDXPOSED FRAMEWORK REQUIREDIF You dont know What is XPOSED Framework then do not try thisapplication (it wont work)Hi Guys,I read about the Xposed framework in xda and other websites.somewebsites have really good tutorials about it.So what I understandis that we can modify a function and its return values using theXposed Framework.I have created and Xposed Module For Changing (MASKING) the IMEI Noof the PhoneChange Means How Other Application gets the IMEI No of the deviceusing below codeAs you all know,The Value is not permanent as it is an XposedModule :)XDA-Developers Threadhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/xposed-imei-changer-t2847187Pro version :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vivek.imeichangerproStepsInstall appEnable module in xposed frameworkCome back to app and enter new valuePress ApplyGo to xposed moduleOpen framework pageDo a soft rebootOpen the appAnd you can see new valuecheck the value by dialing *#06#, you can see the new value