1.0 / January 1, 2016
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Enemies have taken the area undercontrol.Rescue the people with Sniper Rescue Operation game 2016!

As a professional sniper shooter, you are called to defeattheenemy. With different missions all its own unique feelingSniperRescue Operation gives you the full sniper experience onyourmobile device. As you scan the yard for possible threat, youwillsee loads of different inmates hanging around in the prisonyard.And the thing is you can trust nobody on the yard!

It’s time to become the savior for the Refugees. In thiselitesniper game you must rescue the refugee who is behind enemylines.It’s your duty to guide the refugee to the safe spot. Time togetsome vengeance at the criminals because of them you were alsoarunaway. So show them what you have become and make an end tothisdevastation situation. Do you have enough marksman skills toshootevery criminal and rescue the refugees. Make sure you choosewiselyotherwise the refugee will not make it. So grab your gear,Aim yoursniper rifle , zoom in and pull the trigger and boomHeadshots.

You are the rescue officer and you have to rescue thepeopleslike in SWAT team action in this first person shooter. Youare anelite sniper and are surrounded by enemy shooters. They willpopout from behind walls and around corners and you need to shootfastand kill them! No time for diplomacy; time for war action. Wearecalling for the best sniper in the world to join us as we takeaimat evil, wherever it hides. This is not a game. There is noroomfor remorse here, so shoot to kill and rescue the innocentpeopleswith Sniper Rescue 2016

Key Features of Sniper Rescue Operation
- Ground breaking dynamics during rescuesnipermissions/operations
- Become a real savior
- Unique peoples rescue sharpshooting missions
- Rescue the Refugees by escorting them to the safe spot
- Earn extra coins by shooting headshots
- Addictive gameplay

App Information Sniper Rescue Operation

  • App Name
    Sniper Rescue Operation
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    January 1, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
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Farm Excavator Truck SimulatorFarm Excavator Truck Simulator is an addictive and challenging newtruck driver game for you. Play as Muck cleaner in the farm ,excavator operator to clean the farm and manure garbage transportin the truck to the garbage area out of the city and village. Thisis the unique muck excavator truck transport game where you canclean the farm and transport the muck garbage of the form to out ofthe town.This is the best kung fu monkey excavator simulator game. Becomethe transport tycon in cleaning youtr city, village, town and yourfarm. Transport Faeces (feces) of cow , buffalo etc and and enjoythe driv of heavy truck with completion of your duty. This is thereal poo garbage truck simulator. You had driven construction,cranes and quarry vehicles where you use grabber, excavator in 3Dsimulator game. This is not some dump truck race, or some cranelifter driving mania. This is the best arcade simulation of farmmanure clean and transport and also the best heavy truck drivinggame. you have to dispose the rubbish into junk yard to clean yourcity. You will love driving heavy duty cleaning trucks show somereal parking skills with accuracy and precision. Enjoy amazinganimation for dumping trash truck in junkyard for recyclingprocess. Sweep the roads in the city with sweeper machine and makeyour city looks beautiful and healthy. Use mega digger crane tocollect messy rubbish from street and use dump truck to dispose ofthe waste material. Download Farm Excavator Truck Simulator freestunning 3D sim game for your tablet and phones.This is the unique version of excavator simulator in which youhave to excavate the muck and load it in the heavy truck and takeit to out of city. Ever best game in the truck driving, escaladedriving , firefighting and other parking and racing games. This isthe role oriented excavator and truck driving game in which youhave to excavate the cowpat garbage and drive the heavy truck toclean the city. Clean your city and safe your environment andkids,family and neighbor as well. This game contains all facilitiesfor you using this game you can clean garbage by excavator andtruck,dumpster in all world you have to collect garbage and put ingarbage truck.Real truck,dumpster excavator park trash tractorsimulator for all adults game.This game is all about excavator and2nd version of our other game.Park garbage truck near garbage andhen cargo its automatically.Traveling on desired road and city aswell look forward to safe world.Key Features• Now Include excavator with garbage truck• Classic gameplay• Real-model modern transporter truck• Realistic graphics and simulation environments damage and fatigueto have lifelike feeling• Multiple camera views to enhance your gaming experience• Smooth steering and gear control to drive vehicle• First person view to drive the heavy garbage truck• First Muck (manure) cleand and transport game• Progressive levels with fun filled interesting missions• Earn and clear the levels with ultimate and fantasticlevels• Enjoy this Farm excavator muck transport game and clean your farmby driving and unloading the cowpat garbage out of the city
Cargo Train Animal Transporter 1.0 APK
Cargo Train Animal TransporterReal concept of transporting animal to urban areas from ruralareas for the trading purpose.In olden times it was very difficult to transport animals to urbanareas which are far apart from villages. Now modern technology madeit easy for you with different vehicles. Now Cargo Train Animaltransporter make it easy for you to transport animals. Cargo trainis the advance and unique concept in animal transporter games. Soadd twist to the animal transport games and become an expert animaltransporter cargo train driver. Believe it! Animal train games werenever such before and this is one of the premium animal transportsimulator that is going to be full of adventure for the animalgames lovers. So get ready for the Cargo Train Animal Transporterin 3D which is all about the farm and jungle animals’transportation concept.The on duty dynamic driver is required to load the untamedgorillas, zebra and deer /stag on the cargo train to deliver themto the zoo or other sides of urban areas. The tamed domesticanimals should be delivered just before the farmhouses (horses,dogs) and near the beautiful animal shelter built for the bulls,cows and goats. Load the untamed beast especially cheetah, gorillason top of the Transport farm truck then drive with precision andaccuracy for going over the steep and muddy offroad. Avoid theharvested crops, farming tractor and excavator machines. Fastdriving or bumps on the muddy off road may result in harm to thezoo transport animal. Smooth driving skills of the trailer are anecessity to clear each level.Features:• Multiple levels with hardcore challenges• Realistic Advance Cargo Train transporter• Awesome 3D driving train physics• Amazing detailed 3d graphics of farm crops, tractor and excavator, crane• Realistic habitats for the zoo animalsYour exciting story begins as you head out on safari to rescuewildlife from danger. you have a chance to act as animal transporttrain driver with the best ogre animals train. There are number ofwild animals and farm animals that you have to transport to thedestination to complete the game such as zebra, elephant,hippopotamus, lion, wolf, Cow, Stag, Bear, Cheetah, Pig, Gorilla,rhinoceros, etc. First of all you need to load wild animals, farmanimals and water animals in the cages placed on the trailer of thetrain and then you have to transport and deliver them safe to thenearby zoo to meet the demand of animals. Similarly you will takethe animals from the jungle, zoo and from forest lake to the Circusby your mega train. Your duty is to ensure the quick supply ofanimals from jungle to Circus. You will move this heavy duty animalcarriage train to its target with precision and accuracy. Besidesyou’ll enjoy more interesting levels in this animal transport traingame. So get your hands on the animal cargo train transporter andbe the railroad king in the big jungle of this heavy trainsimulator. Dare yourself to become a driver of this huge animaltrain transporter.Enjoy this Special Advance cargo train transportergame
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Concrete Excavator Simulator 3DPlay the most unique game Concrete Excavator Simulatorwith tractor in common construction excavator simulator games.You’ll test your many qualities like excavator operating, diggingmachine and tractor driving skills at construction site with anexcavator simulator while handling the big excavator tractor, much\different from the construction games. So get ready for theConcrete Excavator Simulator with tractor trolley and brand newconcrete mixer 3D. You have to take over the control of 2 heavyconstruction machines excavator tractor which are true to theoriginals in high-quality 3D graphics. So get ready for a wonderfulexciting construction game where you can show off your digging,driving and excavating skills.Experience the uniqueness in excavator games tractor concreteexcavator Simulator and you'll forget the other common excavatortractor games. You’ll test your many qualities like excavatoroperating, digging machine and tractor driving skills atconstruction site with an excavator simulator while handling thebig excavator tractor, much different from the construction games.So get ready for the concrete excavator tractor Sim with brand newconcrete mixer 3D. Concrete transport is one of the best in thecement truck games. Make your construction contract and startexcavator drive in construction and dumptruck games with heavybulldozer traktor.• How to Play ?First of all, you need to move excavator near to concrete pilesand rotate the excavator to excavate the concrete material andunload it into the chamber of crush plant. Attach the trolley tothe tractor and then you need to drive your tractor trolley towardsthe crush machine and park construction tractor under the tray beltof concrete mixer from where the mixed concrete is falling. Thereyou will load your tractor with material and deliver it to theconstruction site to meet the demand of the concrete. Complete theconstruction of government executive , bridge and residentialareasKey Features of Concrete Excavator Tractor Simulator• Incredible real digger excavator in city constructionsimulator 3D 2016• Number of heavy machines, like the sand excavator and tractors,to work on• User friendly and responsive controls• The top 4x4 construction tractor simulator.• Trolley is added to concrete transport• Real-time simulation, driving and tractor parking.• Concrete simulator is the best role playing simulator• You got limited time to clear your missions so be as fast aspossibl• Superb excavator construction game giving you the feeling of realexcavator operator.• Exciting precision tractor simulator• Astonishing 3D graphics and environment in this tractortransportation.• Experience the life of road builders, city builders and contractworkersYou are the finest city builder! Use your road builder andstructural engineering skills to build up the parking space infront of the construction site with the help of a sand excavatorand other heavy machinery. This construction simulator alsoprovides you with an experience of city driving, allowing you todrive the construction truck and digger around the constructioncity within the given time, and is thus, different from themainstream city construction games and heavy excavator simulators!The grand concrete mixer excavator simulator will excite you andyou will even leave behind other excavator tractor games andexcavator games with excavator simulator. Experience more thanregular excavator games and construction games with concrete mixer.concrete is an amazing game which you will enjoy for sure.concrete Excavator simulator is one of the best heavy excavatorsimulators, city driving, road building and city building gamesavailable!
3D Truck Car Transport 1.0 APK
3D Truck Car TransportPark your vehicle in Car Transport Trailer and drive cars todestinations. Do you think you can manage a huge truck that cancarry heavy load? 3D Truck Car Transport will give you the megaexperience of driving car transporters and experience hauling theheavy load. With this ultimate car transporter game, you’ll testyour driving skills at parking cars inside the transporter anddriving the big trucks yourself.At the garage you need to unload and load your car transporttruck as quickly as possible. So if you love 3D parking games witha twist you need to download this new car transporter parking game.As you make money you’ll be able to visit the car dealer to buydifferent cars to load on the car trailer truck. So park yourvehicle in the car transport trailer and drive the cars to theright destinations. Do you think you can easlly drive a hugetransporter truck that carries a heavy load? Your job in this gameis load the cars on the car transporter trailer and drive thetrucks from the truck parking lot to the showroom garage unload thetruck there and earn some cash. You complete this task if you iftransport all the cars without taking any damage as you drive tothe destination.Parking games usually are challenging yet simple, but this gamecan be very crazy because you are not only driving a huge lorrytrailer but that heavy duty lorry also contains expensive cars totransport them to their destination. Keep track of the time like areal trucker, move fast but not with too much speed otherwise youcan damage the cargo on the back of your car transporter or duringdriving the sports cars around. Damaging the cars and the truckmeans you have to start over the level again from the beginningFeatures• One of the best parking simulator game physics• Unload and load your car transporter with priceless sportcars• No containers, wood or other stuff no you have sport cars on yourloader• 3d camera view, check the position of your truck and get itparked• Are you ready for a speed game time is the main challenge for youtruckers out there!• Real 3d environment with beautiful graphics, huge open world todrive around• Traffic on the roads of this city, watch out and don’t damageyour cargoThis newest Car transporter parking challenges you to do your jobcarefully, time is not on your side, so be on time at the garage.Start enjoying this easy parking 3d game with loads of differentfeatures. Drive the truck with on screen controls. Enjoy the3DTruck Car Transport
Dairy Milk Transporter Truck 1.0 APK
Dairy Milk Transporter Truck is allabout?Welcome to the Dairy Milk Transporter Truck in the city tocontrol the pure supply of milk of all animals. In this Milkedition of Dairy Milk Transporter Truck you'll experience thestress of a milk truck driver. When you collect the milk at thefarms and houses, you must be able to maneuver the big milk trailerinto tiny spots, and that is not always easy, for example when themilk tank is located in a shed. As a milk driver you have to drivea lot reverse. Enjoy the milk supply truck in one of the best milktruck games with the ultimate fun of cow milk transport games.Let’s try the Dairy Milk Transporter Truck game that has areal milk tanker to get ultimate truck transporter driverexperience.Dairy Milk Transporter Truck is an amazing addition to thetrending cargo transport games with real milk truck simulation. Soget your hands on the heavy transporter tank and be an expert ofthe transporter truck simulator games. Dare yourself to become adriver of a farm truck game. Milk supply truck transporter iswaiting for the milk tanker truck driver.3D milk supply tanker transporter is actually a driving andparking game in which you have to drive and control long wheelbasetruck with a huge milk tanker attached to it. First of all you needto fill your milk tanker from dairy milk factory and then you haveto transport and deliver pure farming milk to different milk shopsof the city to meet the demand. Your duty is to ensure continuedmilk supply to the city. You will move this heavy duty milktransporter truck to its destination with precision and accuracy.So get your hands on the big transporter tank and be the king ofthe milk transporter games. Dare yourself to become a driver of ahuge milk truck tanker. Cow milk tanker transporter is waiting forthe real tanker truck driver.The super marvelous milk supply truck simulator will amuse youto make you forget other milk truck games and dairy milk transportgames. Enjoy the huge milk tanker transport simulator if you aretruck game lover. Milk truck driving simulator will make you aperfect truck driver as you need to drive and park mega sizedvehicle. Come on to steer the Dairy Milk Transporter Truck.If you wants to deliver the milk of goat , buffalo and cow thenyou will enjoy this advance milk simulator game.Key Features♥ Exclusivity of being a milk supply truck simulator♥ Amazing addition to the trending milk transport games♥ Superb experience of cargo truck games.♥ Superb 3D city and farm environment♥ Realistic truck driving experience♥User friendly and smooth controls♥You should make your journey efficiently and swiftly so theproduct reaches the customers before it is spoilt. That is why youhave been put on the clock. Try to finish your task within thistime.If you like trucks and farming, this is an ideal game for you.This is a test of your driving skills so hop on your trailer andshow us some swift moves and how to handle a huge vehicle like thispickup tanker . Do your job of maintaining a continuous supply tothe city. It will appeal to all of us truck game lovers. So, hurryup and download it instantly for one smooth ride.MilkMilk is the the white liquid produced by the memory glands ofmammals. Milk contains calcium and vitamin D which is necessary forthe human body to grow. Its necessary for the young mammals as aprimary source of nutrition for the mammals before they are able todigest other types of food. So it is necessary to supply the puremilk in all our the world
Offroad Prisoner Transport Bus 1.0 APK
Offroad Prisoner Transport BusBecome skill police bus driver to transport criminalsandprisoners from jail to court for hearing, Transfer the prisonerstohigh security prison cell, Police Bus Prisoner Transport givesyouan exciting 3D game play.Avoid Smashy roads, destructionandoffroad driving. It’s a real entertainment for drivingbussimulator to complete the duty of transport criminals.There’s been a clash going on in the city. There areassassins,thieves, murderers, robbers, smugglers, killers andcriminalroaming around everywhere. Be the bus driver, chase thegangstersroaming around the crime city craft. Get behind thewheels, steeraround, locate those dangerous jail break criminals,put them inthe vehicle and transport them to the prison. Thesewantedcriminals have got weapons, illegal items and stolen stuffthatthey have used in a prison escape You have to be a greatdriver, doyou think you can control a heavy police bus in difficulthillsclimb roads, do you think you can drive a buswithcriminals,robbers,thief,and take them safely at court. Pickanddrop police cops to maintain peaceful city environment.Givethecriminals a thrilling ride.If you want the become the heavy bus driver then this rideoftransport prisoner is the best chance to become the leaderboardinthe bus driving. Your journey is very difficult because you havetoface the offroad tracks and enemies who wants to escapethedangerous prisoners.Features of Offroad Prinsoner Transoport Bus• Difficult Missions to Transport prisoners• Real Police Bus Driving• Pick and Drop prisoners from Different jail• Explore the City Environment• Explore the hill climb environment• Explore the off road environment• Smooth ,controls,Steering, Brakes• Drift on the roads• Real Police Man DutyReal Prisoners security• Thrilling game playRoam around the town, catch bad guys and drop them totheirdestination, the police station