1.3 / April 19, 2017
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Are you desired to play a game of war!wheredangerous guns, knifes, swords, hand grenades, sniper,alfa-proj,agm, 9mm and other weapons are available for fighting.This is thegame of your dream. You will fight with thearmypersonal/cops/police and SWAT , Soldiers. In this game youshouldplay first level and when you complete first level thendifferentlevels are unlock.
You should choose different fighting environment, weapons,andlevels of this game. You should complete level and then enterintoanother level to complete it. Experience the thrill ofdangerousguns in the Vegas war and choose different Weaponsaccording toyour choice. In this game Mafia become very active anddifferentgangster squads are present to shoot the cops and armymens. Thisgame has realistic environment, graphics and
breathtaking game play. A realistic environment with smoothcontrolsexcite the thrill of this game. Beautiful graphics makeyour journeymuch exciting and memorable. Get ready to havefun,immersive anddangerous gun wars.

Realistic environment.
Friendly for users.
Many engaging levels.
Beautiful graphics.
Easy to control.
Advanced weapons .
Cool sound and visual effects.
Realistic weather control.
Install and play the best thrilling adventure.

App Information Sniper Gangster Mafia War


Robots War in City 1.7 APK
Are you ready for an ultimate transforming Robot war game of 2018to experience unlimited destruction? If you are looking for anunlimited and non stop futuristic Robots fighting game then here isthe game of your desire. this game is specially for those users whowant to play a robotics games in the city environment. This gamehas many effects and phases, like you can fight with other robotsand with different weapons which are built in in the robots, andyou can also go for the race by changing the transforming Robotsinto the car. Our Robot can change into the police car and go forthe race with other cars in the city. Transforming Robots startedthe war with shooting and machines in the city of vegas and copsare here for minimize the war effects. in this game Warbots aretransform into different cars like suv, wrangler, jeep and othercars. this game has realistic environment, graphics andbreathtaking game play. A realistic environment with smoothcontrols excite the thrill of this game. Beautiful graphics makeyour journey much exciting and memorable. Get ready to havefun,immersive and dangerous gun wars. Features: Robots cantransform into the cars City environment Realistic environmentFriendly for users Many engaging levels Beautiful graphics Easy tocontrol Advanced weapons Cool sound and visual effects Realisticweather control Install and play the best thrilling adventure
Snow Runner 2018 1.6 APK
Start 2018 , with a new runner game, Snow Runner 2018 an amazingrunner game. In the middle of the zombie land and followed by them, so run run run and save yourself , don’t be caught and become azombie. Be the runner who just found himself in the middle of theZombie Apocalypse. Start playing this addictive arcade runner gameand enjoy the graphics and environment of jungle covered with heavysnow. It all depends how fast you can run and how intelligent youare to avoid obstacles and hurdles. Collecting Christmas gifts andreaches to the point which is specially designed for Christmas.Slide, jump, dodge and save yourself from becoming a zombie, runfor your life and be a snow runner winner. Use your skills and yoursenses to keep yourself alive in this snow runner 2018 arcade game,like other runner in temple, subway, ninja, coin collectors andpower boosters. Snow runner 2018 is also is an interesting game forarcade game lovers. If it’s all about running then this is the newaddition in runner games. Crossing through subways and templesjungle and cities you just have to collect special Christmas gifts.Snow runner 2018 is fun and excellent exercise of your brain handcoordination. Dodge the zombies, don’t get caught. Keep gettingChristmas rewards and keep running till the check point is there.Zombies have attacked and you are one of few survivors within thearea. Zombies are all over and the virus has spread wide, run andkeep running till you are safe. The only survival now is to justkeep you ahead of the zombies. They are so near to you and allaround you. Run and dodge all the hurdles which come in your way.Don’t think of gold , this time it’s a survivor from zombies andfor your life. Don’t stuck yourself by racing on the streets andget caught, don’t be lazy and afraid of these zombies. Just enjoythe endless running and keep running. From the lush green junglescovered in snow to hi-rise buildings to the sandy deserts. Keeprunning till you reach to the special charismas level. Run, jump,slide around the course and be safe. Zombies are just hunting downthe human race. Just be a runner and a winner and save your sef andmankind. Features: > Epic Graphics > Endless Running >Special Boosters > Map notifier to keep the user up-to-date withprogress > Stop at level completion > Keep running to breakyour high score and keep the chase running > Multiple levels> Jungle based first stage > City based second stage >Desert based third stage > Many types of stages > Christmasspecial last stage Make way from these wrecked places, and earn theright to celebrate this Christmas with a blast. Evade the zombieswreaking havoc and chaos across the planet. Be a survivor, be thesaver of Christmas.
The Spider Master : Grand City Savior 1.6 APK
Digibot Studios Presents Amazing Fight in a very realisticGraphical manner.In this game you have to control your player andcompletes fighting missions against other characters The SpiderMaster : Grand City Savior Features: >Detailed environments withdifferent Views. >AI Enemy Robots and other characters>Several levels and Exciting Missions. >Realistic SoundEffects. >Spider master vs. robots fight. >Realistic Fightinganimations and perfect car & Bike Physics. >StunningGameplay with variety of heroes and robots. >HD 3D Graphics.>Perfect Fighting & boxing game for unlimited fun Let’s playthis amazing stunning super heroes war battle game that gives youthe pleasure and enjoyment into the world of fighting futuristicrobots and super heroes. All the cities are save now it’s time tosave your city using you super hero skills and powers. It’s a goodchance to save the world and to fight mortal battle war againstworld heroes and evil gangster’s robots causing terror and threats.
Scifi Bike Racing Robots 1.0 APK
Are you waiting for bike racing robots?thenyour wait is over and here is the best ever bike racing robotsgamefor you.This game have six different robots and in this game manyengaginglevels for users and every level has three laps. Everylevel havedifferent challenges which are face by user while playingthisracing game. Stunts are the key to win and complete the levelsofthis game. This game have galvanizing environment and you candrivethese robo bikes within the city. You should drive scifibikeswithout hitting into any barrier and other obstacles presenton theroads. This drive provide you the safe journey while racingwithother bikes because of easy driving control.You will take control over robo bikes and provide the real thrillofthis game. Remember its a city environment game and you willdriveit within the city traffic where other transports are alsoexistsand you will go for race with cool visuals and soundeffects. Inthis game you will be punctual to unlock the otherlevels. Completethe targets and keep enjoying this endless racinggame.Features:Robo BikesChallenging TasksGalanizing EnvironmentEasy Driving ControlMany Engaging LevelsBeautiful Graphics.Cool sound and visual effectsRealistic weather control.Download and enjoy the thrill of this game.
Hoverboard Paper Delivery 2017 1.3 APK
Hoverboard Paper Delivery 2017How everyone had fun, crazy fun and away to entertain. The ultimate tool lazy man's luxury, Just standon those and they allow you to move around. Two wheels and handlebars with stand area to control their direction, it was really easyand they became popular worldwide. As shown in movies and TV showswere really the ultimate must-have item. No one really seemed to bea popular and innovative adult version of the case cool awesomemachine that is the 14th year could reach Segway level for the bestpart. Things change over time after a while, at the end of the day,whatever it is, even if it is a great success people want somethingnew, of course different and cooler than before.In 2015, Francecame out a better, more portable form of transport, the hoverboard.Now he does not hover but that did not matter and the title becameso popular that people just went with it. He was the Segway but didnot have handlebars made them much easier to travel and carryaround. You stand on them and the control apply force with hisfriend standing pad. What could be better than having a hoverboard?Who enjoy a game designed to simulate the experience that much!DIGIBOTSTUDIOS gamin brings apps, which you can get to the keyboardsimulator is hovering around you all the performance and activitiesthrough various obstacles using a cool hoverboard! You will be atanother level and you will have a journey full of joy and fun, andthe best part will take you under full control. You can go crazyyou can go out of control because it is way cooler than anything.It's that point where the games are changing and that you will behaving a lot of fun. Play and everyone has money for a hoverboard,but anyone with a smartphone can easily share as downloadHoverboard Paper Delivery 2017 game for free! Why wait for thisgame will provide hours of entertainment? You have to use yourfingers on the screen and sort of poke your fingers basically forcomplete control. You go crazy and you will have a lot of fun, youwill need to adjust the speed of your feet can stay on the bovverboard . You only get one shot here! Share with your friends andfamily and have fun! Ready Set Go!Hoverboard Paper Delivery 2017 asa hardworking but also children who have to deliver fun story in2017, but it takes his work seriously. As the child riding theHover board, will he beat the high traffic and thus reaches thedestination clock. Your goal is to help children achieve theirgoals in this Hoverboard Paper Delivery 2017 simulation game ,enjoy the traffic and landscape as you pass by, and then throw thepaper in the right place. Create your own unique style on thestreets. Become a pro rider of Hoverboard, and be dazzled by thesmooth control and visual effects. Adjust your controls as soon aspossible so u don’t have to be late and can beat the time clock. Oryou can just enjoy the free run. Perform stunts and challenge thedangerous area with its cleverness, sophistication and expertise.Speed, jump, flip, hurt and start again. Features: Realisticphysics controls of HoverBoard. Smooth controlThrowingmechanismHoverboard stuntsReal life Hoverboard ridingexperienceNice visuals and graphics
Real Steel World Robot Fighting 2018 1.4 APK
If you like transform robots fighting game then real world robotfighting 2018 is perfectly designed for you, where you can fight asa hero with your dream wrestlers for the specific customchampionship belts. This is one the best transform robots battlegames. You are as the action hero has mission to win the robotssteel ring fighting and wrestling championship title and become areal robot fighter and in this real world steel robots fightingchampionship. Fight with your real steel robot and try to kill theopponent robot and become the ultimate super star robot in thisrobots wrestling ring fighting game. This futuristic boxing ofrobots will give you the real robot games fighting experience. Thegame play of the game is stunning and you have to be careful duringthis amazing robots war game. You have to control your robot, blockthe opponent’s punches, kicks and combos and use you super heroescombos and skills wisely and accurately in this futuristic ringbattle of robots. Are you ready to knockout your opponent in theboxing fighting arena? Build your fantastic super warriors andpower full mechanical robot for the battle in the ring. You have acollection of several robots which have different fighting andaction skills and combos to eliminate the most powerful iron steelrobot from the fighting ring. Futuristic transform robots are comeback on the earth for the show of power in the amazing universalwrestling ring championship. Real robots steel ring game is thelatest new and free robot boxing game which has a lot of action inring arena. The game has a complete story in which you have todefeat the all the opponents one by one and become the iron steelsuper hero of this fantastic Robot Battle ring wrestling mania. •Choose the robot of you own choice. • Stunning action and fight inthe game. • Realistic sound effects. • Real 3D Graphics. • CrowdCheers and appreciation. • Combo Attacks and special moves. •Exciting Story mode gameplay. • Action packed and thrillingfighting arenas. • Punch, kicks, jump, block, different combos andspecial moves. • Realistic AI enemies. • Beat all the tag teams’robot wrestlers. Real World Robot Fighting 2018 gives you a realsensation of the Robots boxing and fighting action. So get readyfor the robots battle on the earth. You will definitely love thisgame. So download this game and don’t forget to give us a feedback.
City Bouncing Ball 1.4 APK
Tired of playing flappy or bouncing ball games? We introduce a newidea that is much better and addictive than any game provided. Inthis game, Ball moves forward through the most famous city of theworld, making it the world’s hardest game. This game is veryaddictive as spikes behave differently according to the time. Youcan jump high and low by tapping provided by the two buttons. Theball is provided in the beginning of the game with jump line. Sincethe jump power of default ball is weak. So the extra balls areprovided therefore user can enjoy and score higher then theirfriends. With the power of the extra ball, It is most fun game toplay. Features City Tour Create Addiction Leader Board GreatGraphics Two tap button Offer Extra balls Game
Robot Bicycle Traffic Rider 1.4 APK
The game for fans of real arcade racing and riding games. Downloadthe “Robot Bicycle Traffic Rider” the new, one and only robotbicycle rider game of 2017. Now traffic riding game is redefine.Can you keep the perfect control of your amazing ride? You have arobot and you ready to control a bicycle? Now it’s the time whereyour all wishes are going to come true. Avoid accidents andcrashing with traffic, escape, avoid hurdles and overtake thetraffic. There are the futuristic bicycle and robot to control thebicycle. Robot Bicycle Traffic Rider is the realistic and bestexperience game that you have a bicycle with a rider Robot on it.An intelligent robot will control the bicycle. The game mode isendless, there is traffic on the road tightly overtake the vehiclesto make more points. The more tightly you overtake, there is achance to earn more points, upgrade your bicycle and buy new onesto go endlessly. Ride in mountainous and hilly areas is reached byspecial off-road heavy truck transport vehicles, run through themost realistic stunning highway road. Enjoy the rich graphicsenvironment like in Traffic Rider or Bike Rider, traffic includescars, buses, trucks, SUVs and other vehicles. This profoundlycogent bicycle rider game is packed with different calibers. It’stime to superintend other racing games and relish this excellentrobot bicycle rider in one of the modern next generation bicycleriding mania games. CORE FEATURES: - First person camera view -Real traffic sounds recorded from real vehicles - Detailedenvironments with day and night variations - Unbelievable rich anddetailed graphics - Awesome thrilling & overpoweringenvironment challenges - realistic control and physics of bicycle