1.1.2 / September 21, 2018
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Sniper: Poo Attack is an interactive shooter training. You dip intothe atmosphere of the sniper training. The target of the game isPoo. If you get the target you will hear a shot, if not you willhear a funny farting sound. Constantly fly flies, try to click onit, it's a surprise . The game has five different types of firearmssuch as pistols, machine guns, sniper rifle, assault rifle,submachine gun. Game levels will increase your sniper combat skill.You need to hit the 80 % of targets to get next level. In case offailure you can try again. In case of failure, you can try again.Each new level target will appear faster. And not everyone can getto 8 levels, it is quite difficult. After each shot willautomatically reload weapons, it will more accurately simulateprofessional combat shooting and sniper work. Shot can be made onlyafter the bell. In case of error, the audio signal will be given.All you need to do is one very simple operation, you just press afinger on the target. The game will improve your combat skills,such as sniper skills,endurance, alertness, accuracy, speed andreaction. - = Features = - - The atmosphere of the training combatsniper. - A shot can be made only after the bell. - Each new leveltarget will appear faster. - Catch a fly. - Amazing cartoongraphics and warm colors. - It will bring you joy and make youhappy. - Funny farting sound. - It is necessary to hit the 80%target to go to the next level . - After each shot willautomatically reload weapons, it will more accurately simulateprofessional police shooting and sniper work. - Five differenttypes of firearms such as pistols, machine guns , sniper rifle ,assault rifle, submachine gun . - The game will improve your combatskills, such as sniper skills, endurance, alertness, accuracy,speed and reaction.

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    Sniper: Poo Attack
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    September 21, 2018
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    Android 4.4W and up
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    Russia Adygeya Respublika pgt Yablonovskiy Kobtsevoy N.S. 1/2 385141
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