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Sometimes you have to blow a tanker. And access to them issometimes not very powerful gangster factors. You can hit targetsmore comfortable with weapons of different power.FPS game mode thatis suitable for easy and convenient middle age level. Explosionsand blood splashed available. If you are using as shields roofusing doors. It will be more difficult to hit the enemy.Fun games.

App Information Sniper Terror 3D

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    Sniper Terror 3D
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    September 19, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Bemu Games
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RC Car Simulation 1.0.0 APK
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You have to download the game to play a racing game with a uniquemountain to climb. Want to experience driving in the highmountains. Be bold and do not be afraid of the pit. Loosen springs.Tighten the screws. You must complete the game before the end ofthe fuel. If large items would not be easy to move them. But ourgame does not need to carry our belongings. Left side of the treeand started to climb high. If the wheels turn around if you try touse the tool of the more careful point.Try not to fall from thecorner with precision controls. If you fall, you will not have manychances to go down. Challenging seconds starts. Watch thecountdown. With gas and brake controls are shifting buttons on thebottom right of the screen. These checks and be able to bettermanage the car giant.The game is completely free. And it issuitable for all ages. You can play freely.GameFeaturesHigh-quality interface designEasy controlGas, brake andsteering control withAchievement systemDamage controlRealistic carphysics
RC Drift Truck Climb 1.0.0 APK
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Super RC racing truck racing with mountain climbing join you. Areyou ready to climb mountains to get a big advantage over itsrivals? Proven way through the hills and mountains jump by pressingthe accelerator.The purpose of the RC time before the end of thegame is to reach the finish area of ​​the truck. You can improvethe car won gold. You can select the perfect race track in the newcar. Very easy to play with the controls on the screen. You canimprove themselves with the fun part. You can change the cameraangle of the screen. RC truck is prevented from falling off thecliff. Choose to manage better cars better. RC adjust the color ofthe truck and hit the accelerometer!- Control the option to changethe use accelerometer- Gas, brake and transmission modules-Suitable for children.- Most used car physics- Camera options fromdifferent angles- Damage detection mechanism- Yes, incredibleTotally FREE!- Car garage with selection- Fun background fiction-Check the steering for easy use- Customizable car models- Amazingsound effects- Yep with the most commonly used way to draw new wayseditor- Powerful optimization- Realistic vehicle models- Levelsystem- Play flourish dozens of new section- 40 challenging Level-Monster cars
Monster Car Hill Climb 1.0.0 APK
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If you want to climb the high slopes and RC to control this gameMonster car for you. Do not you want to join an exciting race withunique episode? Need to control tightening financing to roll down.Masters immediately start playing to become a driver.In this gameyou will be waiting a huge hilly area. You have to follow the pathwe have opened for you on the mountain. Monster RC car with gaswhich can speed up the screen. You can slow the vehicle by braking,where you can play again forced to re-start button game. So we adddozens of entertainment is a long chapter. The aim is to achievethe pleasurable part of a one unscathed to the finish point.GameFeaturesRC model Monster CarRealistic car drivingexperienceRealistic physics rulesFantastic sound effectsA largemap40 challenging levelsEasy, Medium and Difficult sectionsEasycontrolThe game is completely free to climb a mountain.
City Ambulance Simulator 1.0.0 APK
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You need to get injured as soon as possible. They may be in pain.Ambulances mobilized to help them. The destination is the emergencyroom. In the emergency room where game shows as indicated by anorange arrow. Patients are desperate bekleyişt. Be quick and be thehero of the ambulance. You will need plenty of patience in thegame. Watch out for obstacles on the road.Ambulance blue and redlights are seen. This is indicative of an emergency. Here's a hugeopportunity to make a super drive. You can use shortcuts appear onthe screen to control the vehicle. This game is not like otherempty road game. There are real vehicles can hit the road and donot mind ambulance. You will fail if you take damage.GameFeaturesReal car physicsDriving pleasure with gearFluent backgroundmusicExcellent playabilityEasy controlDifferent camera angles(Near, Far)40 levels of a difficult one
City School Bus Simulator 1.0.0 APK
Bemu Games
School bus use is a task that can only be successful driver. Anyonewho does not get permission to use this great tool. Children inschool out of the traffic jams to get to where they need to. A goodopportunity to get to the school bus driver's license. You willreward you even as you could take it to school on time and receive3 stars.The city is designed entirely in 3D. We add the most easyto use controls to play you comfortable with the phone. If you canfinish without hitting obstacles on the road dangerous to live abetter driving experience it is in your hands. Now is the time toshow himself with all kinds of maneuvers. Are you ready tochallenge other users? The game has 40 levels. Each section will bemore difficult.Game FeaturesEntertaining moments with backgroundmusicRating system with successRealistic driving physics andcodingTerrific city platformRealistic model school busDamagedetection systemTire tracks and smoke effectsSteering, gas and useof gear
RC Down The Hill 1.0.0 APK
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What about using a large RC cars in the most demanding mountainslopes that saw the world? This is your chance to be the judge ofchallenging trails. You can use a large map precisely RC car?Challenge the way the car using fast and show yourself. RC Truckand enhance the experience by adding new to the experience as agood racer.Hill climbing is to reach the end point in the game assoon as possible the task. To reach this point then you will needto use the mountain road. You can use the RC car better at the endpart by collecting gold. You have this very enjoyable to play withremote control cars. Our game is totally compatible with children.With the toy with 4x4 feature are you ready to be king? If youwish, you can take your pick from the different characteristicsfrom the car garage.Game Features- Monster cars- Yes, incredibleTotally FREE!- Car garage with selection- Fun background fiction-Check the steering for easy use- Customizable car models- Amazingsound effects- Control the option to change the use accelomet- Gas,brake and transmission modules- Suitable for children.- Most usedcar physics- Camera options from different angles- Damage detectionmechanism- Yep with the most commonly used way to draw new wayseditor- Powerful optimization- Realistic vehicle models- Levelsystem- Play flourish dozens of new section- 40 challenging Level
RC Mini Muscle Car 3.0.0 APK
Bemu Games
Mountain climbing is a general feature of the game to compete. Anddifficulties in thin narrow mountain road waiting for you. RC caryou will have fun with the game. Sometimes you can be stuck in themud, but do not give up. If you can find a way to save their tiresfrom the deep pit you might have a chance to win. Returns have tobe back in a controlled manner. Or you tumbled into the abyss. Youcan not go into the road after the car shattered.You will fail ifyou fall. So the speed of the move to improve your experience andto set a good experience. Section will be opened according todifficulty level. If you think that the car is insufficient or weakcar Update immediately. RC car is kind of us. You are completelyfree to choose the RC car you want. To win the game with bettercars because you will love it. Separation from the ground by one ofthe big mountain environment. Speed ​​up or slow down the car witha simple control tools on the screen. When it comes to thefinishing point you can be the best hill climb racer. Come to theTools menu and select Customize a nice car out of the garage. Theleader of the race with the steering wheel on the screen.
Ambulance Driver Simulator 3D 1.0.0 APK
Bemu Games
Emergency! Injured people are waiting for you. Should go to theside and you gotta get them quickly. Take to avoid obstacles on theroad to take the wounded and rescue. We offer you an excellentopportunity to develop the ambulance driving skills. We make iteasy to use and optimum control.There are 40 challenging task inthis game as you should do with them. After the difficult taskseasy task to begin. In a short time you need to complete sections.And immediately take the patient recovers from the traffic jams.This game is among the game using only the best ambulance. Veryeasy to control the game Ambulance. You will have a good time with3d ambulance city simulation game.Game FeaturesEasy controlfeaturesRealistic physics rulesCar control systemRealistic 3D modelof ambulanceGreat sound and effectsRealistic human modelsThenavigation systemTire trail extensionSuccess reward systemThereplay optionGas, brake and gear useAmbulance management andsteering