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Song Merger is an application to merge multiple mp3 files into aonesingle mp3 file.Key Feature:1) Song Mashup can be used to mergetwoor more songs together.2) Infinite number of songs can bemerged toa single mashup fileSong Merger is a music fusion toolwhich is usedto combine different songs into a one single musicfile. Just selectthe songs in a sequential fashion or in the orderthat you want tomerge and press the save button.The Mp3 Merger isone of the fastestmerging tool that is available in the market.The Mp3 Mergerprovides the capacity to merge multiple mp3 filesinto a one singlefile.- Clean, simple and powerful UI.- Light anddoes not exhaustthe device resources.- Can Process unlimitednumber of audio files.-Can merge or join files with differentextensions or Bitrates.

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    Song Merger
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    June 19, 2018
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Music & Audio
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    28,chamber, High Court, Madurai
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Mp3 Editor, Cutter & Merger 30.0.0 APK
Mp3 Editor, Merger and Cutter is the most powerful audio editingsuite for your smart phone. The Application comes with high endediting tools and would be a swiss army knife for your audio filesusing your smartphone.Mp3 Editor, Merger & Cutter is a completemusic editing tool for your smartphone. The Mp3 Editor can be usedto edit, merge and configure the music file to be set as theringtone on the device.The Mp3 Editor comes along with fivedifferent plugins1) Mp3 Cutter 2) Mp3 Merger3) Mp3 Tag Editor4) Mp3Recorder5) Ringtone Maker.Each plugin is designed such a way thatit provides a complete music editing tool to help of yoursmartphone. The Mp3 Editor one of the complete music editing toolsthat are available in the market.Mp3 Cutter:Mp3 Cutter is a simplesnipping application which is used to cut mp3 files into smallerchunks. Select the start time and the end time and press the savebutton the mp3 cutter will fetch the smaller chunk from the largestmusic file.- Set the edited file as ring tone .- Cut the file usingforward and backward selector .- You can save the file to SD card.- Integrated MP3 player help you to play before cutting .Mp3Merger:Mp3 Merger is a music fusion tool which is used to combinedifferent songs into a one single music file. Just select the songsin a sequential fashion or in the order that you want to merge andpress the save button. The Mp3 Merger is one of the fastest mergingtool that is available in the market. The Mp3 Merger provides thecapacity to merge multiple mp3 files into a one single file.-Clean, simple and powerful UI.- Light and does not exhaust thedevice resources.- Can Process unlimited number of audio files.-Can merge or join files with different extensions or Bitrates.Mp3Tag Editor:The Mp3 Tag Editor is used to configure the Id3 tagcontents of the music file. Just select the song that you want toconfigure and edit the id3 tag content inside the phone. TheChanges will reflect immediately in your music playerMp3Recorder:The Mp3 Recorder allows you to create new music files. Themusic file that is created with the help of the mp3 recorder can beexported to various devices.Ringtone Maker:All the Music files thatare created with the help of the mp3 cutter and the merger will bestored in the separate folder. Just navigate to the output filesand press the song. The edited song can be played or set as theringtone on the device
Video Editor, Cutter & Joiner 10.0 APK
Video Editor is a small video editing kit for your smartphone. Theapplication can be used to trim a video file and merge the videofile into a one single video file.List of plugins in the VideoEditor1) Video Trimmer2) Video Joiner3) File Explorer.VideoTrimmerThe Application will list the Video files that are stored inyour device. select the start time and the end time of the videoand press the save button.The Video Trimmer will sniff the smallervideo file and store in the memory card in the folder nameVEditor.Video JoinerThe Video Joiner is an movie maker application.Select the Video files in the order that you want to merge andpress the merge button.The application will merge all the videofiles that are selected and will create a movie.File ExplorerAllthe Video files that are created with this tool are stored in thefolder named VEditor.The Same file explorer can be used as a videoplayer inside the application.
Mp4 Merger & Video Merger 6.0 APK
Mp4 Merger & Video Merger is a tool to merger multiple Videofiles into a one single video file.The Mp4 Merger will combine theVideo files in a sequential fashion and create a one single videofile.The Application will show a dashboard containing all the videofiles. Select the Video file to add in the buffer. When the videofiles are added into the buffer then press the merge button.All theVideo files that has been merged is stored in the memory card inthe folder name Mp4Merger in the external memory location.Based onthe Video file size the merging process will take time.1) Add thevideo files into the buffer2) Once the video files are confirmed3)Press the merge button to create the final merged fileKeyFeatures:1) The Application has the fastest Mp4 Merger Engine whichwill complete the merging process in few seconds2) All the VideoFiles are stored in the folder named mergedVideo in the memorycard.3) Built in Video Player. All the Video files that has beenmerged can be played using the Video player that has been builtalong with the application4) A seperate Help section that will helpthe user for using the Mp4 Merger and Video merger process.
URL Download Manager 30.0 APK
URL Download manager is an application to download content from theremote server. The application can be used to download any filefrom the server and store it in the local machine. The applicationis designed in a very simple fashion just enter the url that youwant to download and press the download button. The applicationwill retrive the file from the server and recreate in the localphone. How to Use the Application 1) Enter the Correct URL link 2)Press the Download Button 3) All the Files are stored in the memorycard of the phone. The URL Video Download Manager can fetch anyfile from the remote location. This is an universal downloadmanager for your smartphone. All the Files that are downloaded withthe application are stored in the seperate folder.The Applicationcomes along with a file manager that can be used to operate insidethe application.
Audio Equalizer & Bass booster 5.0 APK
Audio Equalizer is a audio configure application for your androidphone.Equalizer can be used to improve the sound quality of yourphone or tablet.The Equalizer comes up with five band which can beused to increase the bass boost or can also be used as a speakerbooster for your smartphone or your tablet.The application is usedto set the pitch of the decive.Equalizer can be used to improve thesound quality of your android device.Configure infinite number ofmusic genre using this equalizer application.Based on configuringthe band level the audio output of the device is configured. Thesupported frequency are 60hz,230 hz,910hz,3600hz and 14000 hz. Thedecibel range is from -15 db to +15 db.Audio Equalizer & BassBooster will amplify your bass at a maximum and provide you with abetter quality sound wherever you are. Just turn on your musicplayer along with the Audio Equalizer & Bass Booster. Youimmediately get a clearer and stronger bass sound. Bass boost yoursound and boost your music volume! The Application allows you toadjust the sound level of your devices and get the best soundquality for you device.Just tap the application and the equalizerwill be enabled and will be running in the backgroud.When theequalizer service is running the application will be notified inthe notification bar.You can change the sound quality at any timeyou want.Features:Bass Boost - The bass booster boost your bassvolume at a maximum and enhance the quality of your sound- SpeakerBooster- Five Band Equalizer- Bass Boast- Media Control VolumeBasedon configuring the band level the audio output of the device isconfigured. The supported frequency are 60hz,230 hz,910hz,3600hzand 14000 hz. The decibel range is from -15 db to +15 db.TheApplication allows you to adjust the sound level of your devicesand get the best sound quality for you device.Just tap theapplication and the equalizer will be enabled and will be runningin the backgroud.When the equalizer service is running theapplication will be notified in the notification bar.You can changethe sound quality at any time you want.Features:- Speaker Booster-Five Band Equalizer- Bass Boast- Media Control Volume
Video to Mp3 Converter 5.2 APK
Video to Music converter is a tool which allows the user to extractthe music content from the video. The extracted audio file can bestored in the android device and can be played with the audioplayer.The Video to music converter can convert wide range of musicformats. All the major video formats are supported by theapplication.Just One click your video file can be converted intoyour target audio format. The application will take time based onthe video file size.The Video to music converter comes up with abuild in music player and ringtone maker. The music player can beused to play back the song that has been converted.Just a singleclick the ringtone can be assigned to your smart phone.Just Clickthe Video file which you want and select the target audio fileformat and the name for your audio file.List of FormatConvertionMp4 to mp3,Mp4 to WAV,Mp4 to OOG,3gp to mp3,3gp toWAV,3gp to OOG,AVI to mp3,AVI to WAV,AVI to OOGThe Application alsosupports FLV,WMV and other popular formats for Audio extractionprocess.Based on the video file size the video converter will taketime. All the video files are stored in the memory card in thefolder named videotomusic.The exported music files can be played orset as ringtone of your smartphone easily.Video to Music Convertersupports target music file format are .mp3,.wav and .oggAll TheExtracted Audio Files are Saved in the Memory Card in the FolderNamed Video2music.The Music files can be exported to music playeror can be played with any digital Devices.List of Plugins in thisversion1) Video to Music Converter2) Ringtone Maker.The Video toMusic Converter application will scan the memory card and will listof files that can be converted to music file format.How to Use theVideo to Music Converter?1) Just Select the Video file from thelist2) Give a filename and the target formart that the music fileyou want3) Press the save button.
URL Radio Player 2.1 APK
URL Radio Player is an streaming application which is used tostream radio content using the URL. This application is also a operstreaming application that can stream any content from a url endpoint with the internet. The application is capable of streaminginfinite radio stations via the URL.The URL Radio player supports1) Custom Streams2) Shoutcast Streams3) Online Radio Streams4) OpenHttp StreamsURL Radio Player Supported Protocols1) Http2) Https3)mmsHow to use the URL Radio Player ?1) Select the URL Stream thatyou want to stream.2) Click the URL link and complete the actionwith the help of the application3) Give a name to the URL stream.4)Play the Stream and Enjoy.Key Features:1) URL Radio Player Supportsall the major streaming formats.2) The application providesnotification and background service.3) Less memory usage and simpleUI and UX.
Karoke Audio Recorder 1.0 APK
Karaoke Audio Recorder is a simple application to recordkaraokesongs using your phone.Just pick your background song andstart therecording with your smart phone. The application canrecord theaudio content and can played instantly with yoursmartphone.Karaoke Audio Recorder is a high quality voicerecordingapplication, store your recordings as voice memos andshare themwith your friends.Karaoke Audio Recorder app is simpleUI, instantstart and easy to use.