1.1 / December 12, 2015
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You are commanding officer of highly experience brave snipershooters team. You have assigned a very impotent mission. You haveto command you team in battlefield. You have to fight till at theend of war. Your team member are deployed on different watchtowers.Your mission is to defend army base camp from enemy attackingsoldiers. Guide your team members and command them well. Defendyour important base camp. Take a sniper shot and shoot everysoldier of enemy advancing toward army base camp. Enemies willattack from different positions so keep an eye on team so whenanyone of the position of our team member blink tap at the playerto switch then fight.== Features==- Realistic 3D army environment-Multiple sniper shooters to control- Support for HD devices-Awesome sound effects- Efficient weapon control- User friendlygraphical user interface

App Information Sniper Squad Combat Fight

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    Sniper Squad Combat Fight
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    December 12, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    32 G Block DHA Phase 2 Islamabad
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Whole city is captured by terrorists. Citizens want to get rid ofbloody terrorists. Final way to reconquest city is the use ofApache gunship helicopter along with sniper shooters. You are mostexperienced sniper shooter. Helicopter will take you to the city.Your job is to kill and shoot every single terrorist with yoursniper gun while sitting in gunship Apache helicopter. Your enemyis also equipped with anti aircraft rockets and stinger missiles.Be aware of those persons who are equipped with heavy weapons andfirst shoot them before they shoot you and your helicopter. Keep aneye on whole battlefield. You have to win this war for thebetterment and life of innocent citizens. You must survive liveduring battle because you are lost hope for the citizens. Go headand lets start the mission. Features:- Stunning graphics- Shootenemy from heli- Excellent sound effects- Awesome 3D fly view ofbattlefield