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Sniper Train Shooter 2050 is an action and thrilling FPS FreeSniper Game. Its real Sound effects gives you a feel of being inthe battlefield. It is full action packed story.Young man! You area War Commando who is out there on a Secret mission. The Mission isvery hard and the enemies are real terrorists. In "Sniper TrainShooter 2050" the furious Terrorist force is at its peak as theyare equipped with a wide range of modern army weapons and a fullpowered man force which they command.The evil enemy has taken overthe Railway and has hijacked a train full of innocent people of thekingdom. You are the only hope of the nation as their intentionsare much evil.The kingdoms nation has all eyes on You. Being a warcommando , You have to get back the Hijacked train from theterrorists and conduct this close combat.Just step into yourHelicopter and bulit up your Sniper Riffles. You are equipped withthe Modern army sniper riffles like M107 , M4 a1 and MK 11.Here,you've got a Chopper which is one of the Best Helicopters and youhave the best aim as well which gives you an edge. We want a bravefighter and a shooter to conduct this mission.Aim your target andkill the Enemies as the train is on the Railways surronded by adense forest and snowy mountains.We expect not you to waste time asyou have to conquer through different Missions in "Sniper TrainShooter 2050". Good Luck !Features :Amazing 3d Graphicsreal soundeffectsChallenging missions3 Types of Sniper rifflesBest Game playwith environments back groudRewards

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    February 28, 2017
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ELITE GUNSHIP STRIKEELITE GUNSHIP STRIKE IS A FREE GUNSHIP SHOOTERGAME!Gunship Strike is the most realistic 3D helicopter battleaction game available on Google Play. Gunship Strike puts you inthe gunner seat of the most powerful combat helicopters. It’s agunner first person shooting game. Compete with one of the brutalenemy who play game of war with every country. In this age of fire,everyone suffers the consequences. Your air war commando is seatedin an army helicopter to battle the enemies, the helicopter beingefficiently equipped with the state of the art weapons andenhancements to take down massive hordes of aerial forces.Use yourimpeccable air war skills and take drifts and turns throughperilous enemy battle grounds. Take them all out with authority toassert your dominance on the battle field.- Gunner- Multipleweapons to fire- Variety of Armors to protect- Medical kit to saveenergy- Air strike to save you- Enemies with Gunship helicopters,humvees, Tanks- Challenging missions to enjoy the game- Machine gunand upgraded RPG- Optimized controls to be able to play the bestshooting game- Amazing 3D environment- Real sound effects- GunshipAir AttackThis game is for hardcore gamers who enjoy the top latestFPS, shooting and racing games. Never before will you have foundyourself shooting a midst intense enemy gunship crossfire!
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Hey hero, your country rely on your legendary fight against yourenemy. Enemy is attacking from seaside in order to capture easternRussian coast cities. They believe that demolition of Russia muststart from east. So you Russian Hero, defend your country againstinvaders! You are the only chance for your nation!The enemy hasattacked your marine base and with the help of one of the largestair craft carrier, they are about to enter in your sea water. Theyneed to be stopped before they invade the whole country. Enemy isbacked by the apache helicopters and their special team is on themotor boats.Your duty is to protect your countrymen from theruthless army, attacking everyone. Being equipped with the latestmachine gun and rocket launcher, you need to destroy their carrier,soldiers, motor boats and fighter planes. There are waves afterwaves that won't let you settle down. Its insane and mad maxfury.Loosing this battle is not acceptable, you need to win at anycost. Don’t be afraid, they are not made of steel. Whoever wins ,will be remember as king of the seaçThe mission is called “Navydefend warzone”***Top game features***-Multiple new weapons-Shieldsto protect-Life kit -Air strikes-Enemies with Gunship helicopters,motor boats-Challenging missions-Machine gun and upgradedRPG-Optimized controls-Realistic 3D environment-Real soundeffectsThis game is for hardcore gamers who enjoy the top latestFPS, shooting, simulation games. Never before will you have foundyourself being a Navy shooterPS. If you encounter any issue whichdoesn't let you enjoy our games, please report it tofuncraftstudios@gmail.com
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Officer, report to Duty! Criminals are on the loose, and you haveto chase them in your Police Car and bring them to justice.Experience the real rush of adrenaline with Police Car CriminalChase in your fast and furious Police Car! The Criminals are notgoing to stop so your Police Car is equipped with state of the artmachine guns to stop the criminals car dead in their tracks!PoliceCar Criminal Chase combines the best of driving gameplay withshooting skills so you can challenge yourself against deadlyopponents! Can you drive like a pro and shoot in a Real Police CarCriminal Chase?Game Features? Challenging city tracks? Difficultaddictive missions? Realistic city environments? Realistic carphyics? Missions full of explosive combat action? Smooth carcontrol and addictive gameplay? Great level progression? Alsooptimized for android tablet devices.PS. We work hard to ensurethat our games run properly on every major android phone andtablet. If however you encounter any issue which doesn't let youenjoy our games, please report it to funcraftstudios@gmail.com
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Alliance of War: Best Third Person Shooter GameOne of the bestthird person shooter game.Game play is so exciting that you cantstop playing it for hours.The desert is at its peak with Humid& Hot weather and you are there to conquer the Modern Enemywith your brave action plan.Saving the nation is the main reason.You are a brave and daring warrior , on a secret mission.Themission is dangerous and full of modern war fare. No doubt you areequipped with modern era war weapons like AK47 , Bazoka , Sniperand AMG's , but the Enemy line is extremist and are dangerouspeople.You are in your commomdo outfit and are ready to attack andkill the enemy soldiers and battle till your last breath.Fallingmore enemies means more chances to survive into war mission. justact as a brave and daring warrior! Invade at RivalsIt’s a game ofwar and everyone is part of it.Alliance of War is the 3d actiongame about a city had been taken over by the drug mafia andterrorists disturbing the peaceful life of individuals. You beingthe special force commander have been called for the duty and headthe mission “Frontier”. Your job is to clean the city from anyunlawful activity and wipe out the culprits. The enemies have theirstrongholds in the town; they are well equipped with modern weaponsbacked by the tanks and gunship helicopters. They may have hiredcontract killer snipers to take you out. So be careful and showthem what you are capable of. You will be provided a Tank, with alatest gun installed on it with unlimited ammo. You will befighting with them at the foursquare, their base. It’s a game ofwar and the secret of your success is your love towards yourhomeland. So in order to bring back the peace, you need to crushthe enemies and it’s going to be a monster strike for them.Being aspecial trained elite military commando army soldier, you willconduct a covert special ops operation on Mediterranean Island. Aboat backed by gunship helicopter choppers will drop you on theshores. Sneak into deep inside enemy’s territory, infiltrate theirfrontier stronghold and eliminate ruthless enemy special forcecommandos using latest modern weapons & lethal guns ofwarfare.Their sniper shooters have taken their positions, theirtanks are ready to welcome you and their foot commando soldiersequipped with modern weapons & lethal guns are furious to getyou down on your knees.**Latest Features***Limited challengingmissions*Real Crime city 3d environment*Real sound effects*Tankwith latest artillery *Use the RPG to shot down helicopters*CoolanimationsFor your any questions, please contact us via e-mail.