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Steer the sliding penguin along the narrow and curvy icebergs andnever let it fall off.Help him manoeuvre the tricky ice slide pathand travel as far as possible without falling. Make use of an extralife in case of a dismissal during a jump in the snowadventure.Keep sliding in the ice to top the Google PlayLeaderboard and challenge your friends.Features of the game:-Simple arcade game- Minimalist design- Google Play Leaderboard

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Teleport Pro 2.0 APK
Teleport Pro is a one-touch, teleportation filled action game inwhich you have to guide a spaceship through an expanse filled withall sorts of traps and hazards. Teleport like a pro, avoid thetraps and travel as far as possible! Make a voyage throughmysterious expanses. Use your teleportation power to escape thetraps and hazards.Collect the cubes coming in your way and use themto unlock new themes. Make use of an extra life in case of adismissal.Keep playing to top the and challenge yourfriends.Features of Teleport Pro:- Simple arcade game - Easy gamecontrols- Infinite game loop- Unique gameplay with teleportationpower- Multiple themes to have more fun- Google Play LeaderboardAlready in love with the game? Please give us your feedback to helpus deliver you more fun.spikey games,teleportation,space shuttle
Isorotate 1.0 APK
Isorotate is a simple arcade game with a different gameplay. Rotateyour way around the obstacles and spikes to survive as long aspossible in this cube-filled isometric world.Collect the cubescoming in your way to unlock new themes and grab more fun.Keepplaying to top the Google Play Leaderboard and challenge yourfriends on the cube rotate game.Features of Isorotate:- Simplearcade game- One-touch gameplay- Minimalist design- Themes tounlock- Google Play Leaderboard spike games,cube escape,cubespin,rotate and roll free
TrajectoryShip 2.0 APK
TrajectoryShip is a space game in which you control the trajectoryof a spaceship in the galaxy.Pilot the shuttle in the space traveland dodge the speeding asteroids. But remember to maintain itstrajectory of the spacecraft away from the black hole’spull.Collect stars and unlock new spaceship models. Top theGooglePlay Leaderboardwith a high score. Use an extra life in case of adismissal.Features of Trajectory Ship:- Arcade game - Simplecontrols- Deceptively challenging gameplayspace games,asteroidsalert,black hole game,gravity
Running in Circle 1.0 APK
Heo has angered the bull, help Heo surviveaslong as possible while being chased. Beware as he is in themiddleof a herd of bulls moving.
Chompy Chomp 2.0 APK
You play a chameleon, Chemo, who is very picky about what it eats.When a swarm of delicious bugs falling off a tree hollow andtempting Chemo, control its mouth with just one tap. Be careful andeat only bugs of the same colour as the chameleon! Score one pointfor each bug it swallows. So, be a bug detector, guys. Make use ofan extra life in case of a dismissal and keep playing to top theGoogle Play Leaderboard with a high score. Features of ChompyChomp: - Simple arcade game - Minimalist designs - One touchgameplay - Google Play Leaderboard chompy games, arcade games,casual games, chameleon games,bug game,food game,chameleon coloradapting,bugs in tree,color chameleon
One More Leap 2.0 APK
Jump from one platform to the other in this deceptively simple boxgame. Just tap and hold screen to set path, release the cube tojump. Time your tap well so you don’t miss the nextplatform!Features of One More Leap:- Challenging gameplay- Onetouch controls- Minimalist art- Google Play Leaderboard box jumpinggame, box leap, leaping box, box jumper, cube jumping games, cubejumper
Circle Hustle 1.0 APK
Circle Hustle is a fast paced action-arcade game. Jump from circleto circle before they shrink and disappear! Concentration and fastreflexes are key to master this fun game!Features of CircleHustle:Fast-paced arcade gameInfinite loop of circlesGoogle PlayLeaderboard
Clear the Track 1.0 APK
Clear The Track is an infinite forest adventure game arcade gamewith simple controls. Shove the thorns out of Heo’s way along theforest track. The longer you make the boy run, the more you canscore. Make use of an extra life in case of a dismissal.Keepplaying to top the Google Play Leader board and challenge yourfriends in the thorn game.Features of Clear The Track: -Arcade gamewith one touch control -Google Play Leader boardforest adventueregames,thorn game,forest running track,obstacle game,clear theway,thorns,avoid the spike