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Gregorian chants is a Christian catholic sung prayer that monksofcontemplative life usually do, the praises are mixed withwonderfulvoices that bring us closer to our Lord Jesus Christ. Thename ofGregorian chants or plain chant is attributed to PopeGregory I(590-604) Listening to this relaxing music is like singingangelsopen your mind to God, your soul and spirit. In Spain themonks ofSilos give thanks to God with their psalms and prayersseveraltimes a day, their voices vibrate with the sound ofreligiousthemes. It is used in holistic therapies and relaxingnotes. Theorigin of music in the Catholic liturgy arises in theJewishsynagogues and in the songs of the first Christiancongregations.During the liturgy, there are two great pieces:Ordinary moment(Gloria in excelsis Deo, Credo, Snato, Benedictusand Agnus Dei)Own moment: (They are texts that are sung accordingto the partiesthat are celebrated). Gregorian chants is acompilation of the bestChristian songs, in our application you willfind the musical notesyou need to calm your body and mind and bringyou closer to Jesus.The choirs of the monks raise their songs toJesus, to the fatherand to the holy spirit. We have compiled thebest catholic songsinterpreted by the best choirs that sing toChrist. The sounds ofchoirs that invite relaxation, always referredto biblical textsthat teach the experiences of Christ. Listen tothis relaxing musicthat takes you to Jesus in our free application!!!!!

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