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This Refreshing Solitaire game will keep you coming back for more.We created a simple, yet modern design with beautiful graphics andsmooth game play. Simple or Challenging: Whether you are lookingfor something to ease your mind after a long day, or wanting alittle challenge, we offer both 1 and 3 card draw. Daily ChallengeComplete the daily challenge and win different medals (Bronze,Silver, Gold). Fresh Design: Our latest version of your favoriteSolitaire Classic has been created to not only be responsive butappealing with design. With multiple background colors, and cardoptions to choose from, we are certain you will find a beautifulcustom combination that is enjoyable for your style of play.Features: • Background Designs (Mountains, Animals, Flowers,Patterns) • Daily Challenge • Leaderboards • Draw 1 Card • Draw 3Cards • Undo Option • Hints If Needed • Auto-Complete • Large CardSizes • Big Numbers • Timer & Scoring • Left-Handed Support •Landscape Mode • Portrait Mode • Offline Play

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Pyramid Solitaire 1.17 APK
Enjoy Classic Pyramid Solitaire With A Modern Touch. The updatedbackgrounds of kittens, puppies, and beautiful scenery such asmountains and ocean beaches allow you to customize PyramidSolitaire to your own liking. Other features include multiple cardbacks and card font designs. *** How To Play *** A standard 52 carddeck is used. Cards are removed from the bottom of the pyramid bymatching 2 cards up that equal the total sum of 13. Kings have avalue of 13 on their own and is the only card that can be removedindividually. Queens have a value of 12, Jacks are valued at 11,and each card following has face value except for Aces which arevalued at 1. Once a pair of cards is matched, they will disappearand begin to unveil the next row of cards in the Pyramid saga.(Example: Jack + 2) Cards may be drawn from the stock pile and beuse to play when no other moves are available. Once the stock pileis exhausted, and no cards can be played, the game reaches an end.At this point a player will need to begin a new game. A player muststart from the bottom and work upward until all cards have beenplayed. Each game of Pyramid is not winnable, and the difficultylevel for winning a game compared to other Solitaire games is muchhigher. Other names for Pyramid Solitaire include, PatiencePyramid, and Solitario Pyramide. Other popular games that havedeveloped around the same time include Tri-Peaks, and CrescentSolitaire.
Spider Solitaire 1.10 APK
Spider Solitaire was built to offer card players a fun way to playtheir favorite classic in both portrait and landscape mode. Withlarge cards and a unique stacking system our Spider card gamedoesn't have problems fitting your screen like many others do. *How to play * To win a game of spider solitaire, all cards must beremoved from the table. Assembling the cards in the tableau allowsfor cards to be placed in their respective stacks in order. At thebeginning of each game, 54 cards are dealt to the tableau in tendifferent piles. All cards are face down except for the first rowof top cards. The tableau piles constructed by rank from greatestto least. The 5 remaining stacks of 10 cards are added to thetableau when there are no additional plays available by the player.These stacks can be added at anytime, and cards can be moved aroundstrategically to complete the stacks in order. * Features * -Relaxing Music - Background styles - Card styles (Classic, Cat,Mountain, Puppy, and Spider) - Leaderboard - Difficulty of Easy,Hard, and Extreme - Beautiful HD graphics - Hints for when you getstuck - Undo feature when you want to backup
Gaps Solitaire 1.10 APK
Gaps Solitaire is a part of the Montana Patience card family, andincludes a single deck of cards allowing a player 2 deckreshuffles. Gaps Solitaire includes multiple background designs andis simple yet intuitive, for your playing enjoyment. ------ How toPlay ------ There are a total of 4 rows, and in each row 13 cardsface up. Aces are not played in this version (Addiction Solitaireuses Aces). The gaps that are open can be filled by cards of thesame suit, but must rank higher than the card to the left of thegap. Cards which can be played will be highlighted. (The 7♣ couldbe placed beside a 6♣.) Any Gaps that are to the right of a Kingcannot be played and are considered to be dead Gaps. Gaps is agreat and fun way to pass the time. If you enjoy this one, pleasecheck out our other Solitaire games.
FreeCell Solitaire 1.18 APK
Play FreeCell online with no permissions required. Our clean andfresh take on the classic Free Cell Solitaire game was created forplayers who want to play casually. FreeCell is a 52 card game alsoknown as Bakers Game and Eight Off which dates back to the early1900s. There are many modern variations including the Microsoftversion which became popular in the 1990s. Object Of Game You mustget all cards of each suit into its corresponding foundation. Thefollowing order by suit is Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack,Queen, King. Free Cells can be used which are next to thefoundation piles to help access and reorder cards from the 8 pileTableau which contains all 52 cards in the game from the start.
Memory Match Cards 1.11 APK
This simple but elegant memory card matching game was designed foranyone that wants brain improvement. Our pairs card game offersEasy, Medium, and Hard modes so you can choose your level ofdifficulty. - How to Play - Take turns against the computer. Youcan turn over 2 cards at a time. When it is your turn again, useyour memory to turn over two cards that match. each pair ofmatching numbers counts towards your score. The final winning scoreis determined by the player with the most pairs accumulated.
Solitaire Classic 1.2 APK
Solitaire Classic is perfect for any occasionto unwind or just pass the time. Known as Patience, Solitary orKlondike Solitaire, both 1 and 3 card deal draw options areavailable on this fun and relaxing game.The movement of cards is smooth,and caters to everyone's styleof game play. If you enjoy Solitaire for Windows, you will lovethis one even better.This Classic style Solitaire game is supported by Androiddevices of all sizes. If you like saving space on your phone forother important things then this app is for you. We havespecifically designed this Solitaire app to take up as little spacewhile still offering a high quality level of game play.Our Solitaire Classic game will NEVER ask for permissions fromyour device to play either. So if you value your privacy, this isthe perfect Solitaire app for you.
TriPeaks Solitaire 1.7 APK
Play our beautifully designed FREE TriPeaks Solitaire (Also knownas Triple Peaks, Three Peaks, and Tri Towers) game to relax. WithHD graphics, and a simple layout that is easy to understand, youhave options to customize game settings how you like. You canlisten to the music included, or turn it off depending on yourliking. Compete against other players by clicking the achievementsbutton, or simply enjoy solo play to relax. ----- How To Play -----At the beginning of each game, there are a total of 18 cards dealtface-down on the tableau, and 10 cards face up in the formation ofthree pyramids. The rules of the game are very simple. The cardthat is face up at the bottom of the pyramids, is the card thatmust be played on. A card greater or lesser than the face up cardmay be played to the pile if it is completely visible in thePyramid. An example would be putting a Queen on King, or an Ace ona Two. The idea is to play as many cards as possible consecutivelyin a row. If no cards can be played, then a fresh card may beflipped from the deck below the Pyramids. Once the deck isexhausted, a new deal will be made. There are a total of 2 dealsfollowing the first hand. A deal is won when all cards from thethree Pyramids have been completely played onto the pile.
Sudoku Free 1.12 APK
Download Sudoku FREE for Android Phones and Tablets. Improve yourskills with these classic brain puzzles. You can start your journeyon easy and increase the difficulty level when you are ready. Thisis great for beginners and advanced number Ninjas. Your results aresaved under each difficulty setting so you can see how many gamesyou completed from the total played. Each Sudoku game is timed, soyou can continue to improve your speed over time, or simply playcasually when and how you like. Our Free Sudoku game requires asimple permission, and DOES NOT need to access information likecontacts or photos in order to function. In fact, you can even playour game offline if you do not have an internet connection.