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You've got a chance to work as an elite sniper – charge your rifleand go to work! This job is really hard, so you have to try yourbest. Follow your future victims and wait for opportunity to take aperfect shot. People shoot and kill each other not only at wars orin battles – this is fact of life. Welcome to the shooting club!Even if you have shooting experience, for example in shootinggallery or on hunting, you can forget it, because contract sniperjob is radically different thing. You have to be a ruthlessassassin, you have to be a killing machine. Aim carefully, usinglaser-control aimer. Shot your live targets. Good luck!SniperMission: Dead Shot 3D game features:• Real sniper shooter in 3D;•Real laser gun;• Different missions and targets;• Easy-to-usecontrol;• High-quality graphics.Try to hit your first target rightnow in Sniper Mission: Dead Shot 3D thrilling game!

App Information Sniper Mission: Dead Shot 3D

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    Sniper Mission: Dead Shot 3D
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    December 1, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Новосибирск, Новосибирская область, Россия, 630007
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Moto Racing: Traffic City is an amazing arcade racing game, whereyou are a skilled and professional racer, who rides the bike andcomplete different challenges in an endless race! Get on your bikeand let's go! There is a full career mode with a lot of missionsand rewards. If you want to beat all the missions you will have toearn enough cash to buy all the possible upgrades and buy the bestbike in the store. In Moto Racing: Traffic City you are going toexplore an endless highway roads. Play in Free Ride mode and enjoybeautiful landscapes and try to overtake the traffic. Moto Racing:Traffic City is a unique gaming experience with smooth and simplegameplay, realistic 3D graphics and real HD sounds. Moto Racing:Traffic City game features: - Over 20 missions in career mode; -Whole store of bikes of any kind; - Detailed highway and landscape;- First person camera view; - Free Ride mode - Amazing 3D graphics;If you are a big fan of racing simulator games, if you likemotorsport and enjoy a highway freedom, then Moto Racing: TrafficCity is exactly what you need. Get on your bike right now and havea really good time and a lot of fun!
Business Empire: City Manager 1.1 APK
You are looking at Business Empire: City Manager - one of the bestbuilding and economic simulators, where you take the role of a citymanager, a businessman and a builder at the same time. You aregoing to create a paradise from mud and stones and you have to besure that every citizen in your world’s greatest empire is happy!You will have to solve huge amount of real problems, but we aresure that you are not only able to do it, but you will enjoy doingit!In Business Empire: City Manager game you are the only one, whodecide where and what to build at first: new school or police post,cinema or hospital, game center or bar. And what is most importantis that your own people will show you whether they are happy or notof what you are doing. You will have to show great flexibility ofyour cool strategic mind and decide what to do: build a bank thatgrants amazing money profit or make your citizens a little bithappier. Business Empire: City Manager is full of such challenges!More than 50 super unique buildings, a lot of upgrades, interestingquests, mini games, dynamic map and much more is waiting only foryou!If you are a fan of city building simulation games, if you liketo dicide what to do, if you do love to create business empires,than Business Empire: City Manager is exactly what you need!Hesitate no longer and start creating a real Heaven on Earth! Goodluck!