1.0.6 / December 18, 2015
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A great snow game which you have never seen before! If you want torelax or meditate, launch the snowfall and swipe the screen. Do yousee, how the snowflakes fly?No rush, you can spectate their dancefor ever. The most interesting is that you can create your ownpatters of snow. You can also pick one of your photos and add snowto it.Several snowflake colours are available.

App Information Snow Relax - winter meditation

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    Snow Relax - winter meditation
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    December 18, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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Steampunk Idle Spinner: cogwheels and machines 1.6.1 APK
More than 300 000 players build their incredible contraptions andexplore the worlds of Steampunk, Dieselpunk and Gaslamp Fantasy.You can spin the cogwheels in the Workshop, constructmoney-producing houses in Clockwork City or ambush and loot flyingships in the Floating Islands world. Each of the worlds hasmultiple machines which get connected together and produce moneyfrom spinning, tapping and in the idle state. Imagine asteam-powered giant fidget spinner with engines, pumps, cogwheels,balloons, pistons, zeppelins, railroad and portals? Here it is! Getthe game and share your creations in our facebook community, whichhas over 4000 members now:https://www.facebook.com/groups/142331583036835 You are welcome tosuggest on the future game development there, too! Have fun fromconnecting gear and observing your awesome steampunk machineworking. Or use the portal to travel to another world and startyour engineering tycoon path again! Silent film styled messageswill explain you what's going on in the game. Gameplay in threeworlds available is drastically different: you’ll be amazed by thenumber of various machines there! In the Workshop world you canspin the cogwheels with your finger, just as you spin a fidgetspinner. You can connect new cogwheels to the existing ones to getthe rotation speed multiplier. The rotation is transmitted to yourCoin Producing Machine. Another source of income in this world isthe balloons. They are produced by the Balloon Pumps and can beupgraded to bring bigger coins quicker. Mines generate wagons withore, which reach your fantastic steampunk contraption by railroadand empowers it. To get more ore tap the mine or attach hammers toit. Also you can apply Interest rate upgrade to the Money Storageand receive additional income. As soon as you build the Portal youstart gathering Narrativium, a substance needed to restart thecurrent world or travel from one world to another. To gainNarrativium quicker attach Portal Amplifier to the portal andconnect more cogs and engines to it. In the Clockwork City the onlysource of energy is the mechanical Sun. As you spin the sun withyour finger its energy is transported to the buildings: Houses,Taverns, Windmills and Towers. The buildings are unfolded (justlike in the Game of Thrones intro :) ) and start generating moneyor energy. You can upgrade the buildings or attach additional powerelements to them. For example, bellows hover around the Windmilland blows to it. And Tax collector flies a zeppelin and grabs coinsfrom the buildings. To let the sun be rotated while the phone isoff, connect a planet to it. The planets orbits around the sun androtate it (yes, in this mechanical world physics works this way! :)) Also the propeller can be connected to the sun and razes ithigher, increasing the energy produced. Floating Islands worldintroduces discovery mechanics, as well as shooting and looting,besides the common building gameplay. You start on one island,build scout bases to find more. Connect the discovered islands withyour central one with railroad bridges, cableways or antennas. Allof these transport energy, and multiple connections work as energymultiplier. The more energy gets to the central island the moremoney is produced by the Bank. Build Oil Wells, Windmills andLightning chargers to generate more energy on the islands. As soonas your sky empire is strong enough you can challenge yourself andbuild an airship bait. It will attract airship caravans full ofgold. Strategically locate cannons and Tesla guns on their way todestroy and loot them. Combine available elements in all the worldswell to boost your income and to become a millionaire. To succeedyou should to think as a scientist, explorer, engineer, tycoon or aspark! There are also some secret ways to earn more money in thegame in active and idle modes: will you find them all? (Hint: seesomething – tap it!)
5 Brain Teasers 4 APK
Train your problem solving, planning and math skills in thiscollection of fun puzzles. Gain all the achievements to show yourfriends how cool you are!5 puzzles are available in 3 difficultylevels* Magic squares* Opening the lock* Swapping puzzle* Circleescape* Checkers box
EATERS - multitasking 1.0.4 APK
Tap to open the mouth and tap again after the required number offood bits is consumed. Control up to 3 eaters simultaneously.Challenge your attention, multitasking, mental calculation, memoryand mind endurance in this fun little game. As you play, theseskills will develop.Two game modes available: Normal andHardCollect rubies and unlock new eaters: sharks, dragons, vampiresand much more!Besides dots you can eat snowflakes, dollars, pizzaetc.
Snow Relax - winter meditation 1.0.6 APK
A great snow game which you have never seen before! If you want torelax or meditate, launch the snowfall and swipe the screen. Do yousee, how the snowflakes fly?No rush, you can spectate their dancefor ever. The most interesting is that you can create your ownpatters of snow. You can also pick one of your photos and add snowto it.Several snowflake colours are available.
Что говорят пилоты: английский 1.0.4 APK
В первой версии 700 заданий, сгруппированных по 8 темам: * 'To be'- глагол to be и его использование в утверждениях, отрицаниях ивопросах * 'To have' - глагол to have и его использование вутверждениях, отрицаниях и вопросах * 'To be/to have' - ситуации,когда нужно * 'Simple tenses' - использование простых илиIndefinite времён для настоящего, прошлого или будущего *'Progressiveness' - описание действий, происходящих в данныймомент. Вы могли встречаться с ним под имененем continuous *'Perfect tenses' - описание совершённых действий * 'Passive voice'- страдательный залог. Когда не предмет выполняет действие, адействие выполняется с предметом. Все фразы относятся к авиации Inthe first version of the 700 jobs that are grouped on 8 themes: *'To be' - verb to be, and its use in the statements, questions andnegatives * 'To have' - the verb to have and use in the statements,questions and negatives * 'To be / to have' - a situation when youneed to * 'Simple tenses' - the use of simple or Indefinite timesto the present, past or future * 'Progressiveness' - description ofthe action taking place at the moment. You could meet him under thefirst name continuous * 'Perfect tenses' - a description of actionscommitted * 'Passive voice' - the passive voice. When not thesubject performs the action, and the action is performed with thesubject. All phrases are aviation
Strategilization V0: Expansion APK
Strategilization is a mobile turn-based strategy where you developyour civilization: explore territory, use soft and military powerto exterminate your enemies, expand your territory and exploit thesurrounding terrain. The game's key idea is to let the player planthe strategy on the high level, and then let the people of yournation fulfill your plans, without the need to manually controlevery unit. Game portal http://www.strategilization.com containsgame news, art, media, and links to wiki and social resources Thegame is in the development phase. Current version is aimed to testthe initial civilization development: exploration, expansion,technology advance and territory exploitation. To enter variouscontrol modes, select terrain tile, your city, or the rural regioncenter, and then select what you are going to do. You can alsoselect turn making mode: turn-based or real-time with pause. Turninformer is in the bottom-right screen corner. What can you do inthe game: Select what map type you are going to play: landmass,water percentage and size Found your first city Give a name to yourcivilization and your cities Found your rural region which willprovide your cities with food Expand your territory Build camps onthe surrounding territory, expanding your influence Improvebuildings in your cities and build new Improve your rural regionsby building fields, pastures, ports Influence what ideas will yourcitizens follow. These ideas affect the activities of yourcitizens. The ideas can be "we must develop the outer territory","we are happy to live in this city", "we must migrate somewhere" or"we must rebel against this country". The life conditions of yourcivilization's citizens affect the power which is aimed by theideas. Besides, you and other nations can spend influence points tosupport or suppress the ideas in the nearby cities. Found newcities. Depending on the happiness of your citizens, your newcities can become just new parts of your empire, your colonies oreven independent countries. Advance your knowledge. Depending onwhat your people do, and where they live, various technologybranches are advanced automatically at different rate. The branchesare: Production, Engineering, Humanitarian, Military, MaritimeUpcoming features: Wars. The unitless wars engine was successfullytested in the pre-alpha. It was temporarily removed to focus on thecore gameplay ballansing, but soon it will be restored in the gamewith slight modifications. The key idea is that your cities andcamps spread military control points across surrounding hexes, andthen you can direct them by drawing an attack arrow on the map.Your army then will follow your orders. Rebellions. While nowdifferent parts of your and your rivals' empires can rebel anddeclare independence, one of the upcoming versions will have a gamemode where the player will stay in the game even after all of yourcities have been captured. You'll be able to playas a rebellionleader: spread ideas like "resistance" or "sabotage" across thecities where your influence remains, increase your rebellionstrength, and, eventually, regain independence. Written history.All what's happening to your civilization will be summarized as awikipedia article from the future of your world. You'll be able togive names to major battles, geography objects, highlight importantevents. Then you'll be able to share the history of your countrywith your friends. Save/load function. This is most requestedfunction by the players and we fully understand it importance. Itwas postponed in the schedule, because first the core gameplay andthe data structures had to be stabilized. But once all of the gameobjects are defined, this is the first-priority features to have.Scenarios and custom maps. Translations.
Cloudy Shaman - quick reaction 1.0.6 APK
Excellent game to train your reaction and decision-making inquickly changing circumstances!You are a shaman who works at theairport. You should cast good weather. The screen is yourtambourine - show how good your reaction and decision-making are!Tap left or right side of the screen or swipe it to the left or tothe right to remove the clouds and provide good weather. But becareful: if the ritual is performed in a wrong way, the clouds willstart moving quicker.The rituals are simple at first:Rainy clouds(grey): tap the side from which they are incomingSnowy clouds(white): tap the opposite side from that where they areincomingHail clouds (red): swipe horizontally towardsthemThunderstorm clouds (purple): swipe horizontally along theirmovementBut at night the rituals are changed to the opposite. Howmany days can you stay?The game's first version was made within 48hours for Global Game Jam Ukraine 2016.
Emitter: launch the waves 1.0.2 APK
Play a wave puzzle. You'll see a pattern on the screen. Find, whereand when to launch the waves to fit the required pattern. To winyou'll need great precision and perfect timing. As you play thispuzzle more, various wave types will appear: circles, squares,triangles, pentagons and hexagons. The waves will reflect from thesides of the screen. Think and define whre they must be emitted.Thesound of real ocean waves accompanies your play, creating a uniquerelaxing experience while you are solving the puzzles. Yourprevious results are stored and you can easily see how you progressand how your puzzle solving skill is betting better every day.Thefirst version of the game was made for Global Game Jam Ukraine