10.0 / November 24, 2017
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Collect all the cards on the same suit!Finally, there was a newcard game from our developers! We worked day and night to ensurethat you can play this excellent version of card games. The game isthought out to the smallest detail, to lay out a solitaire is apleasure. Many additional features and settings, each player canchoose how it is easier and more convenient to play. We usedthe unusual cards and cards shirts on our maps, you will seepictures of their favorite animals. Download the game now and youwill never regret your choice! This card game is based on thepopular series of card games such as Spider Solitaire, KlondikeSolitaire, Solitaire, Klondike. Your task is to put all cards onthe deck of the order and of the same suit. The procedure beginswith an ace and a king ending. Beautiful game, you candownload it for free. We guarantee the quality of their game, sodownload and you will be not disappointed.Features:♠ new cardgame;♠ beautiful version of card games;♠ many additional functionsand settings;♠ unusual cards and cards shirts;♠ beautiful game;♠free game;♠ on the basis of the genre of games Spider Solitaire,Klondike, FreeCell, Klondike;♠ colorful design;♠ alignment of oneand three cards;♠ automatic completion of the game.How to play:Yourtask is to put all cards on the deck of the order and of the samesuit. The procedure begins with an ace and a king ending.For anyquestions and suggestions please contact us in the comments and inour groups. Enjoy your game! )))VK -https://vk.com/public118533595Twitter -https://twitter.com/Tomorrow_Studio

App Information Solitaire Klondike Animals

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    Solitaire Klondike Animals
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    November 24, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Tomorrow Studios
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    Стрелецкая, 13 Марьина Роща район, г. Москва, 127018
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Learn how to shoot a bow and become the best of the best!Discoverthis completely free game Bow and Arrows - Accurate Archer, with alarge capacity, small size for installation and a huge stock ofamazing features!- Intuitive and super precise aiming, you feel howmuch can be realistic archery.- Several locations for shooting withthe amazing and unique graphics.- Great sound, visual and tactilesensory effects, in addition to the actual shooting.- Thepossibilities are endless mode, everything depends on yourresults.Shoot a bow is not as easy as you might think at first. Ifyou want to learn, then this app will help you with that. Aimaccurately at a target, hits the bull's eye and get a reward twomore arrows. The length of the game depends on your results whenyou run out of arrows lose. Making arrows can only be exact hit thetarget.Archery arrows and give you a great experience and skills ofthe best shooter on the planet. Strive to learn to hit the targetfrom a distance. Touch screen phone as much as possible to pull thestring, and aim for the bull's-eye. To get right on target is afeat in archery. How far can you shoot? Take your bow and arrowsand do not hit the dirt face. Feel the incredible emotions and donot forget to tell about this game to your friends;)Key features ofthe game:✔ Physics based on reality✔ excellent 2D graphics✔absolutely free game✔ easy and comfortable to play✔ rating results✔accurate touchscreen control panel✔ Support for many languages
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Collect hearts in the new puzzle game!Just look at these beautifuland colorful hearts! Collecting them is a pleasure! Download acompletely new challenging puzzle game. Here you need to connectthe hearts of one line. Draw a line as you can comfortably,vertically, horizontally and diagonally. The more you connect at atime, so much the better! More points and the opportunity toreceive an explosive combos! An addictive puzzle game from ourdevelopers! More than 100 exciting and diverse levels. Simple andconvenient operation. Colorful design and pleasant music. All this,and not only you will find in our game. Delayed for a long time, ifyou have nothing to do on the train, take this great game with youand you will not be bored! Made on the basis of the popularseries of three games in a row. But it is in a new form and withnew levels! Remained unchanged only the rules, collect items in arow of three or more. In our game is hearts, hearts find the samecolor and connect them in series of three or more. The more manageto collect the more points you get and the faster you pass thelevel! If you like fascinating puzzles, make sure you aredownloading our game!Features:♥ beautiful and colorful hearts;♥new, addictive puzzle game;♥ explosive combos;♥ Over 100 excitinglevels !;♥ simple and convenient operation;♥ colorful design andpleasant music;♥ addictive for a long time;♥ based on the popularseries of three games in a row;♥ free game;♥ variety of tasks;♥beautiful design.How to play:Connecting the same color and threehearts more.Like our game? Do not forget to post a new comment, itis very important to us) If you have any problems, be sure to tellus about them and we will fix it soon! Enjoy your game! =))))