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Sniper Hunter : Elite War FPS Shooting Assassin 3D is anexclusivelydesigned first person shooting game. The army providesyou with alltypes of powerful and advanced weapons and equipment’sto make youbest against Special Forces. The user will join thearmy force as aFrontline Elite Commando. As an elite commando youare expected tokill all the enemies & successfully clear themilitary camp inencounter strikes. The user will indulged invarious invasionmissions. The global terrorists have attacked yourterritory &now you are on the call to fight in the criticalmission of terrorwar. The user will attack the enemy militarybases all over the map.You have to counter the evil enemy shooter& strike with yourpower equipment to survive. The gamefeatures various missions whichuser is supposed to perform in thisgame. Execute them viciously inthis critical mission of frontlineshooting battle game. The userwill have advanced weapons in thisgame. Protect yourself from theterrorist & take yourself inthe safe zone. The user will joinSpecial Forces and perform SniperAssassin and Contract KillerMission to assassinate importantfigures in enemy country. The gamefeatures advanced weapons andunlimited ammo as the user can usemultiple firearms. Accurate andprecise aim practice will lead tomore accuracy will help you toassassinate the numerous terrorist.The game has advanced controlwith Zoom in and Zoom out procedure.Take higher position on thebuildings of the city like a CitySniper. The game has variety ofmaps and terrains and conquer theenemy lands. During the deadlyfight use rogue assault weapons andspecial sniper warrior riflesto destroy targets in the battlefield.The user will explorevarious scenarios in this shooting spree. Gameis highly optimizedand provides efficient processing without anylag. This Counterterrorist attack shooting game is best among restof free armyshooting games and sniper shooting simulation games.The user takesthe role of Mountain Sniper and tries to eliminatethe guards sohis force gets in the base and exploit the enemy bytaking controlover their logistics. Simply shoot with your weaponsand slaughterthe foe, let us begin to play the world's mostnoteworthy militaryassault commando diversion. Become the FrontierSniper and defendthe borders and let no one enter your land. Thegame featuresmultiple interesting levels with immersiveenvironments andlandscapes.

App Information Sniper Hunter : Elite War FPS Shooting Assassin 3D

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    Sniper Hunter : Elite War FPS Shooting Assassin 3D
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    May 10, 2018
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Extreme Action Racing Games
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Grand Gangster : Crime City Auto Theft Missions 3D 1.0 APK
Grand Gangster : Crime City Auto Theft Missions 3D is free modeopen crime simulation game. The user will play the game as a streetcriminal and perform crime based missions. The missions involvesshooting missions, bank robbery, thievery, gang fights, combatfights and other missions. Get ready to rule the city and make yourmark among crime kings. The user will have the best shootingweapons in the shootout missions use these weapons and claim yourcontrol over the turf. The user will drive crime cars and snatchsports cars from citizens. The user can become a real criminal andperform the secret operations for the mafia family. The user willslowly become a trusted member among the mafias and later willbecome their leader and run the city. The user can have the bestopen world city environment as the user will get the chance to notonly play the city crime missions but other duties like CityFirefighter, taxi driver, ambulance driver and other city jobs. Theuser will have the best chance to unleash the crime fury and becomethe real lord of the city and the moneymaker. This Game is aboutShooting your rivals, police escape, Driving Car & Lots ofmission & activities of auto theft games. Explore the VegasGangster Crime City and make your way to the top crimes squad byevading cops, stealing cars, living the miami secret city Dominatethe city with a devastating firepower of advanced military vehiclesor upgrade your hero to knock down enemies in a few kicks. Explorethe big city, go off-roading in the mountains, steal and driftsupercars, shoot guns and more in this free to play open-worldgame. This real gangster car game offers a complete action thrillerpackage in crime city games, and criminal driving games with allthe fun of crime driving in a mad gangster city. Take out yourGatling gun and shoot down policemen. Enjoy the criminal awesomejourney and drive fast for gangster escape survival with bestshooting simulator. Following are some highlighting features of thegame:• Realistic Physics behind car driving.• High Quality gameplaywith maximum rate of frames per second.• Open World City and Realcrime streets.• Pick weapons and cars from multiple locations.•Variety of cars, bikes and weapons.• Highly quality and optimizedgameplay without any lagging.• Dynamic Camera Angles with variouscamera views.• True to life car controls and in car environment•Advanced Sound Effects and multiple visual effects.• World FamousCities for the ultimate crime city simulation.• Variety of missionslike shootout, robbery, car driving and multiple other missions.•Specialized criminal based and gangster shootout missions.•Advanced and high quality graphics.• Police chase and Cop SmashMode.• Ultimate weather conditions.
Taxi Parking : City Driver Passenger Transport 3D 1.0 APK
Taxi Parking : City Driver Passenger Transport 3D is newlydesignedand most advanced taxi driving game. The user will have toperformthe parking task in a multistory parking plaza as the userwilldrive through the parking yard. The user gets the ultimatechanceto drive the cab as taxi driver. The user will have to takecare asthe user must not hit any obstacles or cones. User will jointheworld famous cab service and start his/her journey of becomingthebest cab driver. The user will have to take the training andproveitself to be the best cab driver. Once the user willgethim/herself trained as the cab driver the user will performvariousmissions as a taxi driver. The user will be presented withvariouspick and drop missions which are mostly time oriented. Intransportmissions the user needs to be very quick in the processand makethis whole procedure even quicker. Drive the taxi throughthe citylife & pick the passengers from their stops & thendropthem off at their desired destinations. The user needs toearnas much money as he/she can so one day he/she can own his/herowncab company. Every cab driver knows every parking situationsisdifferent, that’s why we collected a large amount ofdifferentparking situations in this 3D parking game.  The userwilltransport criminals and gangster and help them escape thecity.After starting City Taxi Driver 3D you can experience what itis tobe a taxi driver. Dodge the police traffic cars and drive fastandmaneuver through packed street Barrel through obstacles and beasuccessful driver. Get ready for a taxi ride. Feel the thrillofspeedily riding on free roads. The user will do the VIPtransportin Luxury Limo so show your class and drive in Luxury way.Take aseat behind the steering wheel in this 3d taxi driver game,drivearound in different taxis, and earn cash. Enjoybothautomatics and manual transmission. Cab driving is atoughbusiness, when you want to drive a night shift, or you want tomakesome extra cash on the weekends. Pick passengers on yourcrazytaxi from multiple locations in real time, drop thepassengersbefore the time ends and win speed bonus.  If youare crazyabout taxi driving then hurry up download free taxi appand enjoywild electric taxi driving on the busy roads of moderncity.
Strike Commando 3D: Elite Force FPS Shooting Force 1.0 APK
Strike Commando 3D: Elite Force FPS Shooting Force is the firstperson shooting game. The game features variety of missions andscenarios where user will play the lead role of counter shootingforce. In this counter terrorist game the user will join the armyforce and user will be involved in multiple missions. You are amodern sniper ready to play your part in dangerous attacks andsilent assassin missions. The user will have to lead the force asFrontline Sniper. Eliminate a mob of enemies at street level ortake out the single high-profile target. The user has to take theforce and attack enemy military base. The user has to plan theattack by taking the guards out. Once you enter the targetlocation, the enemy is aware of your presence, search everywherefor you, attack you. The user will have the best weapons and reallife shooting environment. Your task is to fight against terroristsbases and destroy X City terrorist remnants, to effectively combatterrorist activities. The user has to make way for his army toenter the enemy military base and destroy the military settlements.The crime rate in survival city is extreme high only a real snipersurvival hero can save the modern city fighting with super assaultsniper rifle to eliminate terrorists. The user will have to performthe city missions as the user will become city sniper assassin. Asa covert special ops soldier, you need to carefully scout eachlocation, unravel the intricately woven level design, and thenstrike with impeccable timing. The user will become the CopSniper and take higher position on the top of building and try toattack the city criminals, gangster and terrorist that areperforming criminal’s activities within the city. Scout throughimmersive environments, engage in rapid-fire combat and build theultimate super-soldier as you customize their state of the artgear. Perform secret operations against terrorist as the userwill be part of strike against criminal where the force will searchtheir hideouts. Arm yourself with deadly assassin sniper weapons,assault rifles, machine guns and the latest military gear tocomplete covert combat missions deep inside enemy territory. Thegame has multiple other missions where user will try to hit themoving military convoy and destroy the ammunition they arecarrying. Operate secret agent games under cover. Shoot withaccurate precision, before the enemy fire a bullet atyou. Enjoy the real fps shooting in real time with unlimitedammunition and immersive shooting spree.
Impossible Limousine : Lava Track Driver Simulator 1.0 APK
Impossible Limousine : Lava Track Driver Simulator is themostinnovative and risk taking parking game. This game is allaboutrisk taking drive on fire tracks as the user has to survive onthenarrow tracks and perform various tasks at multiple levels.Thisoff-road impossible path is made with ramps to do limo stuntsandhigh jumps for endless driving adventure. The user willdrivea Luxury limousine on specially designed LavaTrack. Limousine driving on dangerous roads is full of thrillandfun. This is a daring parking game as the user needstoperform multiple parking challenges to complete all thegivenchallenges.  This game gives you the opportunity todrivethese cars on impossible tracks and take ultimate limodrivingtest. The difficulty tha user might face is theunexpectedbumps in the track, user will have to exclusively takecare of thedriving as the track might end up and user will findhimself inburning lava. The parking tracks are made upon the lavafloor so becareful while cornering the luxury Limousine car onlavatracks.  The game needs patience, skill and presence ofmind.Get ready for the thrilling stunning limousine stunts incity,space, through fire ring and much more. The parking challengesareexclusively designed for the user to polish his/her skills intheluxury limo driving. Impossible track luxury limousine cardrivingsimulator game offers new and crazy challenges on impossibletrackand mid sky driving. Limousine is the car that needs to drivewithextra care as the long length of the car really troubles thedriverin broader perspective. Limo car sim games: the impossibletrack ismost difficult driving to turn on the curvy road andsharpturning. This game features amazing display and mostrealisticvolcano, the tracks featured in the game is an endlesstrack. TwistRoads. Impossible Limo Driving Tracks offers your crazychallenginglevels with different and impossible tracks to driveluxurylimousine car on these track. Though it is not a sky ormultistoryparking plaza but this track is still on rooftop height.Performmad tricks and multiple stunts using raised platforms andstuntramps. Being a city driver while driving a luxury limousine isjustnot the same limousine driving games have never been this muchfun.Enjoy the smooth processing and efficient gameplay withmultiplecamera angles. Advanced sound effects and visual effectsmakes thisgame even more exciting.
Car Parking 3D: Multistory Plaza Driving Simulator 1.0 APK
Car Parking 3D: Multistory Plaza Driving Simulator is achallengingcar driving game. Drive car in parking lot and park itat specificparking spot to become a real parking driver. The usergets thereal chance to drive amazing racing car and performmultipleparking challenges.  In the game.Levels will get toenjoy alot while playing. You need to be careful when parking yourcar. Becareful not to bump your car barriers. The user will havethe realchallenge when the user will drive the car in a multistoryparkingplaza. This addictive modern parking game gives you amazingphysicsbased vehicles and beautiful environment for a real parkinganddriving journey.  Control your modern car with anon-screensteering wheel, acceleration and brake pedals. Completelevel as areal Parker and get three stars in every mission tounlock nextlevels and enjoy lots of parking stages. Your task inluxury carparking mania is to drive your vehicle to providedparking lot topark your parking cars perfectly. There are differentcamera anglesof each section. Each section in different timezones, exceptthat the park continuously played game is notgoingforward. Find the vacant spot and park on airportparkingarea. Be careful on signal lights, obey city traffic rulesandavoid over speed. Parking simulator or car simulator of realcardriving and luxury car parking are amazing best simulatorsandbring this car parking game among free car games. Completeyourmissions successfully and get the highest rating for completinggetthree stars and you know you are the best on the road. Thismultistorey car parking will make you a fastest and furiousexpensivecar driver with the parking simulator experience.  Inthe cardrive parking, all the cars that are selected very luxuryandlatest. In the car drive parking, you can park your own vehiclesatyour home and park. The game provides multiple camera angleswithadvanced visual effects that makes this game even more fun.Enjoysmooth controls and a marvelous ride in this latest of 4x4vehiclesall games. The game features real multistory plaza withvarious carparked in it. Stay safe on sharp turns and fulfill yourdream ofbecoming a legendary driver with your luxury vehicle. Thegame ishighly optimized with efficient processing which makes itanawesome experience. Show off your sports car 3D parkingsimulatorskills by doing some crazy drifting stunts as drift racerin theplaza while playing turbo drifting car simulation games.
Taxi Driver : Uphill Crazy Transport Simulator 3D 1.0 APK
Taxi Driver : Uphill Crazy Transport Simulator 3D is thebestpassenger pick & drop game. Drive on steep hill roadsandexperience gorgeous views like never before.  The userwillpick passengers from stations and drop them to variouslocationsuphill & downhill.  Drive at high speeds anddon’t letcurvy paths and treacherous turns slow you down. The userwilldrive the passengers through difficult tracks as the tracksuphillare dangerous and the user must keep the taxi. Pick uppassengersfrom distant locations and take them to their destinationon time.While going downhill the taxi might lose its control as theuserface curvy and sharp turns. Fasten your seat belts and getreadyfor an amazing driving experience. The main challengeusermight face is driving on offroad bumpy tracks as the usercannotfast on these tracks as the roads are bumpy and on theseruggedterrains cab is more likely to lose its balance. Drivethrough bigcity, mountains, suburbs, hill climbs, avoid obstaclesand make thepassengers feel safe and comfortable. The user willdrive the taxiin hill station and transport passengers to smallvalleys uphill.Pick the tourists and go for challenging adventureon hill roadswith taxi driving. User can join the cab service incity andtransport passengers in the city environment as the userneeds tobe super active with his/her driving skill. You will getrealuphill climbing and downhill racing experience while drivingonsteep hills and mountains. The user can win speed bonus if theuserwill be able to transport passenger before the given time, usercanupgrade taxi or even modify the taxi to give it a better ashapeand look. Show your taxi driving competency by playing realtaxigame simulator with multiple transport tasks and a chance toshowyour parking skills. There are lots of taxies in the garage ofthisnew taxi game. Choose one from different taxi drives accordingtothe situation of the taxi simulator level.Following aresomeamazing features:🚕 Multiple Control for easy gameplay.🚕RealisticAnimation and Guidelines.🚕 Shader Effect to make texturelook evenbetter.🚕 Highway and Hill City Environment.🚕 Craziest Cabrushthrills of becoming a northern tourist.🚕 Amazing Physicswrittenfor Taxi drive.🚕 Off-Road Taxi Simulator Game daredevils.🚕Dynamic3D camera angles.🚕 360 camera view.🚕 Absolutely free todownload.🚕Hill Climber New Off-Road Taxi Simulator.🚕 Bestsoundtrack withamazing Sound Effects (SFX).🚕 Amazing Visual Effects(VFX).🚕Weather engine to create multiple climate conditions.
Multilevel Jeep Parking: Driving Simulator Game 3D 1.0 APK
Multilevel Jeep Parking: Driving Simulator Game 3D is the bestjeepdriving game. Ride your huge Prado carefully avoid or do notcrashwith road blocks, traffic cones, road signs or other parkedcarsand park your big vehicle into the specified spot. This gamegivesthe real experience to the user to drive the offroad 4x4 jeepinmultistory parking plaza. Smooth controls steering, clutchandbrake pedals provides you comfortable driving experience. A tonsoflevels. Every level is unique in its kind. The user willbepresented with various challenges as the user will take the jeeptoextreme heights of this multilevel plaza. This is the firstnewestfun action-packed simulation; in which show you’reridingexperience in off-road parking track. The user needs to behighlycareful while driving through this plaza as there aremultiple carsparked in the plaza and your plaza must not touch anyparked carwhatsoever. This is the ultimate driving, thrilling andadventuresgame. If you want to change your driving taste this gameisrecommended for you. Perform the impossible hardparkingdriving challenge in this driving school game. Don’t takeanyfoolish step that brings to you in the mouth of death. Controlsofthe Jeep, Prado and car are very smooth it makes yourdrivingexperience more comfortable.The user will have to drive overtheraised platforms as the user needs to get himself trained in awaythat user can drive the jeep on any offroad track with curvyandsharp turns. Start every day a new journey this is theultimateendless mobile racing simulator game. This is a perfectchance toprove that you are a real furious jeep rider. Theuser musthave to keep the jeep under control, once the user willcompletethe challenges user can drive this jeep in open world withreallife jeep simulation.  Jeep parking mania is new uniqueandbest automobile parking simulator game in the field of hardparkingand perfect parking games. The user will drive the jeep incity andmultiple offroad tracks with rugged terrains and bumpyroads. Usercan also compete in desert safari and rally races. Learnall thecomplex hard parking and driving games secrets and improveyour cardriving and perfect parking abilities in this prado jeepparkingsimulation game. Enjoy multiple camera angles and variouscameraviews with realistic animations and visual effects.