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Songs of Sabah Fakhri The application is aimed at providinglisteners with songs that suit all tastes Our application isavailable on the most famous songs of the artist Sabah Fakhricarefully selected for the stars of the original Arab culture.Sabah Fakhri was born on May 2, 1933, in the Syrian city of Aleppo,one of the most important centers of oriental Arabic music. Histalent emerged in the first decade of his life. He studied musicand singing with his general studies at that early age at theHalleb Institute of Music and later at the Damascus Institute.Oriental music in 1948 in Damascus, after studying the music andrhythms and the dance of singing and poems and roles and Alsolvijand playing the oud and his teachers Arab music media senior Syrianmusicians Sheikh Ali Darwish and Sheikh Omar al-Batsh and MajdiAqili and Nadim and Ibrahim Darwish and Mohammed Rajab and AzizGhannam. In his youth he was a mischievous man in the mosque of AlRawda in Aleppo Our application includes old songs by Arab Fajrstar Sabah Fakhri:  They know him Facebook Facebook logo Keepme logged in You have died Me and my lover Blumbel Naghi The wineof love The tears of the eye On the garnet Above the palm trees Sayto the salute Night Night Mawail Yes secretly cute Oh Shadi tunes

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Songs of WaedThe Waed of a Saudi singerShe began her career relyingon her artistic talent and vocal abilities, which were praised bythe followers and critics. She was able to deliver her artisticmessage to an audience that loved her voice until she became one ofthe most prominent female artists in the Gulf countries. Lebanese,Gulf and Maghreb, and the most prominent albums "Madness" and"point of view" and "Oh Ahlam", which photographed some of hersongs in the way video clip. As it broke into the field of fashionand fashion, where a range of fashion called "Waad Line"Theapplication is available on the songs of Saudi artist Waad amongthe songs mention:What died my love for youWhat is the father ofyou manyWhat is my father?nothing newDo not kill theyoungDisadvantage you"Yes."LookSeboa from SABICMy case iswelearnedIn the name of vigilanceSpiritYour door and doorI wascaughtAku like you Manny game On Maine Cover andcover You are my life Khan no love If it costme as you like My heart trembled Your leave Youare Dora the Earth some people Your photos are myLord long time
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Melhem Zein, a Lebanese artist and singer born in the Bekaa onOctober 21, 1982, is one of eight brothers of a family that grew upin the Bekaa and studied its children there. Melhem's talent beganat the age of seven, where she sang "La Fakher" by Mrs. UmmKulthum, A teacher of the song that included all schools in Lebanonand won the first place in his region, and participated in manyprograms and went to the category of Mohammed Abdel Wahab and Nazemal-Ghazali. Melhem not only gifted his talent but studied music ata number of colleges and universities, a graduate of the Faculty ofLaw The application contains the songs of Lebanese singer MelhemZein on the finest songs and magnificence Najd in the applicationsongs including: Password  Memnonak  Crown of my head Tonight is a joy  Come back  Sword and gear Adani the defect  Seven o'clock  I am old Wife of the poor  Why not tell  May God forgive Sun is absent  And the life of your eyes  Alawah Yalla - with Vivian Murad  Nami Al Huda  What? It is not Naseki  I forget  Meriam  Best Gram Lebanon, a piece of Sama  O my sun  Absentexpensive  Habib Beck  I want your love  Can Bikfini excuse me  Tatar series of girls every-time  Wedding wedding  I no longer want you You are my inspiration  You have a hobby  ShammaShamma  Nami a Huda  Memnonak  Alawah  You aremy loser  The pain of the soul  O my sun  Absentexpensive  The people of the flag  Reply my love With all your love  Habib Beck  The following isDink of Dini  Do not be funny  You burned my heart What is known to love you