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Angry Sonic Exe 1.0 APK
Catch Angry Sonic. Avoid Angry Sonic Exe.Tailscan help you.
Sonic Fidget Spinner 2 3.0 APK
Spin the Sonic Fidget Spinner. Move upthelevels. Collect them all!
Angry Sonic Bird 2 0.1 APK
Fly the Angry Sonic Bird through theobstaclesby tapping the screen.
Angry Sonic Exe Bird 1.0 APK
Angry Sonic Exe Bird. Avoidtheobstacles.
Sonic Bird 0.1 APK
Keep Sonic Bird on the screen. Collectcoinsand diamonds for point.
Angry Sonic Run 1.0 APK
As Angry Sonic Bird runs, tap the screentomake him fly up to avoid the obstacles. Collect the ringsanddiamonds to get points. Try and beat your high score.
Shoot Angry Sonic 0.3 APK
Shoot the Angry Sonic's flying around thescreen with a slingshot. When His eyes go red You're under attack!When he flips over and his eyes go black, he's dead. You gotta bequick.By installing this app you agree to the following privacypolicies:'http://www.appsgeyser.com/privacy/app/''http://www.oneaudience.com/privacy/'
Trump Bird 0.1 APK
Control the Trump Bird to avoid theClintons.Tap the screen to jump higher. The faster you tap thehigher you'lljump. Look out for portals to go through and dodge anyotherobstacles. Try and beat your high score, there is nolimit.