1.01 / January 18, 2016
(4.9/5) (10)


Snowman is an adorable puzzle game aboutbeinga lonely snowman and making snowmen.

* unique puzzle game with 56 levels
* Delightful graphics
* ingame editor with upload function
* play and vote levels created by other users
* No in-app-purchases or ads.

App Information Snowman

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ApoDice is a clever puzzle game with dices. The number on the diceshows the count of possible moves. Move each dice to a gray spotwith no moves remaining. Features: - 30 levels - ingame editor withupload function - play the other user generated levels Originalidea and most of the levels were made by Ozzie Mercado.
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ChessBall is a mix of chess and soccer.Easy to learn and hard to master.Rules:- To accomplish a victory get three points.- To score a point set the opponent checkmate or make a goal- To shoot or pass the ball, place one figure beside it. Theballcan now move like the figure. (If there is the queen and aknightnear the ball, the ball can move like the queen and liketheknight)- In your turn you can move one figure and/or pass/shoot theballthree times.
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You click on one tile, and then click on another to swap them.That's it ... with one little twist: the pieces will automaticallyscale to fit their current container.
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ApoIcejumpSmart is the android versionofApoicejumpReloaded, a free, fast and fun little game where youmusthustle your enemy into the water.All you have to do is to survive und jump on the iceblocks or ontheenemy. Sounds easy? It is and it's fun.Give it a try. Perfect for a boring lesson in school oruniversity=)It's my first try and the game (at the moment) isveryhardware-hungry. On a Samsung Galaxy 1 it works fine but onawildfire it runs "crappy". I will try to fix it.