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YES DRILL SERGEANT! If you have a littleonewho is crazy about anything to do with the army, and dreamsaboutbecoming a soldier one day, then try this great SoldierGamesBattle. Aimed at aiding in the development of yourchild’sreasoning and critical thinking capabilities, while at thesametime keeping them entertained. Whether it’s your daughter, oryouhave a soldier boy in the family, these puzzles and challengeswillkeep the whole family entertained.

The army games free that you will find right here include arangeof activities for you kids. These puzzles and games getharder tocomplete, and so will aid your child’s development intermsof:
Fine motor skills;
Early math skills; and
Reasoning and concept development.
Whether your kids wants to be a sergeant, corporal, captainorlieutenant, free soldier games for kids will get theirbrainsticking over in the correct direction. The followinggreatactivities are included for free with your download:

1. Sounds
Awesome army sounds recorded directly from the battle fieldareprovided by Soldier Games Battle. Tap on the different iconswhichwill take you to the cool soldier themes flash card. Tap oneach onto hear the realistic army sounds. Remember to hit the BackButtonon you device to return to the menu.

2. Memory Games
There is nothing like testing your memory to help you becomethattop soldier, and soldier games for free has included twogreatmemory games for you here. One is soldier themed, while theotherone has tanks, planes, jets, and cannons. Tap the startbutton, andthe cards will be hidden. Try to guess where 2 matchingcards arehidden. But if you get them wrong, the cards will behidden fromyou, and you will have to guess again.

3. Block Game
The Drill Sergeant has commanded you to conquer this awesomeblackgame! Press the play button at the bottom of the screen, andclickthe rotate button to move the falling blocks around. Try tomake acomplete line that is full of blocks to score points. Kids –whynot challenge your mom and dad to this game – they willloveit!

4. Puzzles
Right soldier boy! If you think the last challenges were tough,onlythe toughest and strongest soldiers will be able to completethesepuzzles. Pick a difficulty level, but start off easy. Thefreesoldier games for kids give you 4 puzzles to choose from. Taptherandomise button to get started, and move the pieces aroundtocomplete the picture. Remember to hit the Back Button on yourphoneto try and another puzzles.

The newest feature as part of these army games free! Take apictureof yourself dressed as a soldier! Or try on a real army hat!Youmight even want to line something up in the cross-hairs!Awesomebackgrounds for some great soldier photos! Remember to swipeyourscreen to the left and right to get to thedifferentbackgrounds.

Soldier Games Battle is only for the toughest soldiers! Greatforboys, girls, toddlers, and the whole family! 4 awesomeactivates,plus the new Cool Cam. Kids will love the great sounds,and seeingwhat they look like dressed as a soldier with the funcamerafeature!

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