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Welcome to the virtual world of action packed sniper games. Play asthe modern city sniper assassin and eliminate the terrorist gettingin the way of world peace. In this game shoot all the enemycommandos who are holding civilians inside a fort as hostage. Equipyourself with most modern latest sniper weapons while play and testyour sniper shooter skills.You: Commando Sniper Shooter YourTarget: Terrorist Sniper AssassinsPlay as the best bravo snipershooter in the most dynamic assassin shooting game. Do you have thefastest trigger fist to complete these dangerous assault missions?As a frontline commando take up your weapon armory and kill thoseterrorist on the frontline battle. One bullet means one death!Enjoy the realistic hitting feelings and amazing sound effect ofall the 10 levels of Sniper Assassin killer missions. Be focused,cool headed and relentless. Take aim for the headshots to get thehighest score. Show that you are the best bravo sniper strikecommando for these assault missions. In Sniper shooting killinggames’ missions, you can shoot these terrorist in a mob or in asingle high-profile target. Hunt the leader as a first personshooter pro in the modern city. Get the highest score by targetingone shot one kill. Zoom in and out for clear vision. Find the bestsniper headshot and vantage points to make all the necessary killshot. Are you ready to fight the global war on crime? Use each shotcarefully to kill each target. You have to complete each snipershooter mission within limited ammo shots. Don’t forget Commando,this is dangerous and you are alone! Download one of the Unique& Action packed Sniper Shooter Game. Become the ultimateshooter pro, aim and shoot to kill all assassins. Download newestkill to shoot assassin theme in the realistic free shooting games.Get ready for play the best shooting games of 2016 and sniper 3dshooting games with Sniper Assassin: Shoot n Kill. A fast paced,fully action packed assassin game to give you the exhilaratingexperience of 3D sniper shooting assassin games

App Information Sniper Assassin: Shoot n Kill

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    Sniper Assassin: Shoot n Kill
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    February 11, 2016
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    3D Master
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    3D Master Suite 205, Al Shafar 2, Al Barsha 1, Dubai, UAE.
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Why download San Andreas Crime City chase 3d racing game?Get readyfor the rescue services in crime city in this free deluxe editioncops n robber games. This crime city police car chase gives you theultimate chance to become a policeman on duty driver and stop therobber getaway by using your furious speed driving skills. TheROBBERS syndicate have stole/ heist robbery in the Vegas and LAcasino and have grabbed a grand theft auto and are making an escapefrom the town. You have been notified on the police scanner radioto make the escape of the armoured money truck unsuccessful. SanAndreas Crime City Police chase is action packed 3D police cardriver vs thief racing game where you are the angry cop on duty tocatch the criminal and take them to the town police station. ThisCops n Robbers game is not an FPS(first person shooting game) it isa fast and furious racing police car simulator on the asphalt roadin the crime city of San Andreas. Your target is to chase thehardcore criminal car with extremely selective and specializeddriving skills. All these criminals are from mafia gangs and escapeprisoners from jail. You are the on duty police officer who is onthe hot pursuit of the veloz jeep. You are surrounded by tourist,city traffic and civilians. Drive carefully, don’t crash into thetown shops, markets and train station or airports. Build the heatwith hot police pursuit, don’t let them escape. Imprison them inthe crime town jails. San Andreas Crime City Chase is a challengingcombination of cop pursuit and robbers escape game. Give thesecriminals hard time to flee the country. This new style of ROBBERVS COP will definitely be a good addition to your collection ofPolice vs Thief games. So buckle up, grab your android set anddownload this grand theft crime cop racing mania today.Features ofCrime City Police Chase:*10 breathtaking rescue missions to testyour driver expertise for this unique vehicle*Ride on awesomelooking police motorbikes and in insane fast police cars*Massiveimprovements to the gameplay, epic crime simulator vibe*Smoothcontrols for operating heavy machines*High quality graphics*Smoothon screen steering wheel, brake and accelerator pedal*Realisticphysics to for smooth driving of super fast policevehicles*Realistic traffic effects and gangster animation to escapeyou *Challenging gameplay to avoid accident and smashing intotourists and tycoon city buildings*HD graphics and sounds toenhance your gaming experience
Born Sniper Assassin 3D 1.2 APK
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STORYYou are an elite army sniper assassin tasked with the mission toinfiltrate the enemy terrorist’s base and eliminate all opposingforce, fulfilling all assigned objectives to rescue hostage andperform assassinations with pin point accuracy.Intelligence received report that some terrorist group has keptbase at the North East regions of the city. The base has beenheavily secured by guard dogs, armed vehicles and terroristsoldiers.You are equipped with a sniper shooting rifle and assault rifle tocomplete the missions. While some missions will require extremestealth where you will have to eliminate dogs without setting offthe alarms, some will require utter assaulting action to take outenemy troops and armed vehicles before they take you captive.STEALTH MISSIONSThese missions will test you agility and quick reflexes. In anattempt to enter the enemy base, you will have to eliminate theguarding dog before you are detected and the alarms aretriggered.Upon moving further into the base, you will be tasked on rescuingthe civilians taken as hostage by the terrorists. You will berequired to showcase immense temperament and eliminate all enemies,ensuring that there is no hostage casualty involved.ASSAULT MISSIONSThese missions will range from destroying enemy armed vehicles todefending your helicopter carriers under terrorism attack. The taskwill be difficult as it will be a race against time and the oddswill be overwhelming.Game Features⇛ First Person Shooting in various 3D environments⇛ Jam-packed with assault and sniper assassin missions⇛ Ingenious advance Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)⇛ Incredible shooting rifle bullet firing animations⇛ Battle ambience Interactive sound effects
Flying Speed Train Driver 1.0.1 APK
3D Master
Drive a flying train. Travel to the future. Pilot a classic steamlocomotive in the futuristic city terrain. Enjoy the real speedengine sounds in the air. Train stations and subways are historynow.Be the rare railway driver to make an exotic journey over theseas and mountains. Fly like a bullet in the skies and collect allthe coin hidden in the city. Display Skills of a professionalAircraft flight pilot. Drive this quadcopter locomotive with nitroblast in between the skyscrapers.
Police Dog Crime Simulator 1.0 APK
3D Master
Police Squad Dog Alert! Prisoner escape detected from jail. Catchthe escaping prisoners on the mountain foot before they hide intothe hill top village. Get ready for an exciting Cop hound game. Thelaw enforcement Police department has conducted a police stingoperation in crime town. In this Police Dog Crime Simulator, thisGerman shepherd police has been trained to sniff out bombs andcatch drug traffickers also prevent off road hill crimes. Afterplaying cop n robber chase it is time to play this realistic animalcarnivore simulator. Be the best clever dogs to help the policeofficers keep the mountain downtown city in order. You might haveplayed Police Dog crime chase training games and police dog airportgames now it is time to see the trained loyal stray in this hillclimb police simulator game. Help the trained German Shepherd houndin action catching drug trafficker and robber's illegal bags andbombs hidden on the mountain top town houses in this dog cop dutysimulator.Enjoy the new TWIST of rivalry between criminals andpolice on the mountain top. Play as the brave police dog and sniffout all the illegal weapons and bombs planted by the robbers andcriminals on the hill climb track. Play the cop German Shepherd dogtrained to use their powerful sniff and smell sense to trackcriminal bags, bombs or other illegal items. You must have playeddogs criminal chase in city subway and police airport games now tryyour hand on the mountain sniffing animal game. Police officers allaround the mountains and hill stations have different missions foryou. Don't let anyone trick or intervene in your mission. Preventdrug traffickers smuggle drugs and plant bombsYou have alwayshelped them catch robbers and bad guys sneaking around withweapons. In this cop duty simulator, Complete different thrillingmissions within Specified time. There are number of dogs to choosefrom including German Shepard, Rottweiler and Caucasian Sheparddog. Enjoy excellent mountain racing game play of the hunting dogin realistic 3d hill environment. Get ready for some wild chasingof escaping prisoner after jailbreak.Crime Police Dog Simulator 3DFeatures:• Thrilling and challenging Police Dog Missions• Sniffsuspicious bags for illegal drugs and weapons• Help officers inmost critical scenarios. • Realistic 3D Hilly Environment.• Varietyof Police Dogs to choose from.• Sniff out drugs and bombs near andaround the hill station• Smooth and intuitive controls• Excitingand life like game playThis game is for all the dog lovers and citycrime lovers. Play this POLICE DOG CRIME SIMULATOR today.
Cargo Log Truck Driver Offroad 1.0 APK
3D Master
The most challenging Euro truck driving experience awaits you onoffroad terrain. Play as a Real Driver of 4x4 Logging Truck, thenewest 3D simulator game to transport tree logs and cargocontainers on hilly areas. Drive the 4x4 logging truck trailerloaded with diesel barrels on top of mountains for refuelingvehicles. As a 3D off road trucker take the toughest job oftransporter trucking driver in the city. Drive to transport andexplore the farm offroad tracks surrounded by beautiful Europeanmountain creating a gorgeous environment. Test the ultimate powerof your real trucker engine to carry heavy cargo loads on roughroads.Deliver heavy cargo on huge trailer trucks. Drive grandtrucks on offroad tracks and maintain heavy load of cargo containerand tree logs. Go to lumberjack and pick up some wood logs to loadinto your lumber trucker. As a Log Truck Driver are you responsibleto transport the logs safely to another location. In this Logedition of Truck Driver 3D learn how to drive your truck and logtrailer. In each level, you'll face different scenarios where youcontrol your truck as precise and carefully as possible, in level 2Drive reverse inside a tiny shed. To finish each level you have toattach the log trailer, find it with yellow arrows then load thelogs and find the loading place following the red arrows. After thelogs are loaded drive your truck and trailer inside the yellowparking space. Drive timber lorry, tractor trailer and loggingtrucks on steep mountainous tracks to deliver them in downhilltown. The bumpy farm terrain has narrow roads with mud and sharpturns uphill, which makes it impossible for newbie truck driver tocontrol the wheels. Remember that speed driving on rocky mountainsis difficult especially on rugged terrain and treacherouspath.Realistic off-road truck driving is not an ordinary game it isextraordinary only the skilled drivers can get such difficulttransporting job done on tricky tracks. The handling in this trucksimulator is difficult if you don’t drive cautiously and carefully.Complete the Challenging Euro truck driving missions.Unlockadvanced levels and explore more tricky tracks on farm surroundedby steep mountains and rocky hills.4x4 Offroad Truck Simulator 2016Features:* 10 highly challenging transporter missions on ruggedpath* Realistic feel of being an offroad trucker and drive heavyvehicles * Adventurous free ride in real life farm environment withtreacherous bumpy roads surrounded with beautiful mountains.*Amazing crawler auto physics and smooth controls for real truckparking* Unforgettable driving experience of a lifetime* Consolequality 3D graphics and rotating camera.* Excellent steering wheel,handbrakeDownload 4x4 LogTruck Real Driver offroad 3D simulatorgame and enjoy madness of addictive and crazy gameplay with complexdriving missions.
Flying Car Simulator 2016 1.0.1 APK
3D Master
Drivenow or Flynow, nail some awesome jet car stunts in the latestflying simulator 2016. Timetravel to the open world of 2016 andenjoy the extreme jumping in the latest jet car stunts, a perfectanalogue to the F-16 fighter jet flight.Futuristic flying cardriving adventure awaits you. Pilot the flying muscle car simulatorthrough the epic London city. Time travel to the future, be theextreme pilot of the jet car/futuristic flying car driving, inFuture city perform awesome car stunts and collects coins hidden inthe latest flying car games. Gear up Fanatic fans of flying supersports car, flying fire drake and muscle car driving simulatorgames Download the free FLYING CAR SIMULATOR 2016 game today. Earnpoints to unlock a large variety of flying pick up, flying muscleand jet trucks. Speed up by switching on the turbo engines andenjoy piloting and car driving in the future city. Avoid crashinginto the skyscapers of the London city buildings. No flying policecar racing in San Andreas. Fly freely and enjoy the flight justlike flying an actual pirate seaplane.Perform some awesome jet carstunts with extreme jumping in the open world 2016 like the f-16jet fighter pilot. Enjoy the adventure filled super sportssimulator.FEATURES OF FLYING CAR SIMULATOR 2016* Realistic flyingmuscle car simulator* Challenging flight missions* Fly freely inthe future * Awesome controls and physics of flying car games*Perform air stunts and go through the loops to earn bonus points*Smooth controls for a futuristic flying car driver* Stunning 3dcity environment with Islands, seas and ocean
Rescue Ambulance Driver 2016 1.0 APK
3D Master
Latest rescue ambulance driver 2016 is good news for ambulancerescue games lover to become real ambulance rescue 911. You willforget other ambulance rescue games and epic ambulance parkingsimulators because rescue ambulance driver 2016 is inspired by theambulance rescue 911 emergency services. The new life saving rescueambulance driving 2016 simulator contains 5 challenging missionswith an additional off road site where emergency medical rescue 911services are very critical. In ambulance games, time criticallevels allow the opportunity to show off your emergency ambulancedriving skills as well as testing you ambulance parking skills tosave injured patients lives. Look out for the oncoming traffic inthis rush hour and avoid accidents in the hustle and bustle toreach the injured patient.Carry the injured patient on stretcherfor hospital treatment. Meanwhile snow plow truck and snow blowerare on work to clear roads after blizzard. Reports are coming of apolice encounter with a dead gangster. Rush to the crime scene andtransport dead body to a morgue. There is a building on fire atsnow hill. Bad emergency ambulance driving skills shows theincreasing traffic accidents, which highlights the rescue 911services. We have integrated an innovative rewind system in thisrescue game. If you have played and aced all the driving school 3dgames and are a keen player of school bus parking game. Get readyto go back to parking school. A brand new idea is to simulateemergency medical rescue services with challenging parkingambulance and the innovative rewind system breathes new life in theepic ambulance games. This rescue ambulance driving 2016 simulatoris hottest among ambulance games. Are you ready for the toughestmost challenging rescue ambulance 2016? Test your city ambulancedriving skills is the theme of this life saving rescue ambulancegames with the real ambulance siren. Forget all school bus parkinggames and rescue ambulance games. Enjoy the complete rescueambulance simulator with a blend of hill climb ambulance simulator.The Rescue Ambulance driver 2016 simulator brings you the best lifesaving ambulance rescue 911 experience in the hottest ambulancerescue games.
Beach Buggy Stunt Driver 1.0.1 APK
3D Master
This latest Beach buggy Stunt Driver is a thrilling adrenalinefilled action kart ride. The stunt buggy rider game brings asurreal mayhem to the beach. Race uphill while performing aerialacrobatics in Kart, the original stunt kart action platformer. Getready for some wildest and craziest kart beach stunts and dunebuggy driving, drifting on the tropical sandy beach shore.Thrilling ramps, hoops, loops, pendulum swing make this dune beachride outrageously fun. Steer this 4x4 quad bike carefully throughthe bizarre spectacles on the tricky tracks of the rad topical 3denvironment with awesome Scenic ocean views. Lovers of beach buggyand kart racing simulator get ready to for another beach buggysimulator game. If you like go karts and buggies? Then Rush todownload this stunt simulator. Full of racing action with easycontrols to steer. Start the competition and begin on the beachsand while later progress to the stunt tracks. Perform fabulousaerial stunts , move uphill on the ramp and downhill with precisemovement. Be careful not to fall into quick sand. As buggy islighter then a city car or stunt bike so handle with care becauseif you press harder on the controls. your race buggy will getoffroad from the track. Enjoy the bold stunts on the beach stunts.So start your engine and drive to the finish without crashing intoobstacles on the stunt track. Wear your helmet and let youradrenaline guide you in this beach karting competition season! Allwhat you need is courage, skills, and no driver license. Build on arealistic physics engine you can practice before you get your realmachine!Adults and boys who are the real fans of racing games willtruly enjoy this surreal physics of the extreme offroad turbo buggygame. An opportunity to experience being a virtual buggy driver onthe sand dunes. Have fun drifting and racing on the realistic beachenvironment. With smooth controls, this beach buggy stunt drive isgoing to give you the best drifting and wildest stunt drivingexperience. Let’s crash with style into car ramp bridges andbizarre obstacles. Drifty road stunt course was never so muchfun.Features: - Real kart racing simulator- Thrilling and Wildstunt challenges- Off road speedy buggy ride- Realistic car physicsand smooth controls- Different buggy cars- An open wide world forenjoying crashing, drifting, driving and racingGame features:-Astounding 3D graphics.- Real race simulator.- Totally FREE toplay.- For all ages to play.Enjoy this realistic turmoil and causeuproar near the coastline in this duggy racing games. Get ready toenjoy the best 3D quality Beach Buggy Stunt Driver racing game.