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Sniper Assassin Shooting Fury Killer 3DGunGames is a newly designed and developed ArcadeShootingGame. The game is based on War situation wheremostlySniper Shooter play the role of an Assassin,user candisguise himself as Camouflage and take best shotatenemy. The game features the best firearms andsniperrifles that really helps the user to get a good shotat thetarget. Use advance snipers like:

💣 Dragunov SVU.
💣 Dragunov sniper rifle.
💣 M21 Sniper Weapon System.
💣 M14 rifle.
💣 M24 Sniper Weapon System.
💣 M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle.
💣 M40 rifle.

The user has to defend his territory from the enemy as ifanywarrior of enemy force tries to enter in yourlandtake a shot at him and kill him. Use all possible items in thewarmake sure that being a solider you have everything thatusermay need of.

💣 Sniper Rifles.
💣 Guns.
💣 Pistols.
💣 Armor.
💣 Machineguns.
💣 Missile Launcher.
💣 Rocket Launcher.
💣 Ammo Bag.
💣 Medical Kit.
💣 Bombs.
💣 Detonators.
💣 Grenade.

The armies that have been featured in the game ismostlyinspired from the best armies around the worldlikeAmerican, Brittan, Russian, GermanandChinese army. The user can join any militarycompanylike Alpha, Bravo and Charlie andserve themwith pride to make his country proud on himself. Usetheultra-skills of a City Sniper Shooter and become one ofthebest sniper shooter in the world.

Let us explore some amazing features of the game:

💣 High Definition (HD) Display.
💣 War Sound Effects (SFX).
💣 Realistic Visual Effects (VFX).
💣 Destroy gangs and mobsters settlements.
💣 Realistic gunshots.
💣 Bullets animations.
💣 Hit the moving Military Convoy.
💣 Highly simulated shooting environment.
💣 Create a strong ambush at enemy and makethemhostage.
💣 Aim Shot and Reload with great accuracy.
💣 Sniper Scope, HUD and magazine.
💣 Take Part in variety of Rescue Missions.
💣 Hit the military convoy.
💣 Take down paratroopers and don’t let them invadeyourland.
Perform Surveillance mission and don't letanycriminal escape the town.
💣 Highly simulated mechanism of zoom in and zoom out.
💣 Perform search operation and capture everythingfromTerrorists,Gangsters and Mobsters.
💣 Modern Warfare and Guerrilla Warfare.
💣 Take the charger of enemy territories andcaptureeverything they got like:

🔫 Tanks.
🔫 Aircraft.
🔫 Helicopter.
🔫 Ships.
🔫 Military Van.
🔫 Army Jeeps.
🔫 Truck.
🔫 Ammo.
🔫 Artillery.
🔫 infantry.
🔫 Machine guns.
🔫 Gunship.

💣 Missions inspired from World War 1 and WorldWar2.
💣 Great texture and terrains.
💣 Russian, British and Americaninspiredarmy.
💣 Super realistic physics engine.
💣 Weather engine to create different environments withinthegame.

App Information Sniper Assassin Shooting Fury Killer 3D Gun Games

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    Sniper Assassin Shooting Fury Killer 3D Gun Games
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    December 15, 2017
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
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    100 - 500
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Army Sniper Shooter 3D Game Elite Assassin Killer 3.0 APK
Enjoy the best Army invasion SniperShooting Game, with the most advanced Weapons System andGameplay. Download for Free and become a WarHero.Army Sniper Shooter 3D Game Elite Assassin Killer is anamazing FPS Arcade Shooting Game where the user is supposedto invade enemy Military Bases to kill the Soliderand destroy variety of Military Settlements. Become thedangerous Counter Terrorist Force and destroy Terrorist hideouts bystorming down the Barracks to reclaim the control. The game isdesigned for the World War where every army is trying togain the upper hand on the enemy, user needs to place himselfsmartly in the Battlefield and occupy all strategiclocations. The game has various challenging missions where theuser has to invade the most advanced and highly equippedmilitary bases around the world.User is supposed to invade military bases similar to:🔫 USA.🔫 Russia.🔫 Germany.🔫 China.🔫 UK.🔫 France.🔫 Israel.🔫 South Korea.🔫 North Korea.🔫 Japan.The game needs the user to be courageous and smart during theattack because a small mistake may lead the user to the lossof his/her life. Be quiet and be quick & use every trick in thebook as you proceeds with the campaign. User may disguise asa camouflage or be super quiet during the invasion as anassassin. The user must keep all the advanced and basicweapons because during the attack user may need of all of thesefollowing items:🔫 Guns.🔫 Pistols.🔫 Armor.🔫 Sniper Rifles like:💣 Dragunov SVU.💣 Dragunov sniper rifle.💣 M21 Sniper Weapon System.💣 M14 rifle.💣 M24 Sniper Weapon System.💣 M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle.💣 M40 rifle.🔫 Detonators.🔫 Bombs.🔫 Grenades.🔫 Poison Gas.🔫 Smoke.🔫 Flame thrower.Following are few among many amazing features within thegame:🔫 Realistic HD Display.🔫 Specially designed graphics.🔫 Dynamic camera angles.🔫 Multiple camera views.🔫 1st and 3rd Person shooting mode.🔫 Advanced weaponry.🔫 Specially designed war based sound track.🔫 Amazing menu screen with detailed animations andguidelines.🔫 Multiple bases all over the world to invade.🔫 Plenty of items with a military base that are supposed to bedestroyed.💣 Machine guns.💣 Aircraft.💣 Gunship.💣 Helicopter.💣 Tanks.💣 Military Jeeps.💣 Vans.💣 Army Trucks.💣 Artillery Depot.💣 Ammo storage Depot.🔫 Artificially intelligent game bots.🔫 Efficient Processing with maximum rate of Frames PerSecond.🔫 Smooth and easy controls.🔫 Specialized Physics engine.🔫 Weather engine to create multiple weathersituations.🔫 Hugh quality texture and terrains.🔫 Top the leader board and win army cross.Take part in multiple mission where Police Force needs toinvade different hideouts of terrorists and gangster as the userinvade these hideouts. Perform the surveillance like a CopSniper and perform the mission like a Professional CitySniper. Take the role of professional Contract Killerand Assassinate Army Commanders of enemy force. KillInfected Zombie and become Zombie Hunting Warrior.Unleash the fury , take no remorse and kill every singleenemy of the Nation and establish yourself as an WarHero and win bravery Army Cross. Explore the amazingPvP shooting in real time, take the charge in ExtremeMilitary Combat and capture the whole communicationsystem. Control the area as any Calvary shall not bereaching the borders. User has to perform Multiple missionswhere user has to become Frontline Frontier Sniper as thegame proceeds and difficulty become more difficult. Become aJungle Sniper like camouflage and PerformSurveillance of the whole area applying completefocus.
Army Sniper Shooter Game Elite Assassin Killer 3D 8.0 APK
One of the Best FPS Shooting Game forthe best Gamer Around the World So Downloadnow for FREE and enjoy the best gaming experience.Army Sniper Warrior 3D is Modern Warfare Arcade ShootingGame where the user will be playing the role of aProfessional Assassin as the user needs to complete thegiven mission and proceed to next level. The user has to make surethat he/she hits the target with precision and accuracy because anydelay in Strike may cause the escape of Criminal.This game features of missions where user has to not only kill theenemy in the Battlefield but he/she also has to make surethat Law & Order situation in the city remainssatisfactory as Lawless Drug Dealer, Gangsters,Mobsters and ISIS Terrorist want to destroy the peaceof city at large and create Chaos.The user is supposed to play the role of Sniper Contract KillerShooter, the user may serve various Secrete Agenciesaround the World. The game features exciting Elite SniperCommando Shooting missions, the user is supposed to unleash theattack like a Warrior or go silently like aCamouflage. Game at large is based on missions within thecity but there are multiple war based missions where user issupposed to invade Military Base Camps as the user gets thetask to destroy military logistics and settlementslike:🔫 Tanks.🔫 Aircrafts.🔫 Flame Throwers.🔫 Poison Gas.🔫 Gunships.🔫 Machineguns.🔫 Guns.🔫 Pistols.🔫 Missile Launchers.🔫 Rocket Launchers.🔫 Bombs.🔫 Detonators.🔫 Grenades.The game features variety of mission where user need to travel toDesserts of Iraq,Syria and Afghanistan BaseCamps where user needs to hit the guards like FrontlineDessert Sniper. Assist Police Force with professionalCity Sniper Skills and become the member of Police force asCop Sniper and turn the table towards enemy and unleash thewar fury. Make the Strike count with brilliantElite Commando techniques and hit the ammo boxes to collectvarious items. Collect multiple items in depot and use it in thebattlefield collect lethal and mortal items like:🔫 Bombs.🔫 Grenade.🔫 Pistols.🔫 Armor.🔫 Detonators.🔫 Time Bomb.🔫 Guns.🔫 Sniper Rifles.🔫 Dagger.🔫 Knife.🔫 Poison gas.🔫 Flame thrower.Following are few among many exciting features of the game:🔫 High Definition (HD) Display.🔫 War Based Sound Effects (SFX).🔫 War Based Visual Effects (VFX).🔫 Simulated shooting environment.🔫 Aim Shot and Reload with great ease.🔫 Accurate Sniper Scope, HUD and magazine.🔫 Modern Warfare, Commando Warfare and Guerilla Warfare.🔫 World War 1 and World War 2.based missions.🔫 Excellent quality texture and terrains.🔫 Russian, British and American armies in variety ofmissions.🔫 Physics engine.🔫 Weather engine.🔫 Destroy terrorist settlements.🔫 Create an ambush and hit the military convoy.🔫 Take down paratroopers.🔫 Smooth process of zoom in and zoom out.🔫 Realistic gunshots.🔫 Save the victims and kill only the right target hidden inthe crowd.🔫 Trap Enemy in an Ambush and make the hostage.🔫 Protect Calvary from any enemy attack.🔫 Perform Variety of time based missions hit Aircraft andHelicopters from Ground.🔫 Upgrade the Ammo, the Grip, the Caliber toget bullets that inflict more damage.🔫 Protect city from Infected Zombie and Become ZombieKiller.🔫 Ghost Hunting Missions are obsolete because war is hereand every solider is enemy of other.🔫 Form the Band of Soldiers and conquer the world.🔫 Enjoy the deadly Pvp Mode and kill your enemy in realShooting time.
Army Sniper Shooter 3D Elite Killer Assassin Game 3.6 APK
Download For Free Now the best FPSSniper Shooting Game, Invade Military Bases in theBattlefield Combats and Conquer the world and become theLone Warrior and take the World by Storm.Army Sniper Shooter 3D Elite Killer Assassin Game is anexciting FPS shooting Game where the user needs to take partin Military Combats and Warfare. Become the leadingFrontline Sniper and lead the army in intenseBattlefield. Assist the Police Force in the secretSurveillance Mission and don’t let any Criminal,Mobster & Gangster Escape. The game offers themost challenging missions where user skill will be tested to theextreme. Take part in Dessert Strike as a DessertSniper and remove the guards of the base. The missions of thegame are designed according to World War 1 and World War2 as the game proceeds the mission become more extreme andintense. Protect the country from invaders and use the bestshooting skills as a Frontier Sniper. The user needs toserve the army as a Sniper Assassin Commando so user musthave advance sniper rifles.Sniper Rifles that have been featured in the game are:⚔️ Dragunov SVU.⚔️ Dragunov sniper rifle.⚔️ M21 Sniper Weapon System.⚔️ M14 rifle.⚔️ M24 Sniper Weapon System.⚔️ M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle.⚔️ M40 rifle.⚔️ PSG1.⚔️ AS50.⚔️ Dragunov SVD.The user has to perform as a professional City SniperShooter or Contract Killer, these mission need extracare and delicacy as most of these mission feature war againstterrorist and mobsters. Trap the army in an Ambush, pickthem as a hostage and try to get useful information from them. TheHostage Rescue Mission features the invasion of militarybases as the user needs to invade military bases in dessert and hitthe guards like a Dessert Sniper. Serve the secretintelligence agency and become a professional Hitman.Some missions also involves extreme weather conditions where userneeds to invade military bases and hit the target from Mountainlike a Mountain Sniper.Here are few amazing features:⚔️ Ultra Realistic Gameplay.⚔️ War Based Sound Effects.⚔️ Military Combat Visual Effects.⚔️ Various Animations like bullet animations.⚔️ Commands Warfare and Modern Guerilla Warfare.⚔️ Hit the military convoy Take down military logistics andsettlements like:🔫 Gunships.🔫 Trucks.🔫 Military Van.🔫 Naval Carrier.🔫 Ships.🔫 Jeeps.🔫 Aircraft.⚔️ Helicopters and various other military settlements.⚔️ Gain the points to become a known contact killer.⚔️ Highly efficient and intelligent game bots.⚔️ Realistic gameplay.⚔️ World War 1 and World War 2 Story Lines.⚔️ The user will be provided with advance weapons like:🔫 Sniper Rifles.🔫 Guns.🔫 Pistols.🔫 Armor.🔫 Machine guns.🔫 Missile Launcher.🔫 Rocket Launcher.🔫 Ammo Bag.🔫 Medical Kit.🔫 Bombs.🔫 Detonators.🔫 Grenade.🔫 Flame Thrower.🔫 Poison Gas.⚔️ Join the military companies like Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and DeltaForce.⚔️ Take the control of military base camps.
Army Sniper Shooter 3D Elite Assassin Killer Game 3.0 APK
Download Now For Free the amazingSniper Shooting Game, Become the professional City SniperContract Killer. Take part in Military Base Invasion andtake the control of enemy territory and claim the control ofarea.Army Sniper Shooter 3D Elite Assassin Killer Game arcadeShooting Game where the user has to serve army force andInvade Enemy Lands. The user will be leading the peace armyinto Battlefields and take the charge of enemy territories.The user has to perform the role of skillful assassin and take downthe military commanders. Become the skillful FrontlineSniper and make the country proud. The whole city is undersiege so being a sniper shooter it is your duty to defend the city,if the user sense any unusual movement he/she must take action andtake the enemy down. Take Exclusive Part in Dessert Strike DustBattles and take guards out in dessert military base by takingthe role of Dessert Sniper. If enemy tries to invademilitary base camp then the user shall take action quickly and takedown that invader. Grab the ammo bag and let the war begin and usefollowing items in your defense:🔫 Guns.🔫 Pistol.🔫 Detonators.🔫 Missile Launcher.🔫 Bombs.🔫 Grenades.🔫 Rocket Launcher.🔫 Vest.🔫 Armor.🔫 Medical Kit.User can also play the role of an Assassin orCamouflage and invade enemy lands to assassinate importantMilitary Commanders. Use the ultimate skill to assist thePolice Force and take the role of Cop Sniper. Userwill be provided with the most advanced weaponry as the battleturns intense so as the user needs to be super alert with this. Useall possible ways to complete mission. Join the secret intelligenceagency, join the Special Forces and lead the campaign. Takehigher points to get a better shot at enemy, make it precise andmake it quick.Let us explore few highlighting features of the game:🔫 Realistic Graphic for better user experience.🔫 High Definition (HD) Display.🔫 Smooth and easy controls.🔫 Accurate Sniper Scope, HUD and Magazine.🔫 Challenging maps all over the world.🔫 Trap the military convoy in an ambush and capture itemslike:💣 Trucks.💣 Vans.💣 Jeeps.💣 Radar.💣 Naval Carrier.💣 Ships.💣 Gunship.💣 Aircraft.💣 Helicopter.💣 Tanks.💣 Radar🔫 Terrorist and Counter Terrorist Forces.🔫 Dangerous War zone missions.🔫 Modern and classical warfare battle.🔫 Intense and dangerous battlefields of Iraq, Syria andAfghanistan.🔫 Win the army cross and become the honorable solider within thearmy.🔫 Aim Shot and reload in the quickest way possible.🔫 No internet required.🔫 Free download, No In app purchase.🔫 Contract Killer missions.🔫 Unlock famous snipers riffle:💣 M14 rifle.💣 M21 Sniper Weapon System.💣 M24 Sniper Weapon System.💣 M25 Sniper Weapon System.💣 Barrett XM109.💣 Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout.💣 Dragunov sniper rifle.💣 Dragunov SVU.💣 FN FNAR.💣 Heckler & Koch HK417.
Army Sniper Shooter Elite Killer Assassin Game 3D 2.0 APK
Download For Free the Best Sniper ShootingGame and Perform Multiple Mission in world's most dangerous WarZone. Enjoy the amazing graphics and smooth controls.Sniper Assassin shooter is a FPS War Based Arcade 3DShooting Game<.b> where the user has to invade enemyterritories and reclaim the control area by taking out maximumnumber of soldiers. User will be playing leading Commando whoseprime responsibility is to lead the army into the BattlefieldCombat. User will be invading base camps in dessert as the leadingDessert Sniper. The user can also target base camps from heightlike Mountain Sniper does. Take out the guards and give greensignal to your force so they may enter the base. In City War theuser has to play the role of Professional City Sniper ContractKiller, become the best Hitman to make a name for yourself. Leadthe Army Platoon as a Frontline Sniper. Control the situation onborder as Frontier Sniper, hit anyone who is trying to cross theborders. Join the ultra-Secrete SWAT Force or FBI force and servethe Police Force as a Cop Sniper. The game provides ultra-realisticuser experience with advanced weaponry. The user will be given thetask to invade various military base camps and destroysmilitary settlements like:💣 Tanks.💣 Gunships.💣 Helicopters.💣 Aircraft.💣 Army Trucks.💣 Naval Carrier.💣 Radar.💣 Ships💣 Army Vans.💣 Machine guns.💣 Artillery Depot.The user will be serving the renowned military companies likeAlpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta Force.Raise your weapons and unleash war fury. The missions are supposedto be intense so user should keep himself calm and super alert toface any form of challenge. Take on the opponent’s heads anddestroy their Defense Lines, intensity of the game getshigher as the game passes. Perform various camouflage, assassin andcontact killers’ maneuvers to kill military commanders.The user will be provided following weapons:💣 Pistols.💣 Armors.💣 Guns.💣 Flame Thrower.💣 Poison Gas.💣 Mortars.💣 Machineguns.💣 Snipers riffles like:🔫 M14 rifle.🔫 M21 Sniper Weapon System.🔫 M24 Sniper Weapon System.🔫 M25 Sniper Weapon System.🔫 T-12 Sniper Rifle.Destroy various terrorist settlements and logistics and get intothe extreme fight where each and every battle is tense anddangerous. Join the various Secret Ops to assist secretintelligence agencies to perform multiple missions like,Surveillance Mission, Hostage Rescue Mission,Search Operation, Strike Battle and variety of othermissions. Become the ultimate shooter and take down every singleterrorist in the enemy camp. Follow the instructions with detailedmap find the enemies and kill the all.Here are some highlighting features of the game:💣 High Definition (HD) Display.💣 War Sound Effects (SFX).💣 Realistic Visual Effects (VFX).💣 Highly simulated shooting environment.💣 Aim Shot and Reload with great accuracy.💣 Sniper Scope, HUD and magazine.💣 Modern Warfare and Guerilla Warfare.💣 Missions inspired from World War 1 and World War 2.💣 Great texture and terrains.💣 Russian, British and American army inspired army.💣 Super realistic physics engine.💣 Weather engine to create different environments within thegame.💣 Destroy gangs and mobsters settlements.💣 Hit the military convoy.💣 Take down paratroopers and don’t let them invade your land.💣 Highly simulated mechanism of zoom in and zoom out.💣 Realistic gunshots.💣 Bullets animations.
Army Sniper Shooter Elite Assassin Killer Game 3D 3.6 APK
Download for Free Now the mostexciting base invasion World War 3D game. Enjoy the amazinguser experience with real time FPS shooting. Hit the targetwith precision and make your mark in Military Combats.Sniper Shooter 3D is Military Based World War Arcadewhere the user will be playing the role of a Sniper AssassinCommando and the user has to invade various locations aroundthe world. Fight against Terrorist in Dust Battles asa Dessert Sniper. Challenge yourself in Syria,Iraq, Afghanistan and Latin Americancountries. Become a Frontline Sniper and secure theDefense Lines, show your allegiance to the Peace Army.Become the best City Sniper and assassinate the famouspersonalities to create chaos in enemy lines. Take the weapons andbring the war to the enemies, use all weapons with efficiency andunlock all weapons and maps. Joint the Police Force as adignified Cop Sniper and Help the Army Force tocomplete secret search operations. Take the role of ContactKiller and take shot from higher points to get a better view.Disguise as a camouflage and become undetectable to the point whichmakes the user go extreme and help army to win War.Following military settlements have been featured in thegame:🔫 Tanks.🔫 Aircraft.🔫 Flame Throwers.🔫 Poison Gas.🔫 Gunships.🔫 Machine guns.🔫 Guns.🔫 Pistols.🔫 Missile Launchers.🔫 Rocket Launchers.🔫 Bombs.🔫 Detonators.🔫 Grenades.Place yourself in the highest position within the map to hittargets with greater ease. Aim for headshots and get extrapoints. Bullets animations and variety of other animations make theuser experience more amazing and real. Indulge in GuerrillaWarfare, Commando Warfare and Army Warfare gainextra points and get access to specialized weaponry. Take thecharge of War and become the Lethal Frontline Sniper.Control the situations on the Border and become a DessertSniper and don’t let any invader to cross the borders withparticular permission. Help Secret Intelligence Agencies andspecial branch to proceed in the war.Let’s explore few exciting features of the game.🔫 Defeat the Z army with courage and skill.🔫 Take control of the terrain and destroys enemy logistics.🔫 Invade warzones like Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.🔫 Get prepared for the world war 3 and gather all advancedweapons.🔫 Conquer the enemies in streets, defeat mobs and gangs.🔫 Visual Effects (VFX).🔫 Sound Effects (SFX).🔫 Realistic Animations like bullet animations.🔫 Accurate and advance zoom in and zoom out procedure.🔫 Kill paratrooper and invader.🔫 Smooth and easy controls.🔫 Accurate sniper scope, HUD and magazine.🔫 Focus the enemy using sniper scope.🔫 Use unlimited ammo to kill enemies.🔫 Use Multiple Advanced Snipers like:💣 L42 Enfield.💣 M24 Sniper Weapon System.💣 SR-25.💣 AS50.💣 M21 Sniper Weapon System.💣 PSG1.💣 M25 Sniper Weapon System.💣 Dragunov SVD.💣 Mosin-Nagant.💣 L115A3 AWM.
Sniper Assassin Shooting Fury 3D Killer Gun Games 2.0 APK
Sniper Assassin Shooting Fury 3D Killer GunGames is Military Based Arcade Shooting Game as the userhas the chance to lead the attack to Enemy Territories anddestroy enemy Military Base Camps. Use the best soliderParatrooper techniques. Become the best ContractKiller in the town and assassinate everyone on the HitList like an Assassin. Become the best serving soliderin the Army and join the Military Companies likeAlpha, Bravo and Charlie. The game hasSecret Mission where user will be serving the SpecialBranch where user will assist the force as MountainSniper. Create an ambush and surprise enemy with extraspeed and agility to hit the moving Military Convoy andcapture items like:💣 Tanks.💣 Aircrafts.💣 Flame Throwers.💣 Poison Gas.💣 Gunships.💣 Machineguns.💣 Guns.💣 Pistols.💣 Missile Launchers.💣 Rocket Launchers.💣 Bombs.💣 Detonators.💣 Grenades.Defeat the Terrorist Force and take down their MilitaryCommanders like a Professional City Sniper Shooter.Become Cop Sniper Warrior and assist Police force invarious locations to kill Target Killers,Gangsters,Mobsters & Kidnappers and restore the peace within the city.User is supposed to defend the Military settlements a makesure that any invader doesn’t try to destroy militarysettlements. If the city is under siege then make surethat any unusual movement is detected as if anyinvader gets in the town so make sure that city remainssafe. Become the best shooter in the world and usespecialized rifles as:💣 M14 rifle💣 M21 Sniper Weapon System💣 M24 Sniper Weapon System💣 M25 Sniper Weapon System💣 M39 Enhanced Marksman Rifle💣 M89SR sniper rifle💣 Savage 110 BA💣 M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System💣 Modular Sniper Rifle💣 S&T Motiv K14Let’s explore few exciting features of the game:💣 Use courage and skill to defeat enemy.💣 Unlock amazing firearms and unleash war fury atenemy💣 Clear enemy terrain and destroys enemy logistics.💣 Iraq, Syria and Afghanistanbattlefield.💣 Kill infected zombie and sniper ghostshooter.💣 World war missions.💣 Save the hostages life and protect victims of war.💣 Kill the mobsters, terrorist and gangsters.💣 Dynamic Visual Effects (VFX).💣 Enjoy the realistic First Person Shooting.💣 Realistic Sound Effects (SFX).💣 Explode Airbases and Helicopters in enemylands.💣 Multiple Animations like bullet animations.💣 Shoot sniper rifles, assault rifles,railguns and top-secret weapons.💣 Efficient zoom in and zoom out procedure.💣 Shoot to Kill! Rack up great headshots and become greatestcommando there has ever been.💣 Smooth and easy controls.💣 Game is absolutely free so no need of any virtual currency.💣 Sniper scope, HUD and magazine.💣 Perform multiple silent assassin missions.💣 Focus the enemy using sniper scope.💣 Use unlimited ammo to kill enemies.
Sniper Fury Assassin Gun Killer Shooting Games 3D 2.0.0 APK
Sniper Fury Assassin Gun Killer ShootingGames 3D is a World War 3D FPS Shooting Game, the gameis inspired from Modern and Classic Warfare. Most ofthe missions featured in the game are based on Invasion asthe user Invade Military Bases all over the globe andcapture Ammo and various Military Logistics. The useris also supposed to invade enemy lands and captureterritories, save the life of hostages and performcomplete search missions. The game features the most advancedcity warfare with terrorists where user needs toserve the Police Force as a Cop Sniper, in theseintense mission user needs to be attentive and proactive CitySniper. In these battles user must have following items inhis/her ammo bag:⚔️ Pistols.⚔️ Armors.⚔️ Medical Kit.⚔️ Guns.⚔️ Flame Thrower.⚔️ Dagger.⚔️ Poison Gas.⚔️ Mortars.⚔️ Detonators.⚔️ Machine guns.User needs to be a skillful Sniper Shooter so he/she canpursue his/her career as Contract Killer. The game hasamazing controls and algorithm so game has an amazing feeling anduser really enjoy being a sniper shooter as user gets to play themission of Sniper Camouflage, Dessert Sniper,Mountain Sniper and most importantly Sniper Assassin.User is supposed to hit the moving Military Convoy anddestroy multiple items that are supposed to move:⚔️ Tanks.⚔️ Gunships.⚔️ Ships.⚔️ Helicopters.⚔️ Aircraft.⚔️ Naval Carriers.⚔️ Army Trucks.⚔️ Army Vans.⚔️ Radar.⚔️ Machine guns.Here are some highlighting features of the game:⚔️ Ultra High Definition (HD) Display.⚔️ War Based Sound Effects (SFX).⚔️ Specialized Visual Effects (VFX).⚔️ Specialized Simulated shooting environment.⚔️ Aim, Shot and Reload with in no time⚔️ Advanced Snipers riffles that have been featuredlike:🔫 M14 rifle.🔫 M21 Sniper Weapon System.🔫 M24 Sniper Weapon System.🔫 M25 Sniper Weapon System.🔫 T-12 Sniper Rifle.⚔️ Accurate Sniper Scope, HUD andMagazine.⚔️ Intense battles in Modern Warfare and GuerrillaWarfare.⚔️ World War 1 and World War 2 like missions.⚔️ Advanced maps and terrains⚔️ Russian, British and American Army BaseCamps to invade⚔️ Accurate and efficient physics engine.⚔️ Weather engine to make various climatic conditions andscenarios.⚔️ Create ambush to trap military convoy.⚔️ Don’t let the enemy force to invade the land so kill theparatroopers before they land.⚔️ Advanced zoom in and zoom out options.⚔️ Accurate gunshots effects.⚔️ Variety of animations like Bullets Animations.