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The classic "SvT" is back! Follow us on social to keep up to dateonthe latest in-game events! Twitter.com/SvTGameFacebook.com/SvTGame/https://bit.ly/SvTDiscord Snipers vs Thievesis a REAL-TIMEmultiplayer heist game! Protect your stash as adeadly Sniper orLOOT your rivals as a gang of filthy Thieves!CREATE and UPGRADE adeck of epic gadgets ranging from big-headammo, freeze bullets tothe ever-reliable invisibility cloak. Playin SEASONS to earn starsand REWARDS as you work your way up theranks. Earn game changingMASKS such as the Gorilla King,Frankenstein and even U.S.Presidents past and present!************* FEATURES: PLAY AS ASNIPER! • Protect your vault inreal-time from rival bankers! Takethem out before they get to thegetaway van! LOOT AS A GANG OFTHIEVES! • Team up with Thievesacross the world or buddy up withyour friends and take on rivalgangs! UPGRADE OVER 50 DIFFERENTWEAPONS AND GADGETS! • Blow yourrivals away with explosive ammo orice the competition with freezebullets! • Disguise yourself as acar or perhaps even a tree toslip away with all the loot! GET RICHIN STYLE! • Collect over 100different masks! Highlights includeSamurai, Pumpkin head and DiscoBall guy. JOIN A CARTEL WITHFRIENDS! • How much loot can you takein a weekend? Co-ordinate yourCartel to maximise your returns!SEASONS AND COMMUNITY! • Seasonsand events filled with new contentand surprises! • Climb your wayto the elite leaderboards and proveyour worth against the best inthe business. DELVE INTO THE BLACKMARKET! • Hundreds of weapons andgadgets flow through the blackmarket every day - keep an eye outfor rare items! *************Don't forget to leave a review on thestore, we want your feedbackto keep making SvT a better experience!Privacy policy:www.playstack.com/legal/privacy Terms ofservice:www.playstack.com/legal/tos *************

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Stardust Battle: Elite 3v3 MOBA Combat Battles APK
✨Welcome to Stardust Battle! ✨ Fight through the leagues andunlockmodes and heroes as you face off against the deadly gangbosses!FEATURES: * MOBILE ARENA SHOOTER BATTLES: Action packedandbeautiful 3v3 battles! * AWESOME HEROES: Jack the Mecha-Bunny!🤖Mia with her deadly arrows! 🏹 Momo and his...cupcakes. 😅 *EPICSPELLS: FREEZE your enemies with Batuk! Create a GHOST withAkio!Can you dodge Jack's MISSILE ATTACK? * SO MANY MODES:Zombie-War!Essence Hunt! Last Man Standing! Classic Tower DefenceFace Off!... and more to come! * STAR ALLIANCES: Create or join aguild toplay with friends! * CUSTOMISE: Customise your heroes withamazingskins! * STORY: Play through adventure mode and beat thegangbosses! * LEAGUES: Climb the Diamond Leagues for amazing prizesandrespect! You are part of an exciting new kind of game -amultiplayer arena shooter designed specifically foryoursmartphone! Join us in battle against thousands of otherplayersfrom around the world, all in pursuit of the mysteriousanddelicious element known as "Stardust". Recruit your very ownteamfrom Stardust Battle’s roster of incredible spacecreatures,customise your look and fight for your share of theStardust! Youralliance is counting on you! ************* Pleasefollow us onsocial to keep up to date on the latest in-gameevents:fb.com/stardustbattlecommunity Don't forget to leave areview onthe store, we want your feedback to keep making StardustBattle abetter experience! Privacy policy:www.playstack.com/legal/privacyTerms of service:www.playstack.com/legal/tos *************Stardust Battle usesvarious third party services to support yourgaming experience,ranging from advertising to customer support. Inorder for thesecomponents to function correctly, they requirepermission to accessexternal storage. PlayStack respects yourprivacy and will neveraccess, make use of or share your personaldata.
Cubiti Dash 'n' Dodge 1.1.1 APK
Here at Cube Headquarters we are seriously crazy about cubes.Weknow that every single thing in the universe is better if it’sacuboid. Watermelons, flowers, humans, wheels; everything! Andnowin partnership with the world’s squarest games developers, webringto you Cubiti Dash ’n’ Dodge!! This is a special adventuregamefeaturing the coolest collection of cubes ever conjured.Hamburgercubes. Football cubes. Even pancake cubes. Your mission isto avoidthe deadly spherical bombs and unlock them all! Master Dashmode toearn epic multipliers by making risky moves and getting asclose asyou can to the bombs before they explode! Use power-ups toboostyour speed or unleash the awesome CubitiZilla! 𑂽𑂽𑂽𑂽 𑂽𑂽𑂽𑂽 𑂽𑂽𑂽𑂽Dareto be square! 𑂽𑂽𑂽𑂽 𑂽𑂽𑂽𑂽 𑂽𑂽𑂽 Follow us on social to keep up todate:https://www.facebook.com/CubitiGames/Support:support@cubitidashanddodge.zendesk.com PrivacyPolicy:http://www.playstack.com/legal/privacy Terms ofService:www.playstack.com/legal/tos
Snipers Vs Thieves: Zombies! 1.7.39817 APK
EPIC ZOMBIE SHOOTER on your phone! The Zombies are rising andthey’re hungry for...CASH!? Take them down!! CREATE AN EPIC LOADOUT Deploy turrets to protect your cash! Use RPGs for undead crowdcontrol! Choose bouncing bullets! ENDLESS ZOMBIE WAVES How many canyou survive? Watch out for mega boss fights! SMOOTH CONTROLS Becomean elite Sniper using one touch controls! Jump into the action inseconds! UNLEASH YOUR RAGE Power up as you activate RAGE MODE!Insta-kills until your clip is empty! COMPLETE SPEC OPS Become aturret in special missions as you get up close and personal withyour new shuffling friends!
Fort Stars: Ultimate Gamer Bundle Edition 3.1.0 APK
Create the ultimate strategic team of champions to raidenemyfortress castles, steal loot and conquer the empire kingdoms!Theright combination of brains and brawn will lead you to victoryinyour quest. Defend your own riches by building animpenetrablefortress with traps and guardians around every corner.ASSEMBLE AMIGHTY TEAM Pick me! Pick me! There is a guild of epicheroes tocollect, customize and upgrade, but it’s your duty toselect thebest raiding party. Do you want strength? Speed? OrSorcery? Choosefrom knights, warriors, paladins, wizards and more!Should you sendyour team to find Gold, Crystals, or Cards? They arethe brawn, butyou are the brains! RAID YOUR RIVALS FOR LOOT Toreach the richesin the Throne Room, you must be strategic with yourattacks. HolyShield? Reduce damage! Summon Gruntlings? Unleashsnappy, snappy,bite, bite! Elf archers? Pierce the enemy withpointy-eared,projectiles! Whether you want to lash with lightning,summon asorceress, or make your enemies flee in fear, there’s aspell foryou. Use the right cards and the loot is yours! BUILD THEULTIMATEDEFENSE Defend against invasions and build an impenetrablecastlelabyrinth of danger with traps, tricks, and guardians. Createanepic defense for your tower throne room to prevent the enemyfromtaking the all the glory, medals and treasure! WORLD GAMES *Climbthe rankings of the global leagues! * Form a guild and take ontheworld with your friends! * Crush epic guardian bosses! *Invadefortresses built by friends, enemies, and anyone else aroundtheworld! ************* Let's talk strategy with your fellowStars!Join us on:https://www.facebook.com/fortstarsgame/https://twitter.com/FortStarsInstagram: @fortstarsgame Anyquestions or comments? Please take alook at the Gruntlings tips,tricks and troubleshooting:https://fortstars.zendesk.com/hc/ Don'tforget to leave a review onthe store, we want your feedback tokeep making Fort Stars a betterexperience! ************* FortStars uses various third partyservices to support your gamingexperience, ranging from advertisingto customer support. In orderfor these components to functioncorrectly, they require permissionto access external storage.PlayStack and MagicFuel respects yourprivacy and will never access,make use of, or share your personaldata.
HELP: Matching Games with Fun Puzzle Gameplay 1.0.2 APK
Play five, fun puzzle games for charity! HELP: The Gamebringstogether the top developers, studios and gaming industrysuperstars- 100% of NET proceeds will support War Child UK, acharity forchildren affected by conflict across the globe. Matchyour way outof the most entertaining scenarios imaginable in epicanimal games.Keep your wits about you while playing five addictivepuzzle games.Steer Rupert, a clumsy elephant away from delicatechina in athrilling indie game. Create natural landscapes repletewithadorable grizzly bears. Swipe to check tickets and managegrumpytrain commuters under intense pressure. Swipe for charity bypilingclothes on shelves in a topsy-turvy physics game. And, ifthat’snot enough fun puzzle gameplay for you, dodge perilouswreckingballs while playing intense racing games! Top 3 Reasons toDownloadHELP: The Game 1. Five fun filled addictive puzzle games,matchinganimal games and a physics game you can’t get anywhereelse. 2.Addictive, casual gameplay from top gaming studios. 3. Giveback tocharity by helping children affected by global conflict.Playmatching games so they can too. With brand new indie gamesfromFeatherweight Games, Gameloft, Sports Interactive, and Wooga,HELPbrings all the fun of casual gameplay and addictive puzzlegamesstraight to your phone. FEATHERWEIGHT GAMES - MEDIOCREHOUSEKEEPING• With easy swipe gameplay, throw as many clothes aspossible ontoshelving units in this physics game gone awry - but,don’t let themfall off! • Swipe for the most fun you’ll ever haveputting laundryaway. It’s a physics game for all ages! GAMELOFT -FIFTY BUDDIES •Embrace the addictive energy of racing games withGameloft, themakers of the popular Asphalt series. • Racing gamestake on awhole new meaning with 50 jelly bellies - dash furiously,dodgewrecking balls, avoid traps and more! INISH CIÚB • Playengagingtile-based puzzle games • Match tiles to create yourownflourishing, natural world filled with adorable grizzlybears!SPORTS INTERACTIVE - TICKETS PLEASE • War Childveterancontributor, Sports Interactive, the creator of FootballManager,returns! • Swipe to check passengers’ train tickets whileunderintense time pressure from grumpy commuters. WOOGA - RUPERT,SELL‘EM DON’T BREAK ‘EM • Match away! Fly by the seat of yourpantswith Wooga, the creators of June’s Journey and Tropicats. •Don’tlet Rupert, our clumsy elephant, smash his way through astorefilled with delicate china. Match gameplay hits its stridewithanimal games from the top gaming studios! Enjoy indie games andfunmatching games, created for the casual gaming user. DownloadHELP:The Game and play five addictive puzzle games in support ofWarChild UK. A carefully developed selection of indie gamescreatedfor charity, HELP has hours of matching games and fun puzzlegamesfor you to play so children affected by global conflict canhave achance to enjoy casual gameplay too. With special thanks togoGame.ABOUT PLAYSTACK: PlayStack is a new publisher with a freshapproachto supporting amazing games and the awesome people behindthem.***** HELP The Game uses various third-party services tosupportyour gaming experience. In order for these components tofunctioncorrectly, they require permission to access externalstorage.PlayStack respects your privacy and will never access, makeuse ofor share your personal data.
Snipers vs Thieves 2.13.40291 APK
💥💰Become the BEST SNIPER or the ULTIMATE THIEF!💰💥 Play as SNIPERorTHIEF!!! Multiplayer asymmetric gameplay. Two Unique ways toplay,as the SNIPER, take out the THIEVES and protect you CASH frombeingtaken. As the THIEVES dodge bullets and get to the getawayvanquickly to escape with your hard-earned winnings. Four GAMEMODES!!Choose what you want to play, with the SNIPER go head tohead withother SNIPERS to take down the most thieves, play byyourself totake down the THIEVES before they escape or see how longyou cansurvive against the HORDE of THIEVES. With the THIEF choosebetweencompetitive or cooperative game modes, race to be the firstThiefto the van and leave the others behind or work together bycausingdistractions so that you all escape. Amazing GADGETS andGUNS!!Customize your abilities by choosing from over 40 differentgadgetsfor you THIEF or SNIPER so that players don’t know what’sgoing tohit them. Also, choose from 20 unique GUNS. CUSTOMISE yourlook toshow your personality! Choose between 150 MASKS and 30differentSUIT COLOURS to show off your own UNIQUE STYLE. Make sureyou arememorable to others! REAL-TIME PvP Battles! Fast paced PvPactionthat will keep you coming back for more!!! Show your skillswithMISSIONS! Complete MISSIONS to unlock new titles foryourcharacters! Display these to other players to prove how greatyoureally are. The missions will push your skills, are you goodenoughto complete them all? COMING SOON: NEW EVENTS! MORESEASONALCONTENT! MORE MODES! NEW MASKS AND SUITS! *************FollowSnipers vs Thieves at: Twitter.com/SvTGameFacebook.com/SvTGame/Don’t forget to leave a review! Privacypolicy:www.playstack.com/legal/privacy Terms ofservice:www.playstack.com/legal/tos *************
Cubiti PARti - Competitive AR Party Game! 1.2.0 APK
The P-AR-TY Is On! Up to 4 players can compete in this insanelyfunrealtime Augmented Reality party game! pARti with yourfriendsonline in realtime multiplayer tournaments or getcompetitiveagainst random players! Take your Cubiti to new heightsand masterthe Daily Challenge, or join the competition and play arange offun minigames - - Hit the basketball court and shoot thehoops inHoopshot! - Test your ultimate skills with the epic DashHurdles! -Think fast in Smashi Cubiti in this uniquely fun twistonWack-a-mole! - Smash goals against your friends in Ricochet Ace!-Challenge your reactions as you master the Dodge Arena!Everytournament counts in the Weekly World Tour! The region whoholdsthe biggest Cubiti pARti will be crowned the Master Cubiti!You’llget new tournament tickets daily so the fun need never stop!Withover 50 fun Cubiti characters to collect in both Cubiti pARtiandour other game Cubiti Dash ‘n’ Dodge, you can discoverYOURfavourite Cubiti and show them off online. To collect alltheCubiti characters you can unlock them by connecting to Facebookandplaying both Cubiti Dash ‘n’ Dodge and Cubiti pARti. Unlock allthered, blue or green Cubiti characters in a class in both gamestounleash all new hidden Cubiti! Subscribe now to get access toGoldand Silver Cubiti characters, no Ads, free coins andunlimitedtournament tickets. Will you dare to be square?
Idle Aquarium 16.1.89 APK
🐟 🐙 🐠 🐡 Welcome to Idle Aquarium! Build a fish-tastic aquariumbrimming with aquatic life and rake in the money! • Start smallStart with a small exhibit, attract visitors, sell tickets to earnmoney, and then expand to facilitate more impressive exhibits. •Attract guests Decorate and improve your reception in order toattract more customers and keep them happy through aquatic researchand happy marine life. • Buy upgrades Expand your gift shop byadding new sale items or upgrading the existing ones. Yourcustomers will appreciate it and will spend more money! • Collectfish Sail away to discover new fish species that you can include inyour aquarium and bring in rarer and legendary fish... is that aKraken?! Manage the welfare of your fish by hiring experts to keeptanks clean and fish fed. • Upgrade tanks Build, repair and upgradeexhibits from all over the world to showcase a variety of oceananimals. • Become famous Take your aquarium to the next level andbecome rich! 🐟 🐙 🐠 🐡