1.0 / January 23, 2015
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In the spa nail salon game everything is ready to start a beautysession! Your clients are very conceited and always want to havewell manicured nails and lead a perfect manicure, so they want youto get the your help!In spa nail salon game you have a funchallenge! Start a game and gets away with your work before thetime runs out. Sure you going to have a great time! Choose thecolor of the glaze and decorate the nails at a time or all at once,also have many options to decorate an original way.Fire up yourcreativity and get a manicure fashionable! Try nails of yourclients are the best of all beauty salons in town! You will be ableto get it?

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    Spa Nail Salon Game
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    January 23, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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