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SP Mobile is a Singapore Polytechnic (SP) mobile application.Established in 1954, SP is Singapore’s first polytechnic. SP offersfull-time diploma courses and a wide range of continuing educationprogrammes to its students. SP alumni includes successfulentrepreneurs, well-known professionals, and leaders ingovernment.SP Mobile provides a single point access to commonlyused tools for students and staff in SP to learn and work. Somefeatures are also available to public. The app can be personalisedby customising favourite apps list on the home page to easilyaccess the frequently used features.Note : SP Mobile is supportedin the two latest Android versions. Upgrade to the latest Androidversion in order to enjoy the full features on SP Mobile.IMPORTANT:This is not the full-feature version. Additional features will beincluded in stages in subsequent releases.

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SP Mobile 4.2 APK
SP Mobile gives you a single point of access to most commonly usedtools for learning and working in SP. Through this app, you canalso get useful information about SP. The tools and information arerepresented as icons and grouped into 3 categories: Learn, Work andLife. The app can be personalised based on the user profile such asstaff or student.Note: 1. Some features require a valid loginaccount to login.2. Please email us at [email protected] sothat we can respond to your feedback.SP Mobile is a SingaporePolytechnic (SP) mobile application. Established in 1954, SP isSingapore’s first polytechnic. It offers full-time diploma coursesand a wide range of continuing education programmes to itsstudents. SP has more than 189,000 graduates and counting; amongthem are successful entrepreneurs, top executives in multi-nationaland public-listed corporations, and well-known professionals acrossvarious industries and leaders in government.NOTE: Please update tothe latest release. We fixed the crashing issue. Sorry for theinconvenience caused.
The Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) is anintegral part of our education system to drive home the messagethat holistic development goes beyond good academic grades. Thecurrent technological revolution, global competition, and pushtowards a knowledge-based economy require EQ, AQ and soft skillslike creativity, leadership abilities, teamwork, flexibility,communication skills, resilience and an enterprising spirit.SP CCA is a Singapore Polytechnic (SP) mobile application.Established in 1954, SP is Singapore\\'s first polytechnic. Its tenacademic schools with a student population of 16,000 offer 49full-time diploma courses. Among SP\\'s 184,000 graduates aresuccessful entrepreneurs, top executives in multinational andpublic-listed corporations, and well-known professionals.Acknowledgements:StaffNg Kwee Chek, DSDLorraine Ong, INDTRamana Rao K V, INDTChidananda Reddy, INDTRyan Sena, INDTNg Meng Siew, INDTSean Goh, CCOMWith contribution of other staff from INDT and DSD.Email: [email protected]: http://www.sp.edu.sg/
SP Map 2.4 APK
SP Map helps you to find your way aroundSingapore Polytechnic's lush, 38-hectare campus. It also allows youto discover more about the polytechnic's facilities, social spacesand more.SP Map is a Singapore Polytechnic (SP) mobile application.Established in 1954, SP is Singapore's first polytechnic. Its tenacademic schools offer 49 full-time diploma courses for its 16,000students. Among SP's 184,000 graduates are successfulentrepreneurs, top executives in multinational and public-listedcorporations, and well-known professionals.Note: More features will be added soon.Email: [email protected]: http://www.sp.edu.sg
This app provides users with four useful financial calculators,namely, a Savings Calculator, Goal Savings Calculator, DebtRepayment Calculator and Debt Duration Calculator. Results ofcalculations can be exported via email. This app also providesinformation about the MoneySENSE - Singapore Polytechnic InstituteFor Financial Literacy and the free financial programs that weoffer. The Institute For Financial Literacy (IFL) is acollaboration between MoneySENSE (the national financial educationprogram me spearheaded by the public-sector Financial EducationSteering Committee) and Singapore Polytechnic to provide free andunbiased financial education programs to the public. The IFLprovides education and does not promote financial products. Visitour website at http://www.finlit.sg for more information.Established in 1954, SP is Singapore's first polytechnic. Its tenacademic schools offer 49 full-time diploma courses for its 16,000students. Among SP's 184,000 graduates are successfulentrepreneurs, top executives in multinational and public-listedcorporations, and well-known professionals.
SP SPirit 1.2.1 APK
This is the essential campus read. Whetheryouare an 'O' level or SP student, you can check out all thelatesthappenings in SP in this magazine.
SP Xperience 2.2 APK
SP Xperience is an app fromSingaporePolytechnic that allows you to browse through offeredcourses andinformation about CCAs, School Admissions,etc.SP Xperience is a Singapore Polytechnic (SP) mobileapplication.Established in 1954, SP is Singapore's firstpolytechnic. Its tenacademic schools offer 49 full-time diplomacourses for its 16,000students. Among SP's 184,000 graduates aresuccessfulentrepreneurs, top executives in multinational andpublic-listedcorporations, and well-known professionals.
SP Engineering Show 2.1 APK
Welcome to the SP Engineering Show!The SP Engineering Show is anannual exhibition that showcases the creations and innovations ofSP's final year students from the Engineering courses. This is animportant milestone in their education as it gives them anopportunity to stage their product and leave a legacy for theirjuniors.In the show, you will see a wide mix of projects -real-life industry-related projects, research projects with localuniversities and research institutes and multidisciplinary modelprojects, spread across different themes.These projects demonstratethe ability of SP's engineering students to integrate bothknowledge and skills through a Design Thinking process to innovateand develop products and prototypes that solve real-world problems.This is the result of the successful implementation of the CDIO(Conceive, Design, Implement & Operate) curriculum in SP'sengineering courses.SPEnggShow is specially written for SPEngineering Show. It comprises event highlights and location mapsfor all exhibits. In addition, the QR code scanner provided allowsaccess to in-depth information about the highlightedexhibits.SPEnggShow is Singapore Polytechnic (SP) mobileapplication. Established in 1954, SP is Singapore's firstpolytechnic. It offers full-time diploma courses and a wide rangeof continuing education programmes to its students.Among SP's189,000 graduates are successful entrepreneurs, top executives inmultinational and public-listed corporations, and well-knownprofessionals.Acknowledgement:StaffLoh Yew Chiong, SEEESing MongNguang, SEEEWong Chee Yong, SEEEDanny Quek, SEEESeow Boon Chor,SEEEChristopher Tan, TILoh Gin Chye, INDTRamana Rao, INDTSean Goh,COMMSEmail: [email protected]:http://www.sp.edu.sg/QR code Scanner provided by ZBar SDK for iOSand ZXing SDK for AndroidNote: This application is only applicableduring the SP Engineering Show time
SP MS Formulae App 2.0 APK
SP MS Formulae App is the mobile version of MS MathematicalFormulae & Tables used in Singapore Polytechnic.This mobile appprovides the convenience to look for formulae through your mobiledevice. In this app, the formulae are organised according to thefollowing topics: 1. Algebra 2. Determinants 3. Matrices 4.Trigonometry 5. Complex Numbers 6. Differentiation 7. Integration8. Differential Equation 9. Series 10. Probability 11. Statistics12. Standard Normal Table 13. Laplace Transforms 14. AnalyticGeometry 15. Vectors 16. Hyperbolic Function 17. Boolean AlgebraBychoosing each of the above topics, the app will lead you to a menuof further subtopics to refine your search. Furthermore, this appprovides a search interface for users to search for formulae byentering keywords.