4.0 / May 14, 2019
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Super addictive game with simple control. Roll your snowball,makeit bigger and bump it to crowd opponents to flick them off theplayfield. Of course, you need to be careful. The others arealsotargeting at you! Whether to create one huge snowball byspendingtime or shoot many small snowballs quickly is up to yourownstrategy. Easy to control: swipe to the direction you want tomove,and lift your finger to shoot the snowball. Join the battleandenjoy this funny game!

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    May 14, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Reality Squared Games
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    Flat/RM 18 26/F Tuen Mun Central Square No.22 Hoi Wing Road Tuen Mun NT Hong Kong
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Welcome to Heroes Evolved - a carefully balanced and fiercelycompetitive, but fair mobile battle arena experience, full ofaction & strategy for true gamers. Select from a pool of 50+unique heroes and jump into teams - Eternals vs. Ancients - tobattle against real rivals on gorgeous fantasy maps. This game willtake all your skill, teamwork, cunning, and strategy to survive andsucceed! Grab your device and dive straight into combat withstunning graphics and seamless animation. Heroes Evolved is aunique game of depth and complexity, allowing you to piece togetheryour own strategic and unpredictable advantage using fog of war,terrain, unique hero attributes, and custom gear builds. Be astalwart tank character with healing abilities. Become adevastating rogue attacking from the shadows. Bombard enemies fromafar with powerful spells & abilities, or assume the role ofBruce Lee, the legendary Kung-Fu master - the choice is yours! Notwo games are ever the same! Play competitively, or just have funin Chaotic Strife mode, a rotating selection of fresh and crazygame rules - Heroes Evolved has something for everyone. Proveyourself in the online battle arena that is Heroes Evolved! ★★★GAME FEATURES ★★★ ● Enjoy the depth of a fully fledged, classic PCMOBA experience right on your phone - anytime, anywhere! ● Choosefrom 50+ unique playable characters, such as the master of Kung-Fu:Bruce Lee! ● Quick matchmaking - Battles designed for short burstgame-play sessions. ● Multiple Playmodes - Choose between superserious and super whacky playlists depending on how you feel! ●Clan System - Form a clan with your friends to unite under onebanner, and make a name for yourselves online! ● Expansive gearlist - Allowing for true customization for each of your heroes. ●Revolutionary controls - Unleash your skills & abilities withdeadly precision. ● Multiple language support - Including nativeimplementation of EN, FR, DE, ES, PT, RU, ID, TH & more comingall the time! ● No Pay 2 Win! - Carefully balanced mechanics toguarantee you a fair game. ● Join thousands of other players acrossthe globe for instant action and fun!------------------------------------------------------ - Facebook:fb.com/HeroesEvolvedMobile - Support: mobilesupport@r2games.com
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Immerse yourself in the most enthralling strategy RPG experience onmobile yet! Shards of Magic will draw you in with stunning 3Dvisual effects, rich strategic gameplay, and witty voice acting.Assemble a legendary team of unique characters to set forth on ariveting adventure like no other! Find the Shards of Magic, beforeDusan, the evil Lord of the Abyss can claim them for himself. Theroad is paved with hordes of enemies, epic bosses, and countlessother obstacles. Discover an exciting, fully fledged campaignspanning over 350 stages, each with three different difficultiesfor additional replayability. Collect and choose from hundreds ofheroes, each with an array of various devastating skills to aid youon your journey. Form a powerful party by synergizing skills andunit placement to create the ultimate battle force! With the mightyelemental guardians at your back, nothing stands in your way. Now,it’s up to you. Seize your destiny, and stop Dusan from destroyingthe world, and everything in it. Play the freshest RPG on mobile todate! ★★★KEY FEATURES★★★ ★Explore Abundant Content★ Expansive,fully voiced campaign mode featuring 350+ stages, and over 280unique, battle-hungry heroes to collect and upgrade as your RPGadventure unfolds. ★Experience Strategic Gameplay★ Exploit theenemy weakness by varying your team setup. Pair the right partymembers for synergy bonuses and maximum power boosts to gain theedge over your foes. ★Compete in Dynamic PvP Combat★ Prove yourskills in battle against other players. Rise to the top of theleaderboards in numerous compelling duels against rivals from allover the world. ★Discover Thrilling PvE Action★ Join in on dailyworld boss raids, master challenging endless dungeon modes, andmore! Earn rare loot to gear up for your adventures. ★PlayTogether★ Team up in demanding server-wide boss raids, join guildsfor special events, hire veteran players to aid you in battle,support your friends, by sending them energy or stamina, and muchmore. Connect with us and always be up-to-date! Receive inside infoabout promotions, giveaways, events, the latest game updates, tips& more… ▶VISIT US: R2games.com ▶LIKE US:https://www.facebook.com/shardsofmagic ▶FOLLOW US:https://twitter.com/R2Games ▶WATCH US:youtube.com/c/R2Games_Official
Combo Clash APK
Delve into fantastic, furious fun with ComboClash, the most unique mobile Action-RPG yet!Assemble your strike force, and defeat countless foes in a fastpaced combat system. Redefine mobile gaming by honing your skilland choosing from various exciting battle modes. Experienceunrivaled action with your crew of cute, yet badass heroes!Combo Clash will keep you blitzing, crafting, questing, summoning,and upgrading new heroes for your team for hours on end. Overcomeany odds by pairing the right heroes together to unleash epiccombos!Each of your adorable heroes have their own unique advantagesand shortcomings in battle; balance force with cunning to dealpowerful headshots and deadly blade bursts on your haplessopponents. String together fat combos against powerful bosses, andnumerous other evils. Combo Clash is like nothing you've ever seen- Play the freshest ARPG on mobile to date!★★★KEY FEATURES★★★★Explore a Beautiful World★Discover a stunning 360° sandbox with beautifully-renderedtextures, gorgeous effects, and exquisite 3D heroes to collect andupgrade as your ARPG adventure unfolds.★Combo your Way to Victory★Powerful skill combos are just waiting for your trigger finger!Intuitive controls mean you're really in control - of yourdestiny.★Experience Complex PvE Action★Immerse yourself and say goodbye to boring tap-a-thons; Complex,layered gameplay awaits! Train up your arsenal of heroes fordifferent situations and trump all your foes!★Compete in Dynamic PvP Combat★Match your wits and steel against ferocious Bosses and formidablePvP opponents.★Play Together★Show off your cutesy chibi characters and interact with ComboClashers worldwide! Form guilds and compete!Connect with us and stay up-to-date! Receive inside info aboutpromotions, giveaways, events, the latest game updates, tips, &more!▶VISIT US: http://R2Games.com▶LIKE US on Facebook: http://r2gam.es/ComboClash▶FOLLOW US: https://twitter.com/R2Games▶WATCH US: http://youtube.com/c/R2Games_Official
EZ PZ RPG 2.164.4 APK
Welcome to EZ PZ RPG, the idle clicker style game that’s so easy toplay... it doesn’t even need you!All you need to do is choose aclass, and the game will play itself, even while you’re doingsomething else - grabbing groceries, putting your apps inalphabetical order, or... whatever else you do with your free time.(We don’t judge). Check up on your hero later, and you'll have aton of EXP and loot! Go you!★★★New in 3.2★★★ ---FEATURES---WingSystem - A new way to customize and make your hero stronger.Upgrade your wings to reach new heights!Hero Tokens - A brand newquest system to tie into the new Wings. Complete daily tasks togain rewards that can be used to increase your wing stats!---TWEAKS & UPDATES---New player guide has been tweaked toprovide a better starting experience.Hunter skill “Nightcrawler”has been buffed. It now does 25% more damage.Warrior skill“Deathwish” has been tweaked slightly. It now does 50% more damage(up from 40%), but you receive 50% more damage (up from 40%) aswell.General UI improvements for a better and cleanerlayout.Upgrade your Hero so you can take on bigger & baddermonsters, delve into deeper & darker dungeons, and get yourhands on better & rarer loot! Then take on your friendshead-to-head in Arena combat, all from the comfort of your pocket,purse, nightstand, or… wherever. Easy Peasy!Don’t be fooled though,this idle game isn’t your everyday dungeon crawler, beat em’ up, orhack n’ slash. EZ PZ offers non-stop action as a unique hybrid ofclassic fantasy and clicker style games. So if you want the fullhardcore RPG experience, but don’t want any of the headaches thatcome along with it, this is the game foryou!★★★FEATURES★★★★Accessible Mechanics★Don’t be shied away bycomplex features and convoluted systems, EZ PZ gets right to thepoint, iterating on classic idle clicker games. No fuss.★CreateYour Hero★Choose from one of the three distinct playable classes,and set forth on a perpetual adventure!★Endless Combat★Continuouslyprogress while away. The fighting never stops, even while yousleep!★Full RPG Experience★Equip your Hero with epic loot, gainlevels, learn new skills, and meet new companions to add to yourparty. EZ PZ also features a full crafting system, so you canalways make what you need!★PvP Arena★Challenge friends and foesalike for the ultimate test of strength. Form teams or face yourrivals 1-on-1, and become the true champion!★Form Guilds★Bandtogether with friends and like minded players to join forces! Helpeach other reach the top!★★★★★★▶LIKE US on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/ezpzrpg▶VISIT US:https://www.r2games.com▶FOLLOW US:https://twitter.com/R2Games▶WATCH US:https://www.youtube.com/c/R2Games_Official▶HELPSHIFT:https://r2games.helpshift.com/a/ez-pz-rpg/
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Ahoy matey! Ready to take the helm and hoist the black flag on yourvery own vessel? Welcome to Pirate Empire, a 3D adventure game forenterprising buccaneers and fun-loving corsairs. Build andcustomize fearsome ships, recruit and train infamous sailors, andtest your ship’s prowess in cutthroat raids and battles! Give yourenemies no quarter and become the fiercest commander to sail theseven seas. Arrr!★★★Features★★★★BUILD CUSTOM SHIPS★● Strengthenyour ship’s abilities by adding military, commercial, andentertainment cabins.● Fix your ship after each battle and upgradeit to increase your stats.● Purchase new ships and decorate themwith swashbuckling skins and emblems.★ASSEMBLE YOUR CREW★● Hiresailors to man your ship and provide skills for battle.● Upgradeyour sailors, give them their ideal jobs and research their battleskills.● Recruit legendary pirates like Blackbeard and Red Eric toyour cause! ★FIGHT IN NAVAL BATTLES★● Travel the seven seas andraid passing ships for loot and resources.● Rise through the ranksin the Arena and become King of the Pirates.● Unlock passive andactive skills to use in battle.Connect with us and always beup-to-date! Receive inside info about promotions, giveaways,events, the latest game updates, tips & more…▶VISIT US:R2games.com▶LIKE US: http://r2gam.es/Facebook_official▶FOLLOW US:https://twitter.com/R2Games▶WATCH US:youtube.com/c/R2Games_Official
RPG and Chill - EZ PZ 2.0 1.20.2 APK
Discover the perpetual adventure that is RPG& Chill. Lead your heroes through waves of powerful enemies,earning constant Loot, Gold, & EXP along the way. Embark on aglorious quest that comes with you wherever you go.Bringing classic roleplaying game mechanics to the mobile platform,RPG & Chill has created the definitive pocket gamingexperience. Select a character class, and watch an epic questunfold before you. You’ll discover new areas, find rare items, andgain EXP every step of the way… even offline!The journey never stops with RPG & Chill, the game that neversleeps.★★★FEATURES★★★★24/7 Progress★Never fall behind! Even while you’re busy, your character stillgets EXP, gold, and loot!★Detailed Stats★Know your strengths by analyzing the live combat log and optimizingyour setup accordingly.★Customize Everything!★Choose one of 3 classes, and make your hero your own with uniqueequipment, skill selections, and party members!★Mercenary System★Choose from over 25 unique mercenaries to accompany you intobattle. Different companions suit different gameplay styles.★Online Social Elements★Meet players from around the globe in the main chat channel. Formalliances and join guilds to reach the top together!★Explore The World★Defeat powerful bosses and earn fantastic loot as you progressthrough each of the 60 stages on your quest to be the best!Connect with us and always be up-to-date! Receive inside info aboutpromotions, giveaways, events, the latest game updates, tips &more…▶VISIT US: R2Games.com▶LIKE US on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rpgchill▶FOLLOW US: https://twitter.com/R2Games▶WATCH US: youtube.com/c/R2Games_Official
Tribal Rush 1.3.0 APK
Seize the throne! Defend, Invade, and Dominateyour foes in the tower-building Android strategy game of the year!Rise above a world of bandits and barbarians to become thegreatest Warlord of all. Expand your village with Mines, Mills,Towers, and Temples – and raise your walls high above thebattlefield, because thieves are coming for YOUR tribal treasure!Fight back with daring raids on your friends and foes – and withunits like Archers, Valkyries, and even *BEES!*, they won't stand achance. Prepare yourself for war in TRIBAL RUSH – true mobilestrategy where survival is only the beginning!***UPDATES***• The Heroes Have Landed – Build the all-new Hero Hall andrecruit these 6 unstoppable juggernauts to your side! With T-Bone,Zenith, Reaper, A'niaj, Leiji, and Crusher, the battlefield willnever be the same!• Raised Level Caps – Get your Builders ready, because the time toupgrade is now! Stalwart can now be raised to level 15, and somedefenses can reach level 20.• Demolish Ally Structures – Need some extra space? Now you canremove ally-donated structures that don't mesh with your layoutplans.• Various other bugfixes, combat adjustments, and UIoptimizationsPlay now to discover the fresh features and thrilling strategiccombat of Tribal Rush!Game Features:• Build Your Village – expand your empire from humble beginningsinto a true tribal juggernaut !• Defend Your Tribe – protect your Tribal Hall against bandits andrival Warlords with an upgradeable arsenal of terrific towers!• Unleash Your Army – demolish enemy villages with colorful unitslike the stealthy Assassin, the axe-wielding Choppah, and thedragon-bombing D-52 !• Raid Your Rivals – conquer enemy Warlords, and earn daily tributewhen you capture their Tribal Hall !• Share Gifts With Allies – expand your fortune by exchanging bonusboxes with friends !• Forge Mighty Alliances – join a Warband to conquer cooperativechallenges and rise to the top of the leaderboards !LEARN MORE ABOUT TRIBAL RUSHhttps://twitter.com/TribalRushR2https://www.facebook.com/TribalRushR2http://tribalrush.r2games.com
Brave Diggers 0.94.1 APK
Show me yours and I’ll show you MINE!Welcome to Brave Diggers, an RPG mining adventure unlike any other!As you travel across the land, recruit familiar characters to yourparty, slay monsters, dig for minerals, upgrade your gear, andbecome a total bad-ass!Brave Diggers is a lighthearted parody fantasy management gamethat values your time. Your characters never take breaks, even whenyou do. This means that even if you have class, work, CrossFitpractice, week-long arctic expedition, or whatever else, you’llnever miss a beat in Brave Diggers! Simply play when you have time,and be greeted with a mountain of EXP, gold, and resources yourparty has collected while you were away. As you progress, your teamwill grow in both size and power, bringing you even greaterrewards! Explore the world, and strip it of its resources in thename of glory!★★★ Features ★★★★Countless Heroes!★Recruit as many as you can find, and use up to 25 of them at atime. You may even run into familiar faces! There are over 200unique characters to find!★Parody Humor★The game is full of jokes and references to pop-culture charactersand themes. Explore to experience it all!★Mix & Match!★Experiment with different hero combinations to unlock special TeamSkills. Create different set-ups and builds to match the threat youface!★Weapons!★Craft unique weapons granting your party access to coolabilities.★Mining!★Excavate the landscape to collect rare and precious minerals usedto upgrade your weapons and hero accessories.★Expansive world★55 levels to discover and explore, with new enemies and rewards ineach stage!★Passive Progress★Earn EXP and loot, even while offline. You’ll never fall behind inBrave Diggers!★★★★★★▶LIKE US on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Brave-Diggers-470385973160601▶HELP US improve the game:https://www.facebook.com/groups/206191313081529/▶VISIT US: https://www.r2games.com▶FOLLOW US: https://twitter.com/R2Games▶WATCH US: https://www.youtube.com/c/R2Games_Official