1.6.9 / July 11, 2018
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This is an offline role-playing shooter game with 3D technology,where you will be faced with the enemy who want to destroy theworld. Highlights of the game:- 4 different battle scene- Over 100tasks that people have to overcome- Arsenals treasures- The combatsupport equipmentDownload and enjoy the game.

App Information Sniper Strike Combat

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    Sniper Strike Combat
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    July 11, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    AlphaWay Game Studio
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    My Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam
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Ninja Subway Surf: Rush Run In City Rail 3.1 APK
Subway Ninja Surf: Rush Run In City Rail is a great arcarde game onPlaystore created by Alphaway Studio. It is a fantasy endlessruning game with cute design, fun and interesting gameplay.Thisninja game is an adventure of a ninja trying to escape afterfighting with shadow ninja warriors in a island. He was lost in theforest and suddenly open a mystery gate which is actually a frozentime machine. After a big blast, the gate move him and the ninjateam into 21st century. It drops him into subway rail in city andhe continue run to escapse the enemy. Luckily, some utilities canhelp him alot like shoes, rocket, magnet and skateboard.Gamefeatures:+ 3D Game+ Vivid sound and music+ Intersting graphiceffect+ Cute characters+ Thrilling moment, death speedHow to play+Swipe left to turn left+ Swipe right to turn right+ Swipe forwardto jump+ Swipe backward to scroll+ Tap to slash, fight or throwshurikenItems in game:+ Magnet: collect coins easier+ Shoes: jumphigher, run faster, jump over the train that block you and overtraffic jam in city+ Rocket: a jetpack to fly on top through theskies, collect many coins without a hitch+ Mystery box: get bonusto boost your score by double the coins from rush surfers+Skateboard: surf on the rail safely & quicklyAs a endless runsurfers game, you need to collect as many gold coins as possible tobuy items and characters.These gold coins can purchase a variety ofitems and also buy in-game characters new subway in 2017.You guysare fan of arcade and fun run games can surprise that the classicimperiments like witch, princess, castle, fruit, animals arereplaced by ninja, train and darts.Ninja Subway City an offlinegame - well, it's not a online game ... but it worth to be a free3d running games of the year on because of the hd graphics andvivid sound effects which is optimize for mobile and androidtablets.This is a classic 3D endless fun run game, but you shouldnot compare Ninja Subway City with rail rush or bus rush because ofthe different in characters design, obtacle design andgameplay.With our effort to design a fun game for free, we expectthe player can feel that: the game is fun and cute which issuitable to play anytime and anywhere wherever drive a bike, on thetrain, the bus, the plan, in a temple, eating candy or being in theoffice. Game are easy to play and suitable for everybody. All agesunder or over 18, kids and children, women and stickman, adults,workers, gold digger can play and feel satisfied.When you playgame, keeping a good strategy thinking and a good reaction.Remember to collect coins as much as you can because you need it tobuy a lot of power items and characters.We reccommend not to playmore than 6 hours a day, spend time of relaxing, working,exercising, watch football and pets if you want to. Just play tofulfill your mania.And we don't let you angry by waiting to long.Download it now and start your Subway Rush run and rail surfers,join the most thrilling dash.Run along the chaos complex trafficsubway and escape from the enemy. Let's run like hell and challengeyour limit!Contact Us:Fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/Ninja-Subway-City-1873946099492852Email:[email protected]
Strike Combat 2 APK
This is a first person shooter (fps) offlineaction game for mobile using 3d technology. You are a contractkiller who has been gone through a lot of battles with swat forcewhere you were trained to destroy enemy commando in legions of cf.This is your chance to use real weapons in the cs modern combat andparticipate in the legendary counter terrorist campaigns.You have chance to equip a lot of weapons from handgun to rifle,sniper rifle with capable of high-ranged damage. Please be controlyour fury and convert it into power to attack, kill shot them alllike an american bravo hit man. The health kit help you a ambulancerelay when needed. Other utilities like grenade damage, tear gas,fire blind help you more flexible and power in the battle. Thesniper skill is also very important. In order to become a elitesniper, you should not in fury mood, stare the target carefully anddo the head shot as much as possible.You need to complete the assigned task in each mission, especiallyyou can get rewards called crisis action if you complete themission and retains 80% health. The game was designed with a lot ofmissions over different combat location ranging from warehouse,camp in the mountains to the forest.Even you can not play shooting online 5vs5 in this rpg game, butsome special missions will make you feel the severity of thebattlefield when you are in frontier between life and death andthere is no room for mistakes. Let's win the duties in this sniper3d game to become a golden gun sniper assassin.Game features:- 4 combat locations- A lot of missions- Massive arsenal with plenty type of guns- Weapon utilities: heath kit, grenades, armorWeapon System:- Pistol: Shoot infinite ammo, free equipment, use this gun whenthe other guns are out of ammo.- Sniper gun: many types of sniper rifles with different power,including sniper guns just shot one bullet to kill the enemy whichexperience you the best action.- Semi-automatic guns: guns like AK47, sniper AUG X gun allows youto shoot multiple bullets in one shot.Characteristic:The hero and boss are designed with optimization from the image tothe effect. With its compact size, you can download the game toyour mobile easily. Even it's an action shooting game but the boysand girls can play for free to becom an elite sniper. You can playany time, even in offline status.Contact:We always try best to provide the best game for you. We will updatethe game frequently to satisfy your request. Please contact us tomake suggestions and request a game upgrade:Email: [email protected]
Sniper Strike Combat 1.6.9 APK
This is an offline role-playing shooter game with 3D technology,where you will be faced with the enemy who want to destroy theworld. Highlights of the game:- 4 different battle scene- Over 100tasks that people have to overcome- Arsenals treasures- The combatsupport equipmentDownload and enjoy the game.
Mobile Strike Bravo Kill Shot 1.2 APK
The world is threatened by a number ofterrorist organizations who are daily threatening the life ofpeople around the world. They are bombing, shooting and killingcivilians. The terrorist organizations have overtaken the cities,exploiting the nature resources to consolidate their army forcesfighting again all countries worldwide.As the notorious soothsayer said: the world was about to stepinto the danger situation. We need the brave soldiers who canparticipate to destroy the terrorist army.In the game Mobile Strike Bravo Kill Shot, you will play as asoldier who joined a lot of battles in the past in which you havebeen learnt how to destroy the enemy in shooting combats. This isan opportunity for you to use your powerful weapons and win thelegendary campaigns.This game simulate the attack campaign into head quater of theterrorists when they are hiding in the fortified house withcarefully guarded. They have a lot of money and they can equip withadvanced weapons, so the special forces must be very careful in thecampaign. You will also be equipped yourself with a lot of weaponsfrom handguns to rifles, sniper rifles with capable of high damage.The health kits are also available for you. Like the other shootinggames, you can use different type of grenades to damage enemy liketear gas grenade, fire blind grenade.Mobile Strike Bravo Kill Shot is produced by AlphaWay GameStudio. We are a young and dynamic team who love mobile actiongames. We design this game to target to user who like the shootergame genre. If you are fan of FPS game in PC like Half Life,Counter Strike, Dot Kich, Truy Kich or Tap Kich then you willreally love this game. Using lastest game technology, Mobile StrikeBravo Kill Shot worth your time to discover the heroes immersivetask:- Free Game Play- 3D Graphics- Many different game Map- Shoot the terrorists to get bonuses- Stores having many guns and equipments- Casino to get lucky "treasure"- 10 type of riflesWe hope the player feels like real combat fighting with theterrorists, it will be the beginning for you on the way to becomingsniper assassin. Let's downloading this shooting game to become alegendary shooter.
Chicken Shoot HD 1.1 APK
Chicken Shoot HD - fun shooter classic style adventure withnumerous dark. You do not need to think too much about loweringchickens.How to play:- Just touch the screen to knock chickens.-There are many levels to challenge your abilities.- Destroyimmediately destroy chickens (flashing) prevent them from layingeggs- With chicken hat, you'll have to shoot 2 times to destroythem- Shoot the eggs of chickens boss does not let us falldownFunction:- Easy controls.- Beautiful graphics (HD), manyspecial effects.- Sounds lively.- Multiple levels.- You will fightwith Chicken Boss at final chapter in each stage.
Real Speed Super Car Racing 3D 2.1 APK
This offline racing game will let you go through overtaking speedwith endless of interesting. Built on 3D technology will help youexperience the super speed and the most interesting fact.Designwith the beautiful scenes, game has 3D graphics with meticulousdetail, vivid sound promising to bring players to the strangefeeling when you first enter the game. The verizontal view helpplayers to be able to view the whole city or dozens of differentdangerous roads which make you enjoy.The game rules are not simplebut not too complicated. You just tilt your phone left or right tocontrol your car without bumping to the cars going in the samedirection, you should ready to collect the coins along theway.Difficult point of this high speed racing game is your speedreaches as high as very vulnerable to crashing into other cars. Soyou need to increase or decrease the speed reasonable. In order toreach the incredible speed, you need to open the last car in theshop at speed up to 450km / h. With this car, just a small stonescan make you fly down the bridge.The race is not boring when youopen the new cars in the shop and high scores are recorded.The mainfeatures- Different types of racing cars- Two game modes: classicand mission- Diversity effects: magnetic, speed, fog and collision-Achievements and task listLet's download and enjoy this game
Jewels Quest Classic Match 3 1.2.1 APK
Fun, easy to play and once you've played it's difficult tostop.Diamonds have long been a very popular genre for manygenerations by beautiful images and easily play of all ages. JewelsQuest, also a diamond game genre, but completely different way ofplaying the classic diamond game.Is a combination of stunningvisuals and effects inherent shimmering Diamond, along withextremely innovative gameplay and engaging with different gamemodes, Jewels Questfresh breeze bring new diversity richer fortraditional Diamond series.Come to Jewels Quest. You can playanywhere, any place and any time. This is a great game for you toexercise the brain. Suitable for all ages.HOW TO PLAY:- Touch from3 diamonds of the same color.- Use items in the game to pass alleasier.- Classic Mode: Eat as many diamonds as possible and try toachieve or surpass the target point of each level. As much as manybonus points in each touch diamond. Try to eat lots of diamonds atonce, you will gain the greatest rewards.- Mode Time: diamondrating quickly to pass all in one certain time period. Every timesuccess timeline will increase- Puzzle Mode: for one certain numberof diamonds, the player will have to arrangeDiamond Star for thediamond eaten gaveDC-------------------------------CHARACTERISTICS:- 3 modes of playcompletely different: Classic, Time and Puzzle.- 7 different typesof diamond.- Excellent abilities to liberate all the same colordiamonds- Fluidity- Automatically save your game when players exit-We always listen to any comments fromyou!-------------------------------If you truly love the game genrediamond, you should try the Jewels Quest
Bomber Legend: Super Classic Boom Battle 1.3 APK
Bomber Legend Super Classic Boom Battle is an extremely excitingclassic action strategy game for you created by Alphaway Studio.Develop from the classic bomber game with innovation, this gamepromise to bring you alot of fun and interesting.★ HOW TO PLAY ★+Use joytick control to move the hero+ Place the bomb to defeat themonsters+ Choose good strategy to bombing smart monsters+ Becareful, bombs can also destroy yourself in exploding range.+ Getitems hiden in obstacles+ Collect gold and items to improve yourpower+ Clear the map before time elapse+ Defeat the big bosses infinal battles★ GAME FEATURE ★+ Five bomber zones with a lot ofmystery to discover+ Super heroes with customize fighter skills +Cute pets to support heroes in fighting+ Variety of boom types withspecial boom effects+ Power up items help you stronger in action+Achievement and daily missions★ INTERESTING BOMBER ZONES ★ + Ninjazone: with the support of pet like turtle, your hero warrior withfight with ninja in manga design to win the battle. Be careful withsamurai in the last scene because he is extremely dangerous. Eventhe ninja may have special kungfu, but your bomb can take themall.+ Pirate zone: finding the treasure hiden under the old ship,facing with monster and pirate in the difficult battle. The besttip is using horse in this zone and put your bomb bubble in theright place.+ Zombie zone: there are different kinds of zombie needto kill to clear the map. In the apocalypse city, your hero need todefend the attack of zombie waves. Commander zombie can shoot,soldier ghost zombie can attack and nurse zombie can create poisonunder the shadow. So put your bomb in a smart way to survive.+ IceAge zone: a cute zone with 3 cute monsters: penguins, snowman andreindeer. Enjoy your adventure to cartoon world in snow village.+UFO zone: This zone bring you an adventure to ufo world: meetingthe alien, facing with flying robot and scary z stickman fighters.And last but not least is to defeat the robot boss and bombsquad.★CUTE PETS ★A big set of animals can be your pets: turtle, horse,ostrick, tiger, elephant and dragon. Pets help you to run faster,become stronger. Let's pick up some of them to become your bomberfriends.★ SUPER HEROES ★We have both boy and girl in superheroesfighters collection: Rocky, Laydy Moon, Red Fairy, Tsumugai, SuperHerou, Spaidey, Batmoon, Robinhuc, Mancap, Sonkunkai. They are notheroes in marvel novel but all of them are very cute, very skillfulwho can bring you to the superman advendture.Bomber legend classicis an offline game, online mode is comming soon. It's designed tobe an action fun game for free with hd graphics and vivid soundeffects. With our effort to design an innovation classic bomberlegend game, we expect the player can feel that: the game is funand cute which is suitable to play anytime and anywhere whereverdrive a bike, on the train, the bus, the plan, in a temple, eatingcandy or being in the office. Game is for everybody. All ages underor over 18, kids and children, women and man, adults, workers, golddigger can play. Not play more than 3 hours per day, spend time ofrelaxing, working, exercising, watch football if you want to. Wewill give you frequent update in 2017, 2018 and so on.Get ready toblast the enemy. Bom it! Play it to fulfill your mania. Blow upeverything in the way you run. Gods knows who is the winner infinal fight. You will be a big bomberman with a ton of bomb andpowerful blast in a bomba game.Contact Us:Fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/Bomberman-Cartoon-357611424674422/Email:[email protected]