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Welcome to the Best Sniper Shooter World, your latest First Personsniper shooting assignments is waiting for you. You are specialsniper shooter soldier ready to play your part, your job as sniperis to become traffic hunter and clean city from evil, save thevictims and shot only the right target hidden in the crowd. Staredown your rifle scope, zoom in to find and identify your target.Take a deep breath and pull the trigger to make the Shot. Get readyfor best shooter game that is Sniper Shooting Strike Best ShooterGame 2018. Amazing action simulator where you will experiencedrastic war action just aim the evil wherever it hide, be the realwarrior shoot to kill, become street crime fighter and save thecity.Sniper Shooting Strike Best Shooter Game 2018 Features:•REALISTIC HD 3D graphics.• Awesome cool animations integrated.•Modern sound effects.• Addictive gameplay.• Variety of Challengingand thrilling Rescue Missions.• Realistic City buildingEnvironment.• Intuitive and easy accuracy shooting controls.• (FPS)first person shooter 3D.• Modern weapons with global war stories.•More than 70 languages supported.• No Wi-Fi needed play offline.•Free to play.Let’s play some modern warfare sniper shooting game.Great gameplay, action and thrilling levels. Target the criminalsstop the crime, shoot some bad guys including murderers, thief’s,terrorists, bank robbers and many more, levels with ultimateshooting modern weapons including fully automatic AWM snipers andrifles, so let’s starts the war play some levels and you will beaddicted of our game. Awesome stories behind the crime just readthe story of the criminals push the start button aim the target thecriminal with long shooting range rifle guns. Thrilling warfareanimations, environments, also watch the shooting bullets in slowmotion animation integrated on every single shoot. One wrong shootcan hurt innocent person you need more focused while shooting. Doyou have guts to stop spreading crime whole over the states andsaving the innocent citizens lives then Download now for FREESNIPER SHOOTING 2018 one of the best 3D fps shooting game and startyour craze of shooting with ultimate weapons and action thrillinglevels, get a gun be the master in shooting, guard your states jointhe action and start killing and exploding. Simple Aim and Shootbecome the ULTIMATE SHOOTER.Sniper Shooting Strike Best ShooterGame 2018 By BEETLE KING Inc. In simulation, action and adventurecategory 2018.

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    Sniper Shooting Strike - Best Shooter Game 2018
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    December 29, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Beetle King Inc.
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City Construction Simulator 2018, all times new city constructionsimulation game by Beetle King Inc. Engage your skills and takecontrol over construction vehicles, cranes, excavator, trucks,tractor, forklift, loaders and more.. Use your powerful vehicles toload construction material like mud, sand, stones, iron and other.As levels passes game become harder to achieve, so be careful andtry to become a good builder, a lot of challenging missions arewaiting to be accomplished. Let’s download the free game face somenew challenges and work with the new construction city. Let’s havesome thrilling fun of heavy cranes and dumper trucks, fullyrealistic gigantic hydraulic controls of cranes and trucksintegrated in the game, you will feel like you are driving cranesand trucks in real with different camera views option, take a partin construction work operate the crane, load sand, mud and stones,drive it to the construction area and unload it to the rightdestination and built city buildings. Test your driving, parkingand hydraulic controlling skills of excavator and trucks inbeautiful and worth seeing construction areas and tracks, you willalso experience the uphill driving and downhill driving on the realconstruction site, you will get fully trained of heavy simulationsand will get fully addicted of heavy machineries. 3D CityConstruction Simulator 2018 Tremendous Features: • Full HD 3dgraphics. • City construction levels with different targets andobstacles. • Variety of high quality heavy duty vehicles (trucks,loaders, cranes, excavators, etc.). • Best construction siteenvironment. • User friendly interface. • Best physics engine andhydraulics brake. • Play with Steering wheel, left and right buttonand also with smart phone rotation. • Full real HUD including revs,gear and speed. • No traffic rules. • Level guiding option. •Amazing camera views option for realistic heavy trucks drivingexperience • More than 70 languages supported. • Fully smoothexcavator and truck controls. • Totally free to download. • Feelfree to rate. • Mode selection option By Downloading and playingCity Construction Simulator 2018 you will get the experience ofsome big machinery simulator, heavy forklift simulator, excavatorsimulator and many more, if you feel like you want to drive a heavytruck or heavy cranes, then this is the best game ever for you havesome real fun by playing. City Construction Simulator 2018 ByBEETLE KING Inc. in simulation, action and adventure category 2018.
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Are you lover of crazy Angry games? We offers you updated AngryShark Attack Simulator Adventure 3D game. Did you ever dreamed ofjumping deep into the frantic ocean deep sea and take control overa Angry shark? Be a wild shark in feeding frenzy walk throughoceans feasting and hunt the creatures comes in your way such asfishes like sweet dolphins and other humans, swimmers, jet skiers,boaters, sunbathers. Find your prey and survive as long as possibleby eating and hunting by keeping your killing spree going in theocean world, you need to be aware of shooters while they shoot onsight. Enjoy and explore beautiful life of underwater sea filledwith delicious and exotic creatures, watch sea creatures this isthe best 3D shark simulator in town.Modes of playing in this actionpacked Angry Shark Attack Simulator Adventure Game:Angry shark ison a rampage and destroy whatever come in its way. Play with deadlyshark in two modes survival mode and task challenges mode. Getready to control your beast with perfect simulation controls, showyour hunger of hunt by killing ruthlessly and endlessly, explorethe whole ocean from all sights and depth to find more prey and getyour revenge.Levels includes different challenges, you will getfull interesting and fun task in each level and adventure all yourway in hunger journey. You need to complete the previous level toenter in next one, plenty of levels with several differentchallenging tasks which will give you fun experience in each level.Kill everything, complete your all missions and feel like a king ofthe ocean.Angry Shark Attack Simulator Adventure Game Features:•Awesome HD excellent 3D graphics.• Real water physics base game.•Real giant and wild water beast’s shark.• Amazing cool blue sharkanimations.• Explore sea life, docks and beaches.• Devourmysterious creatures of the deep sea.• Play with two modes Survivaland Challenges missions.• Attack with intuitive touch or wonderfultilt controls.• No Wi-Fi needed play offline.• Totally Free.Sodownload free 3D Angry Shark Attack Simulator Adventure simulationgame, get all new trendy missions and environments and havewonderful fun in your spare time.Angry Shark Attack SimulatorAdventure Game By BEETLE KING Inc. in action/adventure andsimulation category 2018.
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Enter in the Scary Clown world best action and thrilling game,enjoy multiple adventures in a single shooting and simulation game.Totally action packed game with gangster and mafias in a city thatscares and fascinates same time. Feel like you are a dangerous thugclown and doing a war against big mafias. Get rid of the mafia’sgangster, get their money, fail their robbery plans and kill themall including their main criminals and gangsters. Get ready for thestreet rumble, it’s a war against mafia, you need to kill everyonecoming in your mission including police, you don’t need to be scaryabout police, you are doing lawlessness in your own way and makeyour own rules. Enjoy the robbery, crimes and violence in a grandcity. Scary Clown Attack Simulator Crime Fighter one of the bestgangster fight killing game in which you ride, drive, smash, crushand kill. The city is full of mafia’s and crimes and its need youto play as clown gangster squad and kill the mafia’s head and bethe biggest and dangerous clown gangster. Keep in mind you arewearing a mask and nobody knows who you are, get your survival. Inthis action thrilling game, you are assigned to high level criminalactivities having different missions which involves you inassassination, gun shooting, bike riding, killing, robbery andeliminating mafia’s gangster and many more related to crimes ingrand city. Also have an action experience of sporty heavy bike allthe way on you survival journey. Scary Clown Attack Simulator CrimeFighter Gameplay Offers: Scary Clown Attack Simulator Crime Fighter3D game allow you to do gangster thug activities in police stationwhere you need to kill policemen using a fully loaded gun having amask on your face, super markets to fails mafia’s gang, you need todrive through central bank to rob mafia’s lord money, go forkilling gangster members in south club, kill criminal on road,enter in the mafia’s lord bigger mansion, start killing his mainbody guards and kill the lord, several addictive thrilling actionsare waiting for you, download free Scary Clown Attack 3D game thatwill never let you get quit the game, engage you with a lot ofsuspense and actions in each level. Scary Clown Attack SimulatorCrime Fighter FEATURES: 3D realistic HD graphic. Gangsters andmafia’s warfare city environment. Unique mixer of Ride, drive,simulation, kill, rob, smash, gun shooting and assassinationexperience in single 3D game pack. Fully loaded realistic gunweapons. Sport heavy bike riding simulation. Several differentmissions in different sites of Miami type city. Perfect shooting,simulation and intuitive touch controls integrated. Top-notch soundeffects and background music’s for real feeling and realisticenvironment. Stealth action mechanism. Hundreds of realistic placesand sites of a city. Unique feelings of freedom, lawlessness playthe war in your own way. Totally free to download. Supports up to70 plus languages. Download free Scary Clown Attack Simulator CrimeFighter 3D game and play mafia and criminal gangster activities onall sites of the city. It’s a best free game for the people wholoves to be mafia gangster, shooting and riding games. Surely itwill never let your suspense to get decrease, more you play morewill be action and thrilling fun. Scary Clown Attack SimulatorCrime Fighter by BEETLE KING Inc. in simulation, action andadventure category 2018.
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BEETLE KING Inc. bring you new amazing journey of Jurassic Dinosaurforest. Dinosaur is dangerous wild animal your task is to survivein the era of dinosaur apocalypse, hunt them or be hunted. Yourjourney starts in hidden Jurassic island where most deadly monsterspecies of dinosaur is waiting for you, become best sniper shootersin huge forest, where your mission is to stay alive and kill asmany dinosaur as you can. This is open war between dinosaur andlegendary humans, so avail this wonderful opportunity to explorejungle and be ultimate heroic dinosaur hunter by striking them withyour kill shot.Dino Hunter Jurassic Survival Adventure 2018 isfully designed to enjoy the era of dinosaur apocalypse adventure,game offers you deadly life size realistic prehistoric species ofdinosaurs from herbivores to carnivores, like Allosaurus,Tyrannosaurus T-Rex, Baryonyx, Carnotaurus, Deinonychus andGallimimus and many more gigantic species, hungry for prey andready to attack you, target prehistoric species using highly zoomintegrated option, upgraded sniper guns fully loaded withammunition, reload your gun and shoot before they kill you. Severaldifferent amazing missions with different Jurassic stories insafari jungles. Also don’t forgot to shoot the flying dinosaursthey are more dangerous and big challenge to kill. Watch yourshooting skills by bullet shoot amazing animations. Prove yourselffearless in hidden island with deadly dinosaurs and enjoy theexperience of shooting in dangerous situations. It’s almost a wholenew level to your excitement.Dino Hunter Jurassic Survival 2018Features:• Highly realistic 3D Jurassic island graphics. • Surviveyourself from dinosaurs by using you deadly sniper weapons.•Amazing bullet animations on each shoot.• Sniper zoom in and zoomout fully integrated.• Intuitive and easy accuracy shootingcontrols.• (FPS) first person shooter 3D.• Addictive gameplay.•Variety of dangerous Challenging and thrilling Missions.• Amazingnatural sound effect to feel you like a dinosaur war going on.•More than 70 languages supported.• No Wi-Fi needed play offline.•Totally free to download and play.Download Dino Hunter JurassicSurvival Adventure 2018 game and enter in prehistoric Jurassic erawarfare. The most challenging shooting game helps you improve yourshooting skills, be the best dino shooter among your friends.DinoHunter Jurassic Survival by BEETLE KING Inc. in simulation, actionand adventure category 2018.
Animal Crossing Transport Truck Simulator 2018 1.1.1 APK
Get ready for the new adventurous 3D animal transport simulator inoffroad uneven terrains. Are you want to become perfect heavyvehicle driver then this is the great opportunity to drive heavyduty vehicles, like truck, crane and excavator. Animal Transporter3d simulator 2018 is an extreme offroad heavy truck farm animal,sea animal, wild animals, zoo animal, and city animal cargo trucktransport simulator. First you need to load some angry animals bycontrolling them to heavy trucks and then control on heavy dutyvehicle, drive and transport animals to the required destination,You are up as a cargo transporter on a big cargo transport truck,but this is not all, game is very challenging, addictive andadventurous just clear challenges one by one and unlock otherlevels. Treat yourself that you are the train machinist and it’syour duty or responsibility to bring the animals like elephants,cow, fishes, chickens and hens to their desired new place. You willbe tested on your animal loading, driving and parking skill, parkthe truck carefully remember not to harm the animals.Play wildTohave perfect experience of truck driving adventures game we haveintegrated three different settings of steering controls that arebuttons steering, smartphone rotation handling and truck steeringhandle with brakes, race and reverse gear buttons, all thesefunctionalities are professionally integrated to have coolexperience of driving simulation truck. There are a lot of levelseach includes different challenging tasks/adventures and differenttracks, every next level is more difficult and challenging frombefore, each animal is dangerous and hard to load into a truck sohave fun by downloading our game and accept the challenges in thegame.Features of Animal Transporter 3d simulator:• Realistic 3Dcargo truck driving Simulator.• Awesome photo realistic 3D HDgraphics.• Amazing cargo heavy duty trucks.• Various driving modesto enjoy.• Different levels of virtual game to play with.• Exoticlandscapes includes buildings, villages, desserts and more.•Multiple levels with varying difficulty of game play• Awesome 3Dsounds• Advanced singling and speed limit systems.• User friendlycontrollers.• Pick and load animals and drop at right destination.•Variety of farm and exotic animals to deal with (chicken, elephant,fishes, cows).• Latest physics engine with modified details.•Multiple environments.• No in app purchases.• Totally free.AnimalTransporter 3d simulator 2018 By BEETLE KING Inc. inaction/adventure and simulation category 2018.
City Bridge Construction Simulator 2018 1.1.1 APK
Isaac Newton once said “we build too many walls and not enoughbridges”. Well you should listen to Mr. Newton and download ourCity Bridge Construction Simulator 2018 game and build bridges allthe way. We provide real time bridge construction experience withamazing heavy building machinery like bulldozers, heavy cranes,tractors, water tanks, road rollers and other. City BridgeConstruction Simulator 2018 lets you become the engineer andbuilder you wanted to become and build things. You can enjoydriving heavy machines and construction equipment in a proper wayto build the roads and bridges. City Bridge Construction Simulator2018 Game Play:In this game your job is to build roads and bridgesfor traffic. As you take control of the construction site, you’llhave all the equipment at your hand. The trick is to do everythingin perfect order to build a good bridge because a broken bridge isworse than no bridge at all. Put the mud in the river and thenstraighten it out with the road roller, shower the straightened mudwith water to so it can settle down, after that put the concrete onthe road and press it with the heavy bulldozer. It is almost readybut not fit for the public traffic so you need to add black gluematerial to hold the concrete together and then polish the road tomake it beautiful. The work is still not done fences need to bebuilt on the both sides of roads. After that just test your road bydriving a couple of cars on the bridge yourself.City BridgeConstruction Simulator 2018 features:Spectacular experience ofbuilding and constructing roads.Amazing and Firsthand experiencewith all the heavy construction machinery.Various marvelous levelswith the amazing building experience.Full real HUD including revs,gear and speed.Fully smooth excavator and truck controls.Awesome 3DHD graphics and camera position.Sense of relaxation andsatisfaction after completing the mission.Motivating Backgroundmusic.Totally free to download and offline play.Hurry up andinstall City Bridge Construction Simulator 2018 because there are alot of bridges to be built in your town. By Downloading and playingCity Bridge Construction Simulator 2018 you will get the experienceof some big machinery simulator, heavy forklift simulator,excavator simulator and many more, if you feel like you want todrive a heavy truck or heavy cranes, then this is the best gameever for you have some real fun by playing. City BridgeConstruction Simulator 2018 by BEETLE KING Inc. in simulation,action and adventure category 2018.
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Looking for trouble? Then have a look at this biggest mobile 3D carsimulator game first, this game simulates various parking skills.Download Extreme Car Parking Simulator Multi Level right now andview your car position with optic angle, also get the adjustableview of mirror with the steering wheel control and acceleratedbrake pedals. Play each level with time limit.Ready to takechallenges? How good can you park your accelerated car, withoutgetting a single minor hit or a scratch? Let’s have it your way.Show your skills of controlling your passion behind the wheels withhighest precision in difficult parking situations! You will have achance to drive awesome cars like heavy jeeps, Ferrari, Prado, Landcruiser of different super and exotic models as a parking lotdriver. So be careful with the cars of others, because if you geteven a minor hit, car owners will sue you. Car game enthusiasts!Here it is, so grab it and go!!! Driving through corners andobstacles in parking lots, will definitely create trouble withspeed and accuracy. Crashes, scratches and smashes will knock youout so beware of them. Don’t hit the people walking, you will be introuble otherwise. Have fun with your action pack driving. Withintelligent guides in the game, explore the limits to your boost ofamazement. Accurate time to rotate steering wheel does count forbig achievement. So what are you waiting for when it is exactly infront of you?Features:• Full HD 3D stunning graphics.• AmazingVariety of Cars (jeeps, Ferrari, Prado etc.).• 15 exoticchallenging multi-stage levels to play.• Parking super sensorsystem.• New era of parking simulation gameplay. • Real timemultiplayer.• Steering wheel control.• Limit of time for eachlevel.• Different suitable camera angles.• Background detailedinteriors.• Realistic and classic graphic quality.• With eachhigher level, get a chance to be seated in awesome and luxuriouscars like Jaguar, Mustang, Ferrari including.• Totallyfree.Download Extreme Car Parking Simulator Multi Level and becomereal master driver, this epic game is going to give you hours uponhour’s full entertainment and challenge. If you are driving orparking lover and want to improve your driving skills especially inparking then Extreme Car Parking Simulator Multi Level is theperfect game for you. Extreme Car Parking Simulator Multi Level ByBeetle King Inc. in Simulation and Action and Adventure category in2017.
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Are You Ready for the most thrilling and adventurous game? Holdyour breath and enter in the Mini Car Driving Stunts Mega RampTwisty Roads world of driving on uneven tracks and rocky hills.Enjoy amazing stunts with great physics on extreme tricky pathswill drive you crazy. In stunt driving arena win, several differentstunt tracks with super sporty mini cars avoid dangerous obstacles.Rush gently to the finish line by crossing different super stuntsin your way. Use extreme stunt simulation car controls to performinsane stunts while you rush to avoid crash. Drive fast, jumphigher cross through the dangerous stunts, complete the track andenhance your stunt driving skills with super Mini Car Racing Stuntsgame. Mini Car Driving Stunts Mega Ramp Twisty RoadsGAMEPLAY:Variety of mini sporty cars are waiting for you to drivelike police car, sports cars, offroad jeep, monster trucks, racingcar etc. Select the level, race your mini car and start yourthrilling adventures, more you pass levels more they become harderand challenging. It is the craziest best game for the extreme carstunt lovers; game is all about living on edge. Get ready to drivewith fully optioned 3D simulation stunt game with smooth controlsand twisty tracks fully integrated. Mini Car Driving Stunts MegaRamp Twisty Roads FEATURES:• 3D realistic HD graphics.• Addictiveand smooth gameplay.• Ultra-smooth 3D car controls.• Seawaterenvironment with wooden tracks and beach area.• A lot ofchallenging levels.• Variety of sporty mini cars (police car,racing cars, offroad jeep).• Realistic driving experience withgreat physics.• Sharp narrow turns with twisty roads tracks.•Totally free to download.• 70 plus languages supported.Enhance yoursuper stunt, racing and driving skills with our free game Mini CarDriving Stunts Mega Ramp Twisty Roads providing you the realisticstunt tracks simulation view, jump and ride on the mid-air tracks,show you self as a best stunt racer. Start challenge your friendsand family and see who can go far in the amazing uneven stunttracks prove that you can go through impossible stunts. Mini CarDriving Stunts - Mega Ramp Twisty Roads By BEETLE KING Inc. insimulation, action and adventure category 2018.