1.1 / January 6, 2016
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Let’s play the Sniper Commando Elite fromGoogle Play Store at your android device for free. Play as a SniperElite Commando in Sniper Commando Elite game. You are assigned topsecret mission to invade enemy base and kill all enemies/
Combat through your own way till the end. You are given a topSniper Riffle and an opportunity to prove your worth. You are beinggiven a heavy duty task and you have to do your best. Go out thereon the field and get all the enemies. Infiltrate the enemy base.

Game Modes:

1- Arcade Mode ( Used your sniper and kill the given no ofenemies successfully)
2- Survival Mode ( Snipe as many enemies as you can to make topscore in given time)

Game Features:

• Multiple waves enemies
• Awesome missions
• Realistic battlefield
• Great graphics
• Easy control of the weapons
• Nice game play

So what are you waiting for download and play “Sniper CommandoElite” and don’t forget to give your valuable feedback andsuggestions for the improvement. We are continuously update thegame.

App Information Sniper Commando Elite

  • App Name
    Sniper Commando Elite
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    January 6, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
    Action Action Games
  • Installs
    100 - 500
  • Price
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Let’s download and play the Deadly Marksman:Commando from Google Play Store at your android device for free.Play and act as a commando in Deadly Marksman: Commando game whohave assigned a special mission to save the Washington D.C, makeyour way to the heart U.S, and let the forces to the United StatesMarine Corps. You have a chance to make the history and engage youin historic battle.Combat through your own way till the end. Commando is a soldier oroperative of an elite light infantry or special operations forceoften specializing in amphibious landings,parachuting or abseiling.Originally "a commando" was a type of combat unit, as opposed to anindividual in that unit. In other languages,commando denote a"command", including the sense of a military or an elite specialoperations unit.In the military and governments of most countries,commandos are distinctive in that they specialize in assault onunconventional high-value targets. However, the term commando issometimes used in relation to units carrying out the latter tasks(including some civilian police units).During 1941, the United States Marine Corps formed commandobattalions. The USMC commandos were known collectively as MarineRaiders. On orders from President Franklin D. Roosevelt through aproposal from OSS Director Colonel William J. Donovan and theformer Commander of the United States Marine Detachment Major EvansF Carlson, directed the formation of what became the MarineRaiders. Initially this unit was to be called Marine Commandos andwere to be the counterpart to the British Commandos. The nameMarine Commandos met with much controversy within the Marine Corpsleading Commandant Thomas J. Holcomb to state, "the term 'Marine'is sufficient to indicate a man ready for duty at any time, and theinjection of a special name, such as commando, would be undesirableand superfluous." President Roosevelt's son James Roosevelt servedwith The Marine Raiders. The Raiders initially saw action at theBattle of Tulagi and the Battle of Makin, as well as the Battle ofGuadalcanal, the Battle of Empress Augusta Bay, and other parts ofthe Pacific Ocean Areas. In February 1944 the four Raiderbattalions were converted to regular Marine units.In mid-1942, theUnited States Army formed its Army Rangers in Northern Irelandunder William O. (Bill) Darby. The Rangers were designed along thesimilar lines to the British Commandos. The first sizable Rangeraction took place in August 1942 at the Dieppe Raid, where 50Rangers were dispersed among the Canadian regulars and BritishCommandos.Game Modes:1- Arcade Mode ( Used your sniper gun and snipe the given no ofenemies successfully)2- Survival Mode ( Snipe as many enemies as you can in giventime)Game Features:• Exciting missions• Multiple waves of fires enemies• Beautiful realistic 3d battlefield• Awesome graphics• Good control of the weapons• Cool and addictive game playDownload and Play “Deadly Marksman: Commando” and don’t forgetto give your valuable feedback and suggestions for the improvement.We are continuously update the game.
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lion hunting is the act of hunting lions.Lions have been hunted since the olden days.Hunt Lion: Save Prey is a 3d Lion Hunting game which is free todownload from Google Play Store for your android device.In early days, the lion hunting was sport reserved for Kings. TheseLion hunts were symbolic of the ruling emperor duty to protect andfight for their people. The Assyrian Kings were famous and wellknown lion hunters in the history. They would often go for lionhunting for political and religious purposes. Now in modern days,there are so many weapons available for hunting like Sniper Gun,Rifle and Assault Gun.Hunt Lion, is the game where you can fulfil your lion huntingdesire by using sniper rifle and sniper gun with easy game play. Imust assure you will feel relaxed and happy after hunting theLions. Lions are wild animals and also counter attack to the hunteras well. As a good hunter you must ready yourself and rescue incase of any dangerous attack by the Lions.In the game environment, there is a beautiful jungle with greeneryand foliage with bushes surrounded by mountains. There aredifferent kinds of animals including Zebras and Deer in the jungleroaming and eating around. And, the other side of the Jungle behindthe mountains there are Lions roaring and looking for their prey.When the zebras come in the sight of Lions, the Lion run toward thenearest Zebra to catch and kill him to eat.As a professional Lion Hunter you have to kill the Lion before theycatch or kill the Zebras. You are equipped with Sniper gun and, youhave to rescue zebra with your accurate firing skills. If a Lioncatch and kill the Zebra, you will lose the game.Game Features:• Best 3D graphics environment.• The natural sounds of Lions, zebras and other animals.• Best rifle and sniper gun for accurate shooting.• No Internet connectivity required while playing.• Addictive, loving & full of fun.• Sounds On / off button display.• Background scroll and move button.• Radar system to indicate Lions positions.• multi-touch enabled.• real time lion hunting safari environment
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Play Stack Piano Tiles and make highstack.Your stack gets higher each time you tap and when it getshigh ifit gets high enough it becomes difficult to manage it. Solet seehow far up can you make your stack goHow to Play:Tap at the right moment to put your stack at top of basestack.If you tap correctly the piano tiles will sound and it willbeperfect giving you high score but if you tap wrong it willdependon how late or early you have tapped and that amount ofextendedstack will be cut and your stack piano tiles will be shortnexttime, thus making it hard to play. So keep tapping at therighttime to make high score and challenge your friends in StackPianoTilesFeatures:1. Great gameplay2. Easy to play just single tap play game3. So many amazing colors4. Great soundsSo download, rate and review Stack Piano Tiles