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Just as sunlight illuminates a solarium, Soularium opens a windowto the soul. Because images connect deeply with our experiences,they enable us to engage in meaningful conversations about life& God. With Soularium you’ll discover just how easy andenjoyable it is to come alongside someone on their journey.Soularium––50 images. 5 questions. Listen. Go Deeper. Dialogue.

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GodTools: Helping you share your faith APK
As a Christian you want the people in your life to know how to havea life-changing relationship with God. But starting thatconversation feels intimidating. Open GodTools to show someone whatyou believe and why it matters, in language they understand. Joinalmost a million people in 200 countries who have downloaded a tooldesigned to help you share your faith. You have conversations everyday about things that matter to you. But when the opportunity comesto talk about Jesus, do you feel the same way? Does talking aboutGod feel too complicated? Do you worry about how someone willrespond? You are not alone. GodTools offers you a variety of simpleways to walk someone through how to know God personally. Grow yourconfidence in talking about what you believe, with tools that arebeing used in conversations all over the world. The app containstools and resources for before, during and after a conversationabout the gospel. Think of it as your personal guide to evangelism- always ready when you are. GodTools is available in more than 80languages. Two people can look at the same tool at the same time intwo languages. So that is one less barrier to sharing the gospelwith someone you care about. Find out more by visitinggodtoolsapp.com If you want to tell us your story of usingGodTools, you encounter a problem using the app, or just want tosuggest a possible improvement, please emailsupport@godtoolsapp.com.
Jesus Film Project APK
The Jesus Film Project app is a full digital library of more than200 full-length movies, miniseries, and short films produced tohelp the world know Jesus better. Everything on the app is free towatch, download, and share with anyone you meet, wherever you meetthem.
Grow Your Faith | VOKE 5.4.3 APK
Grow Your Faith | VOKE Watch Videos. Grow Together. Voke empowersthis generation to go deeper in their relationships with God andothers -- wherever, whenever. Canceling gatherings because ofunexpected disruptions? Voke gives you a safe, digital platform tostay connected around unique video series on following Jesus.Engage with each other digitally as you watch the videos together.Build relationships between your weekly gatherings. Wrestle withquestions about Jesus and faith in a safe space. Find the clarity,conviction and confidence needed to grow and own your faithtogether. The first step to going deeper comes with askingquestions and having conversations about it with our friends.Explore this generation’s basic questions about Christianitythrough video series called Adventures. (Imagine Netflix seriesattached to DMs, and that's how an Adventure works). Adventuressuch as, “Is God Good?”, “Would I Have Liked Jesus?” and “AreChristians Hypocrites?” help this generation explore theirquestions -- and share their answers -- in a way both novices andveterans can find relevant. But Adventures are more than just videoseries. Attached to every episode is a question to get theconversation started and direct messaging to keep it going in realtime. We also know life is meant to happen together. And we knowit's even better when you are active and engaged in a faithcommunity. That's why with Voke, you can experience Adventures in 3different modes. Go Solo to get a grasp on the concept foryourself. Go Duo to invite a friend to watch and discuss the serieswith them in the app. And, in Duo you have to wait until yourfriend responds to unlock the next episode. This keeps you bothconnected, and encourages you to grow together. And now there’s anew mode we’re going to pioneer. It’s called Voke Groups. Designedwith local churches in mind, Voke Groups help you take any smallgroup through the Adventure, allowing you to hear more perspectivesand have potentially deeper conversations together. “In church weassume kids are already in the deep end and we want them to holdtheir breath and touch the bottom [spiritually speaking]. But Vokedoes the hardest work of getting a kid to trust you from theshallow end to the deep end… that’s what makes Voke a youthministry resource. Somebody is taking ownership of leading someoneelse on a journey -- no matter if it’s a youth leader, or a youth.Youth leadership is a model. But that is what discipleship is! Andthat is what Voke helps you do.” - Kenan Klein, Youth Pastor So,what are you waiting for? Download Voke and start your Adventuretoday.
MissionHub 5.4.1 APK
See God at work and know you are part of it. God invites us to joinin with what He’s doing in the people all around us. MissionHubgives you a place to prioritize those people so you can make themost of every moment with them. And you know what? You’ll growcloser to God, too. While everyone's spiritual life is unique, manypeople progress through a five stage journey toward God. MissionHubuses these stages to help you decide how you can best join them onthat journey. Whether it’s praying for someone, inviting them forcoffee or telling them about your journey with God, choose your ownsteps of faith and MissionHub keeps you focused on the people youcare about. Over time you can see how your relationships aredeveloping because this is the story of you, God, and the peopleyou both love. He wants you to see Him at work, and know you arepart of it. We love hearing from you about how you’re seeing Godwork. Feel free to write us at support [at] missionhub [dot] com.If you need any help, you can always go to help.missionhub.com orwrite us an email.
MPDX 2.10.7 APK
NOTE: You must first create an account on http://mpdx.org on yourcomputer or tablet before you can login on MPDX the mobile app.There is no cost to use MPDX. It’s easy for missionaries todisconnect MPD from our daily lives because we are always on thego. And so many of our personal interactions are not digital! MPDXis a highly accessible tool that integrates MPD interactions withsocial media and digital communication. This app allows you toeasily track your MPD calls, texts, emails, and tasks when you areon the go, making it easy to weave MPD into our daily lives. What’sNew: • Donations, donations, donations! We know you probably use anMPD tool mostly to check donations. So, we’ve added that into themobile app in two ways: a brand new donations graph, and adonations list. Now, it’s easier than ever to check your MPD. •Offline functionality – when you find yourself in an area withlittle to now coverage, you can still edit contact information,which will save and sync once you’re back in coverage area. •Seamless integration with your device for calls, texts, emails, andFacebook messages. • Support multiple currencies. • Fingerprintsupport on compatible devices. What Else: • A new and improved Taskinterface • A new and improved Contacts interface.
Every Student APK
Includes compelling articles and short videos on topics like… -Strong reasons to know God exists. - When God answers prayer. -Relationships, sex, intimacy. - What exactly you can count on Godfor. - How to find your life’s purpose. No personal information orlogin asked. Contains the best from the popular site,EveryStudent.com and its outstanding growth series. Everything iscontained in the app and free. No wifi needed. This could lead youto a new life! Download Every Student now. Experience a moremeaningful life. Any questions, comments, problems, please email usat: support@everystudent.com
Soularium 1.1.2 APK
Just as sunlight illuminates a solarium, Soularium opens a windowto the soul. Because images connect deeply with our experiences,they enable us to engage in meaningful conversations about life& God. With Soularium you’ll discover just how easy andenjoyable it is to come alongside someone on their journey.Soularium––50 images. 5 questions. Listen. Go Deeper. Dialogue.
Perspective Cards 1.1.2 APK
Many people’s worldviews are becoming increasingly eclectic, whilethe Christian worldview is becoming increasingly irrelevant andconfusing. This can be huge barrier to understanding spiritualreality, and knowing God. How can we help those we care for?Imagine a deck of cards which can guide you through an enjoyableand deeply revealing spiritual conversation. Perspective Cardsallows people to share what they believe, explore the gospel ofJesus Christ, and take the next step on their spiritual journey inan environment where they feel safe. This makes spiritualconversations and evangelism both enjoyable and authentic. Pray,relax, trust God to work and enjoy your conversations!