1.0 / June 8, 2017
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Want to be a real sniper? This new 3D version will make you feellike a real sniper gun in your hand, and the world looks like areal sniper game.Become an elite sniper, accept the secret task,assassinate the brutal thugs. Keep your hidden, do not let theenemy find you, to ensure that the enemy's fatal blow. Kill them toeliminate the threat. You are a top secret agent assassin. Yourmission is to shoot and assassinate traitors and criminals.Accurate shooting, so that you can kill the enemy faster. Yourgovernment agency offers you the best sniper rifle. This is one ofthe most challenging shooting games to test your shooting skills!Enjoy this best sniper game!In this game, aim and shoot. Test yourkiller skills. The final war action began! Aim at evil and cruelenemies, shoot and kill them. Transform the evil city into apeaceful city. After a period of hard assassination. You received ahigher task, a very challenging task. Find the head of theterrorist group and kill him. Seize your sniper rifle, search therest of the city enemies, and destroy them, complete themission.Sniper Killer Shooting Features:- very realistic 3Dgraphics and cool animation- Real environmental effects- Excitingtask- Deadly weapons- obsessed game- Simple and intuitivemanipulation

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    Sniper Killer Shooting
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    June 8, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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Gun Shot Fire War 1.2.4 APK
"Gun Shot Fire War" 3D FPS game. In the game you play the role of asuperb shot technology elite killer. You will be faced with fullyarmed murderous terrorists, they are heinous. In order to completethe task and not be destroyed by them, you have to go all out. Youcan use a variety of weapons and shoot, including pistols, rifles,machine guns,and so on. Choosing different scenes and fight withthem will make the game interesting. You will feel surprised by thePerfect game play. What are you waiting for, quickly picked up armsto fight with them. Last tips, take care and show no mercy,goodluck! ***Game Features: ***There are several game modesavailable to players. Time limited Mode which you have a limitedtime to destroy the enemy, whether those tasks fail. In the Hostagemode, you should rescue the hostages whom controlled by theterrorist. Anyway you have to pick up guns and launched a desperatestruggle with the enemy. ***The game offers a variety of combatmaps, such as the Desert II, Ice and Snow, the Persian Town,Dilapidated City.You will experience the fantastic fightingexperience on this maps and will be shocked by realistic brilliantbattle scenes. ***Arsenal will provide attractive firearms for you.Which include guns such asAK47,M4A1,M249,Deagle,Grozo,Barrett,AWP,MP5 and so on. All guns arevery realistic, I believe it will give you a sense straightforwardshooting experience. ***The operation of the game is very cool, thegame runs smooth, realistic sound effects, exquisite effectsdefinitely gives you a straightforward shooting experience. Blood,Sound, Effects, GamePlay, all things are perfect. What you have todo is bore the bullet pierced into body of terrorist. ***Eachdestroy an enemy, you will get gold award. You can use coins to buymore sophisticated guns or other useful items. You also cancomparisons with other players to see who is more powerful andstronger. Your score will be uploaded to the rank. ***Important isthat the game is free, all things are free. Quickly pick up yourguns and experience.
SWAT Counter Terrorist Shoot 1.7 APK
You are good, FPS fans of the game. SWAT Counter Terrorist Shoot isa great shooting game recommended to you. The game has greatgraphics and optimization. Even low-performance equipment, but alsosmooth operation. Join this exciting FPS game Come and feel theexcitement of shooting.In this exciting first-person shooter game,you will face the brutal terrorists. In order to protect the safetyof the city, you must come forward to eliminate the terrorists whothreaten civilians. The epic action game is filled withunimaginable fighting, perfect 3D graphics make you feelimmersive.Here you can have an unprecedented shooting experience!You have to fight with the mighty enemies and finish the mission.It's not just a game, it's a war! Luckily, here you have a hugeweapon system and combat equipment, you can arm yourself, destroythe enemy.You need to survive in the battlefield long enough tobecome the legendary heroes on the battlefield. You need to masterthe superb fighting skills, so that you can better survive andcomplete the mission. Only on the battlefield to exercise theirskills. Experienced the war, and gradually become the focus of thebattlefield. The hero of the people.Remember your mission, you needto destroy all the evil terrorists. In order to better combatterrorism, your country has provided you with many advancedweapons. Precisely aim and eliminate all terrorism that endangerspeople's safety.SWAT Counter Terrorist Shoot Features:- Complexscenes and architecture- realistic 3D graphics- Exciting fightingenvironment- a variety of challenging missions- stunning music andsound effects- a large number of high-quality powerful weapons-Smart AI makes the game more interesting- Best FPS game
Shoot War:Strike Killer 1.0.6 APK
"Shoot War:Strike Killer" is a modern military theme of thethird-person shooter Game(TPS).2080 terrorist organization "Mask"minions has penetrated into every corner of the world.They havedeveloped a new type of zombie virus which infect with normal makethem become evil zombies and attack other normal.Now oppositionforces around the world with no choice but to defend peace andjustice to defend the courage to fight it.It is time to take actionand confrontation of the bad guys ,in the game you will play awell-trained and firm conviction of the special soldiers.Take uparms, deep behind enemy lines, find useful clues scatteredexterminated "Mask" terrorist organizations around the world andthe final track behind the scene, eliminate the terroristorganizations and the evil zombies."" Let you to experiencecomparable to the PC shooter shooting experience, you feel theunparalleled thrill of shooting.Whether you are just gettingstarted shooting novice or battle-hardened war veterans, the gamewill let you experience the fun of shooting game.Around the worldmap various scene modes, realistic weapons and equipment for thebrilliant trip icing on the cake of your killing, diverse playmodes, achievements and global players fighting competition, allare fully in place, waiting for you to fight.Dangerous on thebattlefield, if you can escape through the hail of bullets andzombie besieged complet many challenges and uphold to the end, youare the perfect killer.Withdraw your kindness, began fightingit!GAME FEATURE***Ultra-realistic 3D battle scene screen allows youto experience the immersive thrill of battle DUST, Glass, Maya,Village etc.***10+firearms, fighting for you to choose, as long asyou are brave enough to kill the enemy and win the gold will beable to unlock beautifully realistic 3D firearms. AK, M4, MP5, AWP,Barrett, ....***Easy to use but extremely playable. Flexible sothat every enemy AI is unique, challenge your shooting skills. Jointhe war, struggling to shoot! As complete as special operationsagents, stimulate manufacturing headshot, experience extremelylifelike picture.***Lifelike sound brilliant fighting effects, bothsoft and smooth operation feel immersive.***If you like this game,do not forget to rate us 5 stars, and share with your friends.
SWAT Sniper Army Mission 1.2 APK
SWAT Sniper Army Mission is a FPS action class shooting wargame.Armed with a sniper weapon to become a deadly killer,long-range weapons can cause fatal damage to the enemy.This is themost thrilling first-person shooter game. There are the mostadvanced military equipment. With other elite special policesnipers, infiltrating the evil group to eliminate the notoriousterrorists.You are a well-trained elite sniper, accepting secretmissions, and eliminating terrorists. In the world of snipers,experience the fun of shooting, zoom in, aim, kill. Hold yourbreath, pull the trigger, and let the bullets destroy allenemies!The game in this real life in the 3D graphics and soundenvironment gives an exciting experience to complete this mission.Use your limited ammunition to wisely kill every enemy. shoot tosave your ammunition. The enemy does not know your presence inorder to put your first shot, but at the moment you shoot, yourgunfire will attract the attention of the enemy. There is no wayback to go. So after the start of the fight, make sure your ownsafety. Good luck to complete this task.Game features:- Amazing FPSWar Experience- real shooting and sniper effects- high-qualityhigh-definition screen gives you a crazy shooting feeling- avariety of high-quality weapons for you to choose, armedyourselfTrain your skills. To find, aim and shoot. Become a truesniper hero!
Sniper Anti-Terrorist Shoot 1.1 APK
Sniper Anti-Terrorist Shoot is one of the most advanced 3D shootinggames, the game offers a variety of sniper rifles, shooter snipers,special operations, contract assassins and best storyline, theseelements make it the best shooting game for 2018.The country iscalling all the best shooters, contract sniper, shooter sniper,contract assassin and frontline commando, set up the best heroicarmy and commandos, their mission is to complete a variety ofsecret tasks, eliminate all the threats to their homes Theenemy.This modern shooting game may be the most fun and best of theshooting game! There are a series of deadly tasks in the game wherethe player must shoot all the enemies in each task to complete themission. Each task has a different storyline, must complete everytask to get the medal of honor.Complete one after another action,do not let the danger close to you and your friends around you. Asyou complete the task, the difficulty of the game will graduallyincrease. As far as possible destroy emenies, get morepoints.Lifelike game detail and the best 3D visual graphics anddifferent game difficulty, giving you the perfect experience. Thisis the game of all the shooting game lovers dream. Here you canshow your excellent shooting skills. Become a good sniper.If youlike shooting games and want to test your shooting skills andstrategic level, then do not miss this game, the best shooting gamein 2018!Sniper Anti-Terrorist Shoot Features:- Difficult tasks- thebest 3D graphics- realistic environment- real shooting effect- avariety of deadly weapons- Each task has a different level offunctionality and difficulty
Racing Fever 3D 1.2 APK
Racing Fever 3D is the best straight racing game in 2017! Throughan endless road traffic in this racing game to become an excellentracing driver. Earn gold coins, buy better cars, and finallyexperience endless racing cars.Speed up and test your car skills insuburban and road driving. Become a professional racing driver onan endless road. Earn gold coins and use it for upgrades, buy newcars or adjust the body to make it more personalized. With crazycars for crazy nitro drift. Raise your engine to the limit and feelthe simulated driving style. And remember that parking is notallowed, to feel different racing experience.This is a newmilestone in the type of racing game. Day and night, winter andsummer, many cars and many tracks set in different locations willbring you a fast pace of fun. Like this racing game is the ultimatetest of skill and dexterity. This game has a unique difficulty set,easy to learn, but difficult to master. Players get points anddynamic play, reward more points. Such an experienced racing drivercan win more achievements, even after numerous games still havetheir own fun.Think of this racing game to bring you a differentracing experience. Perfect graphics, fun and fast-paced games, thesmell of gasoline and smoke, and over time you can drive throughthe streets, motorways and highways in busy times. As a passionateracing driver, you have to do your best to meet all the challenges.Pure adrenaline in transportation is endless way ofentertainment.Use the gold coins to upgrade your car so that youcan make your car better and faster. Your skills and determinationare the only restrictions. Become the best professional racer inthe world!The game is inspired by real-life highway racing, and torestore the reality as a starting point, this game can bringplayers hundreds of hours of the best fast-paced entertainment.Howto play:Tilt the device or use the onscreen buttonIf you want tofeel the speed, you need to press the accelerator button all thetimeDo not forget to use the brakes, do not let the car crashOn aasphalt road racingFeatures:- Impressive graphics- A variety ofhigh-performance vehicles to choose from- Diversified asphalt roadtrack- a variety of completely different models- Speed ??racing onthe freeway- Avoid car collisions on the actual highway- Improvethe performance of your car by upgrading and braking the system-adjust the appearance of your vehicle, re-painted paint, add somedecalsJoin the game and start racing!
Counter Terrorism Gun Shoot 1.1 APK
If you are a first person shooter game lovers. Then you will lovethis game, which is the best FPS game in 2017! This game has a lotof thrilling tasks, which also attract a lot of FPS players. Strikethe terrorists lurking in your country. With the help of specialforces to conquer the base of the enemy, and save the hostage washijacked. You are on the battlefield to deal with these terrorists,your task is to destroy them. You are a cold-blooded killer, and amember of the elite special forces, you accept a secret task, youneed to use a variety of weapons to clean up a remote enemy camp.Kill and destroy all terrorists on the battlefield. Your mission:You sneaked into a secret enemy camp in one night. You need todestroy this enemy camp, while ensuring their own safety, tocomplete the task. In the event of a conflict, you must show yourstrength to kill the enemy. Try to kill enemies with the fastestspeed, do not attract enemies with more. In a limited time bold andcareful to destroy every enemy, to complete the task. Enjoy thegame to bring you the real experience, so that you feel on thebattlefield with the terrorists fighting fun feeling. CounterTerrorism Shoot Features: - Real 3D battlefield environment - fromsimple to difficult tasks - amazing playability, make you addictive- a variety of realistic weapons - Simple operating mode - showtheir skills to prove their strength - unique scenery
Counter Terrorist Shot 1.2 APK
Ready to join this first person shooter game. Choose your favoritegun to kill all the enemies and save your city. You are a commandoof the soldiers, in this task you play a key role. The enemy willattack the whole city. They are brutal killer, is a thug. You haveto destroy them all before they hurt more people. This is a veryrealistic FPS shooting game, this game has a different environmentfor cities, cities, streets and each environment has a number ofchallenging levels. You have to kill all the terrorists and getpoints that will be unlocked than the next task. Use your goldcoins, upgrade your weapons or buy more powerful guns Show yourcombat skills and shooting skills, you will face a huge terroristorganization. But the bandits are not like brave commandos. Youraim is to kill all the killers as a real hunter, and you willbecome the hero of the innocent people. This game has a variety ofweapons and attack features. The enemy is attacking, you have toplay your role and kill all the enemies. In this game, you mustassure yourself at the same time as the attack and complete thetask. If you can not find the enemy, please use the radar, it canhelp you find the right direction. The enemy hides himself behindthe walls, buildings, trucks and containers, switches weapons, useslong-range weapons to kill enemies. Counter Terrorist ShotFeatures: - Real city and town environment - all kinds of powerfulweapons - Smooth operation and control - a number of challengingtasks - HD graphics - realistic war music and shooting soundeffects