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South Korea Election News is a great way for you to read allthebreaking news and top stories about elections in SouthKorea,whether it’s Presidential Elections, National Assembly orlocalelections. No matter what party you support, or even if youdon’tsupport any political party, be assured that there will bestoriesand news of interest to you. News from Worldwide and localsourcesabout election results and candidates are now at yourfingertips!Read about who is going to contest in which seat, whoischallenging the incumbents, and more with our mobile app.SouthKorea Election News Features: # Live feeds of top onlinenewspapersfeaturing the South Korean Elections breaking news justlike the USand world elections of other countries # Important newsstoriesthat you would want to know- good and bad news aboutcandidates andparties # Live results on polling day # Commentarieson electionresults # Rivalries between different parties andstrategies to getvotes Traditionally, many people get theirelection news updatesthrough newspapers, television and radiobroadcast. With theincreasing use of the Internet and smart phones,it is now possibleto keep up to date with the breaking electionnews from South Koreajust as quickly as the US and world elections!All you need to dois download and open our mobile application, andall the work willbe done for you- we aggregate the top news feedsfor yourconvenience. Who is this South Korea Election News app for?*Diehard supporters of political parties, eager to knowyourfavourite candidate’s score * Working professionals who wanttokeep track of election news while on-the-go Using the SouthKoreaElection News app: # Open the app to the home page # Navigatetothe various newspapers’ news feed page to check the latestSouthKorean election news # Scroll down the headline news to seeanypiece that interests you. Tap on the article to open thefullversion Election News Feed Aggregator This South KoreaElectionNews app uses an intelligent system of aggregating the liveRSSfeeds of various newspapers. There are many newspapers andsourceswhich provide comprehensive news on elections; however, as areaderyou will be spoilt for choice. With our app, you can now findallof your favourite South Korea Election News in one place. Thisisgood if you do not want to read a lot of different newspaperswhichtakes a long time. Have fun reading all the news stories youwant!

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Talking Running Tom is a brand new way foryouto run and collect gold on the talking farm, whether you are aTomor Jane.Play this game with your friends; choose the super hero toavoidincoming talking obstacle jetskis like Tom or Peter would do!Themuch maligned chicken is your game character for the day,pursuinghappiness over the horizon. Open the game and race againsttime,while collecting gold that comes your way.Talking Running Tom Features:#Exciting 2D Game Play with real life farm map#Challenging terrain – plenty of gold runs and obstaclestoavoid#Race with your friends and try to beat their high score – Beitfastest time or most gold collectedWho is this for?*Fans of action / adventure/ racing games*General game players*Suitable for all in the family. This is a running game withgoldto collect – We’re talking about a game any Tom, Bob or Janecanplay!Playing the Talking Running Tom game:*Open the app to the home page*Play the Game using your favorite character*Save your high scores and share with your friends!Talking Running Tom is an exciting new game combining elementsofracing and time attack. Experience increasing enjoyment asyourcharacter goes through the various challenges!To really enjoy playing the game, try out differentcombinationsof heroes and settings. The game’s gold we’re talkingabout isrunning around to avoid jetskis with Tom and James. Havefun withyour hero as it goes about the racing game!This game is by set to get harder as you progress throughthelevels. It is advisable to try it out a few times first just togetthe “hang” of it at the easiest level. Once you are familiarwiththe game, you may continue to the higher levels with no problematall, and start setting new high scores!With higher levels of difficulty, there will be more obstaclestoavoid and also more opponents for you to compete against. Honeyourskills with the talking running character and beat all yourrivalssuch as neighbours Tom or Alice, in this fun simplegame.Whenever you collect pass an enemy like the fox or tiger,youmust be prepared to look out for more predators on theirway.Anyhow, you are bound to have a fun time playing the game!The game is designed to work best by picking the charactersthatinterest you most – you will feel more motivated to play andbeatyour personal high scores over and over.If you have played this game many times and enjoyed it,don’tforget to rate us and give your honest review about TalkingRunningTom. Also remember to share with your friends so that youcanchallenge each other’s high scores and see who collects themostgold!
Thanksgiving Greeting Cards 1.1 APK
Thanksgiving Greeting Cards is the fun way to make greeting cardsto celebrate the Thanksgiving festival. Simply open the maker andselect the cards just like in a birthday greeting! Change the font,text and images to your liking and choose from the many differentstickers to modify your cards.The greeting card maker comes withmany features as listed below:# Many images to use# Custom madewishes for Thanksgiving# Multiple card templates# Function to shareyour Thanksgiving greeting cards with friends# Save createdgreeting cards to your phone gallery# Famous quotes on Thanksgivingfor your viewing pleasureWho is this Thanksgiving Greeting Card appfor?* Those who love sending well wishes during the festiveseasons* People who use a cards maker such as birthday greeting andhave no time to do your own card from scratchUsing the ThanksgivingGreeting Card app# Run the app in the home page# Select thetemplate you want from the Greeting Card Maker# Add in yourpreferred images and edit the greeting card to your likingIf youhave used a greeting cards maker for occasions such as a birthday,you would probably be familiar with the process. Simply open theapp and create Thanksgiving greetings within minutes! We hopeyou’ll have fun using the Thanksgiving Greeting Cards and also havea good time celebrating with friends and family.
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Booking Turkey Hotels 1.1 APK
Booking Turkey Hotels - BookingHotelRooms.com is the easiest wayfor you to search and make hotel reservations in Turkey. Whetheryou are travelling for work or on a holiday trip, this mobile appis the best way for you to choose a pleasant accommodation. Makeyour hotel booking and trip planning simple and fuss-free with ourapplication!Booking Turkey Hotels Features:# Popular hotels for thecity or town you’re going to# Filter and see hotels based on theirstar rating# Wide range of hotels including international brandnames- 5-star hotels as well as local hotels# Hotel reservationsfor big groups or individuals and couples similar toBookingHotelRooms.com# Make changes to your hotel reservation fromanywhere, up to the day before your travel date# Search for a hotelclose to your desired place of travel# Save your preferred hotelchoices if you wish to make a booking later# Great last minutedeals for those who have to organize a quick trip!Most people wouldgo to the usual hotel booking page like on bookinghotelsturkey.comwhen trying to reserve a hotel room. Traveling to Turkey may seemto be a great trouble, with the number of hotel reservations andbookings that you need to do for different places. However, thesedays there is a simple option whereby you use this mobile app tosearch for and book your desired hotels for the days you arespending at the various places. Who is this Booking Turkey Hotelsapp for?* Holidaymakers, history buffs and photographers from allaround the world* Corporate executives and business travellers*Backpackers and those on a tight budget* Families on holidaylooking to book hotels in Istanbul or the many historical places inTurkey* Those travelling to take part in seminars orconferencesUsing the Booking Turkey Hotels app:# Open the app tothe home page# Navigate to the Hotel Reservations page just like onBookingHotelRooms.com# Search for a room based on your destination,check-in and check-out dates, and number of guests# Filter theresults based on the star rating, price, and type of property# Seeall details about your selected hotel room, such as free hotelbreakfast, airport transfer service, complimentary Internet andcorporate meeting rooms# Once you have selected an option, you cango ahead to book your hotel roomHotel Bookings Reviews andIndexThis Booking Turkey Hotels app uses an intelligent indexgathered from all the major hotel booking websites. Find out whatother travellers have commented about the hotels you’reshortlisting! Turkey has no lack of good hotels. When looking atmajor tourist cities and towns such as Ankara and Istanbul, youcould find many well-known hotel brands that are rated 4 or 5stars. Even in the far flung travel destinations, there are usuallya decent number of hotel options. If you have done hotel bookingsuch as on hotelstoday.com or other portals you may also havenoticed this. There are many small, family run hostels which catermainly to backpackers and those with a tight budget. These may nothave currency exchange facilities available, so it would be bestfor you to change for Turkish Liras when in a major city.Hotelreservations can be made way in advance of your holiday traveltime. We highly recommend that you book early to avoiddisappointment, especially if you plan to visit Turkey during theyear-end holiday season. You could also find attractive deals bybooking your hotel room early! Try our hotel reservations app todayand let us know what you think. We wish you a pleasant and excitingstay in Turkey!
Anniversary Photo Editor Frames Pro 1.2 APK
Anniversary Photo Editor Frames Pro is the best way for you toupload memorable photos of yourself and your spouse or partner! Nowyou can be a pro photographer and editor, even if you do not own aDSLR camera. Choose from the various photo frames and fun images tomark your couple or wedding anniversary!Simply browse the fun photoimages of hearts, loving couples, romantic and cupid pictures, thentake your own photos and insert the images using the photoeditor.Anniversary Photo Editor Frames Pro - Features:* Easy to useinterface – be a pro in using the photo editor* Choose from 20different photo frames* Upload your couple photo in a photo frameand then insert cute images * Chat with other couples about how youand your partner metWho is this app for?# Photo editor and we-fielovers# Couples who love to celebrate their anniversary in uniqueand fun ways# Those who loves to use photo editors to retouch theirappearance# Lovebirds who like capturing every moment on socialmediaUsing the photo editor app like a pro:* Open the AnniversaryPhoto Editor Frames Pro app* Tap on “Take Photos”. Slide theanniversary photo frames to select one and take a picture* Select“Fun Images” to add interesting images* Enjoy creating variationsof your anniversary photos!In some countries such as the UnitedKingdom and Commonwealth countries, couples who have made it totheir 60th wedding anniversary and beyond may even get blessingsfrom the monarch. This is an age old tradition that deserves to becelebrated! Anniversary Photo Editor Frames Pro is a new way oftaking photos to cherish your anniversary moments together. Openthe photo editor and take a picture of you and your spouse orpartner with heart shapes, cupids and more!If you enjoyed using ourAnniversary Photo Editor Frames Pro app, why not give us somecomments and rate us today? We hope you enjoy your specialanniversary day with our lovely photo frames!
Birthday Photo Editor 1.1 APK
Birthday Photo Editor is the best way for you to upload and editfun photos of yourself for your birthday! Choose from the variousphoto frames and funny images to add some extra spice to yourspecial occasion.Simply browse the fun photo images of birthdaycakes, crowns, balloons, and more party pictures, then take yourown photo and put the fun stuff inside the picture. Now anyone canbecome a pro photographer and editor, even if you do not own a DSLRcamera!Birthday Photo Editor - Features:* Browse from 20 differentphoto frames* Upload your own photo in a photo frame* Add funpictures of yourself with humorous party images * Chat with otherbirthday boys and birthday girls about what this special day meansto you* Easy to use interface – be a pro in using the photoeditorWho is this app for?# Photo editor and selfie lovers# Thosewho love to celebrate their birthday in unique and fun ways# Anyonewho loves to take happy photos and use photo editors to retouchtheir appearance# People who love posting pictures of themselves onsocial media# Social butterflies who need to capture everymomentUsing the Birthday Photo Editor app:* Open the app to thehome page* Tap on “Take Photos” to start taking photos of yourselfwith the photo frames* Select “Funny Images” to add interestingpictures of birthday cakes, crowns and more to your previouslytaken photos* Enjoy playing around with the photo editor like a proand create variations of your birthday photos!Birthday Photo Editoris a new way of taking photos to remember your birthday moments.Instead of the usual run of the mill photos of yourself andfriends, why not add a dash of fun to the joyous times? With thisapp you can now add interesting pictures to the otherwise standardphotos of your party and celebration.Open the photo editor and takea picture of yourself wearing a party hat, even if you did not buyone in real life. Superimpose a crown on your head, even if you didnot go to the toy stores. With this app you can now have lots offun, just like being a kid all over again!When you first try outthe photo editor app you may not be familiar with the interface.Our suggestion is that you play around with it and get tofamiliarise with the app. Take as many pictures as you want, andfiddle with the settings for inserting fun images into yourphotos!If you enjoyed using our Birthday Photo Editor app, why notgive us some feedback and rating today? We love to hear from allour fans. Now you can have fun with birthday photos and be a pro atthe same time!
Ebook Astronomy Reader 1.1 APK
Ebook Astronomy Reader is the best reader for an ebook on astronomyand the star constellations. Whether you are a young folk or olderadult, you can get started in learning astronomy today. Often weshut our eyes to the glories of the heavens above because we do notrealize how simple it is to learn about the various groups ofstars!This is a free ebook in a similar format to ePub & PDFbooks reader, where you will read more about the stars, planets,nebulae as well as our Milky Way galaxy. Features of EbookAstronomy Reader: # Various Constellations that can be sighted indifferent months of the year# The reader of this eBook will learndistinguishing features of each constellation and how to spot them#Constellations of both the Northern Hemisphere and SouthernHemisphere# Moons, stars, solar systems and eclipsesWho is thisEbook Astronomy Reader app for?* Young children developing aninterest in Astronomy* Adults who always had the curiosity to learnastronomy but have no time* Those who love downloading a reader foran interesting ebook subjectUsing the app:# Open the app to thehome page# Select the astronomy free ebook within the epub &PDF reader# The Ebook Astronomy Reader app contains a briefintroduction and then all the information about Astronomy# Textfonts have been resized to fit in mobile screens. If you faceproblems, do let us know so we can update the app.When using theEbook Astronomy Reader for the first time, you may choose to readthe main points quickly to learn the main idea about Astronomy.Subsequently, you could go in depth into the tables, images andnotable stars of each constellation. We hope that you’ll have anenjoyable time studying astronomy!