2.2 / January 21, 2020
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When the snow falls outside the window and there is no wind,snowflakes dance calmly in the air. This is just the wallpaper -Snow Stars. You can see the dance. NOW 2 themes in free versionavailable. UPDATE 1.4 + Fixed Nexus 10 issue UPDATE 1.3 + Cool 3DDepth effect + Accelerometr sensor move camera and snow This isfree version, in FULL version : + 11 Themes: 6 Christmas Themes + 4Winter Themes + New Year + 5 Snowflakes types + Snowflakes count,Sparks Count + Randome Theme, Random Snowflakest type + Theme dublesize + Wind + HD textures for tablets Please comment ! Thanks !

App Information Snow Stars Free

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    Snow Stars Free
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    January 21, 2020
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    MAXELUS ul. Poleska 31/13, Wrocław, 51-354, Poland
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Space Colony 1.8 APK
Discover Space Colony somewhere in the Galaxy! The first humancolonies in space are available on your phone and tablet :) You canchoose one of five places and see how the city looks. The SpaceColony is surrounded by Toxic Aura. You can change the color andpower of Aura. The colonists use it to gaining energy. Over thecity flying big spaceships, transports new colonists and cargo. Inthe city you can also set the illumination of buildings, setseveral different camera paths. Quick double-click on the screenautomatically change the route of the camera. Space Colony is alive wallpaper. Best for phones and tablets. Use accelerometr tomove camera. You may change many options like colony background,city illumination, toxic aura, camera tracks, and so on. VisitSpace Colony! Please rate it. Thanks!
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Planets Pack 2.0 2.5 APK
In our galaxies, Inferno, Ice, Pegasus, Colossus ... There are manyof the lost planets, I decided to find some of them. I wondermyself what can be found there ... At this time, succeeded find 12lost planets, after examination it seemed that the two of them havelife! Guess which are ... I also found a new Earth, Young EarthCurrently we have 12 planets, and 7 deep space backgrounds, all are3D with many options to set: 1. New Earth 2. Fimes Planet 3. NebanuPlanet 4. Gelidon Planet 5. Emos Gas Giant 6. Doa Planet 7. MaleamaPlanet 8. New Hope 9. Atlantis 10. Balross 11. Zea 12. Cyberon Youcan set : + Deep space backgrounds ( 7 ) + Planet rotation speed +Lighting the Planet + Clouds type + Wind speed + Clouds on/off +Atmosphere lighting color + Atmosphere lighting power + Atmosphereon/off + Stars on/off + Planet rings + Suns. Sun illuminating theplanet + Satellites of the Planet + Accelerate Camera(Accelerometer Sensor) + Random type of planet, backgrounds, sun,clouds, atmosphere lighting + Daydream feature This wallpaper canbe run on phones and tablets. Please comments, thanks ! Thanks forhelp !
My 3D Fish II 2.3 APK
My 3D Fish II is your new virtual 3D Aquarium, all in realtime in3D. It's a live wallpaper.If You like plant aquariums or fishaquariums, then you'll love this wallpaper too.Tablets and phonesare supported.+ My 3D Fish II have NEW Fish Engine ! + Many full 3Dfish simulation in one time !+ New light engine, caustic shines,plankton+ Accelerometr sensor to dynamic camera move+ New plantsand predefined themesBy clicking on the fish head, fish will turnto you and swimAquarium have beautiful backgrounds, plants, fishes,tank decorations. You may customize many options, and ON/OFF manyelements to select the best options for your phone ortablet.AVAILABLE:+ Full 3D fishes simulation: Nemmo White(Clownfish), Nemmo Black (Clownfish), Dorry (Blue-Yellow Tang),French Angelfish, Majestic Angelfish, Koi Kohaku, Koi Tancho Sanke+ Decors: Columns, Vase, Lost Ring, Root, Stone lantern+ Aquatiumbottoms: Sand, Pebbles, Water moss, Sand dunes, Zen sand+ Plantstypes: Water grass, Typha plants, Sea anemones, Bamboo, Coral multicolor, Coral blue, Coral, Yellow water grass + Water types:Blue-White, Blue, Light cave, Shipweck, Sea rocksTIPS:+ To savebattery You may off some elements or reduce fish counts, thisreduce GPU usage.+ Attention: This fish have special power - andsometimes may penetrate walls ;)
Fresh Leaves 1.9.5 APK
The FRESH GREEN! Everything growing! Everything comes to life. TheFRESH green in your phones and tablets also will visit... ...or youmay set or compose NEW SEASON THEMES, NOW AVAILABLE leaves for:Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter Fresh Leaves is live wallpaper. Youmay change backgrounds, on/off elements, and more ! All in 3D inrealtime - it's not a movie. HOW TO USE: 'Time of day' options,custom theme If you check ON 'Time of day' checkbox, default savedthemes will be loaded. Or you can set yours. Your saved themeswill be automatically loaded on time.  How set your : 1. Setyour all settings, background, leaves, elements, modes...  2.Save custom theme for selected hours, you see it on icons, blue isa key 3. Set ON 'Time of day' checkbox 4. Your saved themes will beautomatically loaded on time You may always save or load customtheme, without use 'Time of day' checkbox. Please comments! Thanks!
Asteroids Pack 1.7 APK
The space is dangerous ... and beautiful. In space there is noempty areas. In the future, when humanity will be traveling throughspace, they will encounter many types of Asteroids. Part of themwill serve as a source of rare minerals not available on the planetearth. Some of asteroids can carry an alien form of life ...such asbacteria. Check how the asteroid belt might look like and whatminerals can be extracted. This live wallpaper includes many typesof 3D asteroids. It has a dynamic camera that will take you betweenasteroids. Wallpaper has many settings that you can change. You canselect and set the appropriate background nebula.You can also setthe appropriate light in the space and the aura that surrounds theasteroid. All of these elements compose a single whole. Wallpaperis drawn in real time. Good lucks on the tablets and phones. PleaseRate ! Thanks !
Supermassive Black Hole 1.2 APK
Supermassive Black Hole eats Galaxy Pack! Black Hole from thegalaxy's center is awakened and is hungry! Black holes arediscovered in each galaxy. One day, each of them can wake up andthen .... see for yourself. You must see what happend with GalaxyPack galaxies. If your phone or tablet has a gyroscope, you canmove camera and see black hole from a different angle. Good luckson the tablets and phones. Please Rate ! Thanks ! Thanks for help.