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Sniper Hunt Flying Birds Wild Jungle Shooting Game is anamazingbirds hunting simulation game as the user has to huntmultiplebirds in various shooting challenges. The user has to be atrainedsniper shooter because the birds may fly if they sense anydangeraround. The most difficult challenge is to target flyingbirdsbecause user has to preempt that where exactly the bird wouldbewhen bullet reaches towards it. The user will be provided withthebest sniper hunting rifles to target birds. Hunting is virtueofpatience so the user doesn't need to lose hope and keep ontrying.This game has amazing range of birds to hunt so get readyforamazing birds shooting quest in open worldjungleenvironment.

Birds that can be hunted by the user:

🔫 Duck
🔫 Chicken
🔫 Guineafowl
🔫 Sparrowhawk
🔫 Penguin (non-chocolate bar)
🔫 Quetzolcoatl
🔫 Ostrich
🔫 Phoenix
🔫 Turkey
🔫 Flying squirrel

This Birds Hunting game is all about thrill & fun. Birdsarevery smart and clever so to be a professional Birds Hunter. Itis aperfect day to hunt birds like vulture, sparrow and blackcrow.Grab your sniper rifle, do camouflage and take position intrees.Your target bird flies in a flock with a lot of other birdsandit’s not easy to aim in a bunch of birds. Enjoy the newestsniperhunt game to shoot ducks, pigeons, seagulls and many moreflyingbirds. To take the bird down at every shot, you can use stopbreathmode where hunter stops breathing for a limited time to maketheshot perfect and not miss. Build your hunting skills likestaminaand concentrations. You must have played other huntinggames,forest games, sniper shooting games

The user needs to have following items in hishuntingpack:

🔫 Water
🔫 Jerky
🔫 Compass
🔫 Map
🔫 Parachute cord
🔫 Ammo Specific to weapon of choice for hunt
🔫 Binoculars Nikon Monarch
🔫 Lighter
🔫 Flashlight
🔫 Skinning Knife

Following are some features of this uniquehuntinggame:

🔫 Jungle scenes in super HD quality.
🔫 High definition animation.
🔫 Unlock amazing Hunting missions
🔫 High Definition (HD) Display.
🔫 Realistic HD graphics.
🔫 Vast range of wild animals and birds.
🔫 Best Ever Sniper hunting simulation Game.
🔫 Sniper Scope, HUD, Magazine.
🔫 Multiple Types of Birds.
🔫 Use various types of hunting tools.
🔫 Open World Jungle Environment.
🔫 Highly simulated physics engine.
🔫 Specialized weather effects.
🔫 Best animals movement algorithm.
🔫 True to nature environment.

App Information Sniper Hunt Flying Birds Wild Jungle Shooting Game

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    Sniper Hunt Flying Birds Wild Jungle Shooting Game
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    September 19, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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